Rumor: Xbox Elite Controller v2 details

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by II JumPeR I, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. II JumPeR I

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    This details leaked on the China website Baidu






    Some has sent me this per PM
  2. Grim Patron

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    Painful using the standard Xbox controller after getting an Elite so wireless on Win 10 is worth the upgrade itself. Hope they offer some colours at launch.
  3. Rychu

    Rychu Member

    Wow, barely half into January and it seems like everyday something about Microsoft is getting leaked. I wonder if there will be literally no surprises at E3. Like I legitimately don’t think I’ve seen this many leaks in one month involving the same company.
  4. Box

    Box Member

    Custom colours at launch would make this day one.
    Aside from bad bumpers the OG Elite is God tier.
  5. big_z

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    what else has leaked?
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    That's a nice bag.
  7. sinonobu

    sinonobu Member

    Excited for this if true. Loved the first one but it could see some improvement.
  8. qaz

    qaz Member

    It was a weird first choice for picture.
  9. Akai

    Akai Member

    What does "undetachable" mean in that context? Also, USB Type-C? Useless on consoles, no?

    This doesn't even come close to the ntkrnl leak.
  10. Falconbox

    Falconbox Member

    That thumbstick looks a bit different in how it comes off.

    I use the elite thumbsticks on my PS4 controller because they're just much higher quality and I like the textured rims.
  11. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Member

    The first iteration is plagued with quality assurance issues, I've had my controller replaced brand new.
    I hope they address those problems.

    I can't go back to using any other controller.
  12. Prine

    Prine Member

    So good. Elite controllers are one of the greatest things to happen this gen, im interested in the Bluetooth connectivity. Extended paddles sounds delicious too.

    I'm switching between Halo 5 & PUBG profiles all the time on my setup, would be nice to switch all profiles off and go back to default somehow, i know you can do this easily in controller app settings, but would be good to have this available as a button.
  13. Aktlys

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    Eh, I think I'm happy with the one I have. I don't really want to deal with having to sell my current Elite. Unless it's just that much of an upgrade, I guess.
  15. Ushay

    Ushay Member

    MS leaking more than a wet sponge, holy shit.

    Also that controller has some nice changes. I may actually get one if this is true.
  16. SK4TE

    SK4TE Member

    Maybe USB-C is so you can connect via cable to console to decrease input lag?
  17. Kyoufu

    Kyoufu Member

    As in, built-in battery.

    Why would USB-C be useless? Everything is moving over to it so the quicker we get to one charger cable for all the better.
  18. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves Member


    I also hoped that they would improve the awful accessories app, so you could map a profile for each game, but the 3 profile switch practically means it won't.
  19. Dinjooh

    Dinjooh Member


    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas finally.
  20. Rychu

    Rychu Member

    Have you been under a rock the last two weeks?
    - Halo 6 will have massive player counts in multiplayer (much higher than Halo 5) and massive maps
    - Fable reboot by Playground Games
    - Perfect Dark is getting rebooted with modern gameplay elements, The Coalition seems to be using a small support team on it with a different team MAINLY developing it.
    - Microsoft wants to reboot NBA Jam
    - Crackdown 3 Beta is coming very soon
    - A mech game is getting made exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10
    - Electric Square is working on AAA well-known franchise for Microsoft
    - Storylabs put a post up accidentally showing that The Coalition and Storylabs was helping on a new IP (although there’s speculation that they just meant a IP not Gears of War and this could indeed be Perfect Dark)
    - Rare might be doing something for 20th anniversary of Banjo (either a cameo in an existing game or a remaster of the original game — this could literally be ANYTHING so don’t get too hyped for this one)
    - WindowsCentral reported that Microsoft was working on a hardware project codenamed Project Scarlet
    - Elite Controller 2.0 now leaked (and probably is Scarlet)

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not an insider. I just have been following all the leaks.

    This is a lot of shit in two weeks you have to admit.
  21. CO_Andy

    CO_Andy Member

    can't wait to graft those shiny new analog sticks onto my Switch Pro Controller :3
  22. Mr Delabee

    Mr Delabee Member

    All being well it’s made without rubber grips that’s don’t unstick and expand.
  23. Zappy

    Zappy Member

    Nondetachable rechargeable batteries are the worst. Literally the worst.

    That is a step backwards.

    If the batter dies as it did in my last A50s out of warranty you are goosed.

    I loved that the elite had no battery as that guaranteed that could not fail.
  24. Zojirushi

    Zojirushi Member

    Built in Battery kinda ruins this for me.
  25. Akai

    Akai Member

    I mean, neither the standard Xbox One, the S or the X have a Type-C USB port. That's why I asked. Not a fan of built in batteries either.
  26. Frostman

    Frostman Member


    I jump on this forum most days and haven’t seen half of this stuff.
  27. Dr Doom

    Dr Doom Member

    Mag Safe or like Surface adapter. Pass.

