Rumor: Universal Studios Reportedly Cancels Plans for Pokemon and Zelda Park Attractions

Nov 17, 2017

A new report claims that Universal Studios is scaling back plans to add Nintendo-themed attractions to its Orlando location, which includes cancelling plans for large-scale Pokemonand Zelda attractions.

Last year, reports broke that Universal Studios had ambitious plans to incorporate various Nintendo franchises into their parks in Florida and Japan. While the only official announcement made by Universal was for a Super Nintendo World at their Universal Studios Japan resort, plans also leaked of a similar attraction at a soon-to-be-opened park called "Fantastic Worlds" at the Orlando location. In addition to heavily featuring Nintendo at their new park, Universal also allegedly planned to open a full-fledged Pokemon area in the former KidsZone area at Universal Studios and a Zelda-themed area at their Islands of Adventure park.
Oct 24, 2017
"We're not sure if a Pokemon theme park will be successful" sounds like something hard to swallow but so dumb I could believe someone thinks it.
Oct 28, 2017
For some reason I was under the impression that the Nintendo section of the park was only going to consist of Mario attractions and Mario-adjacent ones like Donkey Kong.
Oct 30, 2017
"We're not sure if a Pokemon theme park will be successful" sounds like something hard to swallow but so dumb I could believe someone thinks it.
No kidding. Given the popularity of Harry Potter at universal, you'd think they'd be desperate for another one of those. Especially considering how dated some areas of the park are getting... I visited recently and I'm sure they could repurpose a few different areas of the park no problem
Oct 27, 2017
Go look at the Wikipedia list of highest grossing media franchises of all time. Now tell me how “Pokémon Theme Park” is not the FIRST thing they’d want to do.
Oct 25, 2017
...having the right to do a theme park on POKEMON of all things,and not doing it because you think it won't work, makes one wonder what exactly do they think WOULD work then.
Oct 25, 2017
While Universal will still have a Nintendo area at Fantastic Worlds, Theme Park University claims that Universal didn't want to "triple down" on Nintendo and give it a presence equal to that of Harry Potter before it proved successful. The report also noted that Universal may be extra cautious after an expensive Fast and Furious attraction at Universal Orlando was a major flop.
If they're gonna base their trajectory for success on that shitty F&F ride, you might as well cancel every project in existence.
Oct 25, 2017
Pokémon? Pffft! Who knows that IP? The people who loved it back then already grew out of it, so yeah it makes sense that they wouldn't bet hard on it for this. Can't think of many people bothering to gather around en masse for something Pokémon related or even bothering to GO somewhere for it. When was the last time that happened? The Pokémon movies from back then, maybe?
Oct 28, 2017
Dissapointing if true.

Funny how they still haven't done a SINGLE THING in Orlando while Hollywood and Osaka already have the foundation and are building super Nintendo world already.
Jan 2, 2018
I looked up the trailer for Detective Pikachu. The one on the WB channel has 54 million views.

But nah, Pokémon is pretty niche.
Aug 26, 2018
This seems like a stupid excuse when you consider how dated and empty a few of their themed locations are. The like Greek god place and Dr Seuss areas before Harry Potter land were like graveyards when we went last year. Same with the area full of comic stuff (not Marvel/Superhero, I'm talking like Archie, Betty Boop and others. Who cares about those in 2019?).

Pokémon would be insanely popular. What a lame excuse.