    I hated my surface plug. Once it breaks buy a new one. Would rather have Micro USB or batteries
  28. Major Gnarl

    Major Gnarl Member

    Bad how? I find them excellent. At least on my controller.
  29. L.O.R.D

    L.O.R.D Member

    For a premium controller you want to use it for many years, after many charges the batteries will die and you have to disassemble the controller and search for a 3rd party internal rechargeable battery on Amazon or eBay, i don't think Microsoft will offer though sell internal rechargeable batteries.
  30. big_z

    big_z Member

    other than the fable news I didn't see any threads on the other stuff. sounds more like speculation than anything else, although some indie dev did say that Microsoft has been working hard and would be strong this year while they felt sony is becoming shit so who knows.
  31. Laplasakos

    Laplasakos Banned Member

    Same here. I heard about NBA Jam and Fable but first time i am reading for a new Perfect Dark game and new hardware project called Scarlet (is this supposed to be the next gen Xbox btw?).
  32. Box

    Box Member

    Thank you. i'd missed most of these. Perfect Dark/Halo/Banjo HYPE!!!

    Had to replace mine.
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    2018 looks bright for Microsoft, doesn't it ?
  34. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member Original Poster

    After reading some stuff about USB Type C it makes sense using that if you have a rechargable batterie.
    I at least hope MS will use a good one.
  35. Rychu

    Rychu Member

    Girl on IGN podcast said she has heard from two separate sources about Perfect Dark.

    Stuff might be cancelled but judging on that, it’s all legit. The only thing that didn’t happen out of those 12+ bullet points is Battletoads. Most stuff happened in E3 2016, some stuff in E3 2017 and Age of Empires IV finally at Gamescom 2017. So this could very well be a small roadmap at microsoft’s 2018-2020 plans.
  36. Salty Rice

    Salty Rice Member

    Rechargeable batteries? Welcome to 2018.

    You had the option to buy rechargeable pack so that sucks that you cant decide anymore i guess.

    But almost nobody uses batteries for controllers anymore anyway.
  37. Kyoufu

    Kyoufu Member

    I don't know about you but I never charge my controllers using the console ports.

    It's always via the laptop or whatever.
  38. Frostman

    Frostman Member

    Yeah, that’s what I’m most interested in. Is it console based or perhaps VR? Or is the name all we know.

    The Coalition are helping on 2 different IP’s, as well as producing their own I assume? I wonder what their team size is now. Edit: just checked, and it’s around 200.
  39. Rychu

    Rychu Member

    No. Scarlet seems to be Elite Controller 2.0. WindowsCentral IIRC said it was likely either an Xbox accessory of some sort or an Xbox streaming stick (affordable $99 stick that could stream Xbox games).

    WindowsCentral did say there is a codename for the next generation Xbox but it is not Scarlet and it’s not coming anytime soon.
  40. MCD

    MCD Member

    Fix the shitty bumpers please.
  41. Deepo

    Deepo Member

    Looking forward to this. I hope they've improved the analogs a bit. I've had 2 Elites, and they both ended up suffering from stick drift. Not noticeable in most games, but still something I'd expect not to happen to a premium controller with a price tag to match.
  42. Phonomezer

    Phonomezer Member

    Are Elite controllers that big of a difference? I was going to buy a new one this weekend but I can't decide on an Elite or the Minecraft pig..
  43. Laplasakos

    Laplasakos Banned Member

    Ah, i see. Thanks for the clarification.
  44. big_z

    big_z Member

    what's wrong with the bumpers? imo they've been fine since the first controller revision.
  45. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member Original Poster

    I cant imagine playing without one anymore :)
  46. Akai

    Akai Member

    Don't have any USB Type-C ports whatsoever and I assume I'm not the only one. Just seems weird to me to have one of those, if your main consoles (that are the target of this product) doen't have any. I mean, that's not really a big problem, but it's still surprising (if true).

    The built quality is what held me off buying one. I have 4 friends that all have problems with either Bumpers, Sticks or the Rubber Grip peeling off. In addition, that warranty time frame was an absolute joke.
  47. Tareskog

    Tareskog Member

    Great. It´s a shame it took this long for them to implement a rechargable battery. I love my Elite Controller, and for V2 to finally have bluetooth means it might be able to connect it to my Pi and Shield Tv, instead of using my regular Xbone V2. controller.
  48. orichalcos

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  49. Rychu

    Rychu Member

    One of the IGN podcast hosts said they have heard about Perfect Dark from two separate sources and specifically said about the StoryLab leak saying Coalition is working on a new IP: “I don’t think they’re doing BOTH a new IP and Perfecf Dark. Either by new IP it was a mistake and they meant to say an IP other than Gears which would mean Perfect Dark OR it was a mistake and they meant Gears 5. They’re not doing Gears 5, a new IP AND Perfect Dark. But I have heard from two reliable leakers about a Perfect Dark reboot and The Coalition helping.
    I also think that the team is focusing mostly on Gears 5 and The Coalition is just overseeing it similar to how they helped with the PUBG console port. The team mainly making it is likely an independent or third party studio with The Coalition helping because of their experience.”
  50. Neural

    Neural Member

    And the new Xbox Career system leaked by Windows Central. Yep, lots of info.