1. Deschain

    User banned at own request Member

    I think it's a huge step up from the original, it makes using any other contrller difficult for me due to the difference in quality.
  2. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    I hope elite 2 isn't Scarlett s that was supposed to be 250 dollars, which is quite outrageous for a controller, specially one that's $100 over the last model and has little improvements and a huge step back.
  3. Deepo


    It will probably come with a Type-C to regular USB charging cable. I think it's a good move if true, as the Micro-USB connector they use today is flimsy, and can break quite easily if you use the controller wired.
  4. jesu


    They will still plug into the usual usb ports on the console, just one end of the cable will be usb-c
  5. Rychu


    Where did you see that Scarlet was $250? Last I saw WindowsCentral sources said it wasn’t a new Xbox (although a next gen Xbox has a codename already) and Scarlet is some hardware project they don’t have any information about other than that it isn’t a console and is probably an accessory.
  6. MCD


    Elite bumpers die so fast. They are cheap plastic unlike the rest of the components.
  7. jelly


    I don't believe it because of the non detachable rechargeable batteries. That's not what I expect or want from an Xbox controller.
  8. Rychu


    Honesty I hate how outdated Xbox controllers are. It’s literally ridiculous that it runs on AA batteries you put in instead of having a built in battery that you can connect to a charger. This is 2018.
  9. Fuchsia


    Ah the ntkrnl leak. Damn I miss those days. That was insane!
  10. Leflus


    I hope they consider adding a Share button to the controller soon. It should have happened with the first Elite controller or even the S controller, tbh.

    I already own an Elite controller, so this new one will have to be a major step up for me to consider buying one.
  11. Akai


    Yeah, I actually broke my 1st controller that came with the standard Xbox One that way. Stupid Micro-USB connectors.

    Was so frustrated that I bought 2 packs of Eneloop Pro's and now I never look back.

    If that's the case, then at least this issue is fixed.
  12. SteelOak


    I hope they will fix bumpers design :/
  13. Shpeshal Ed

    Shpeshal Ed

    Bluetooth Elite? Awesome.
  14. Frostman

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    Ahh right, that explains it a bit clearer. I personally think they should cut the Coalition free from Gears, and give them some freedom to create something new. I understand it has a big fan base, but I personally have no interest in Gears.
  15. FutureLarking


    Would it kill them to add a screenshot / record button to the controller? One of my favourite things on Switch (and PS4, but for some reason I prefer on Switch... possibly because it actually does it instantly)
  16. Lima


    Spoken like someone who never used Eneloops in their life...
  17. I broke my Xbox Elite Controller like 3 weeks ago, and have not been able to find a new one in stock since then in any stores.

    Wonder if they stopped producing them in mass quantities because of this.

    Hope V2 hits retail stores soon.
  18. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    To be honest, I have no idea now. I'm positive I read it but I was sure it was in the actual article. But now I have re read it and it definitely doesn't mention any price.
  19. Rychu


    How do we know this isn’t an E3 announcement or something like the original elite
  20. Spitz


    The built in battery is a big bummer.
  21. Turkey


    Could be a translation issue. Is it has its own battery pack like a phone, it does not use AA rechargeable. It may not mean this battery itself is not replaceable.

    It may however be non replaceable, that would mean more space on the rear for buttons and paddles.

    I would hope they can come up with a way to achieve both, Microsoft have been on a roll.with hardware of late so there is hope.
  22. TSM


    I guess I'm buying a third Elite controller then. I might as well get the smaller USB adapter they are releasing as well.

    For something as much used as a wireless controller replaceable AA batteries are by far the best option. I have multiple Wavebird, Xbox and XB1 controller as well as Wii Remotes and having a controller with low batteries takes 10 seconds to correct when I'm playing games with my kids. You just buy a bunch of Eneloops or similar and any concerns about dead batteries are completely eliminated. My only controllers that are a crap shoot are my PS3, PS4 and Wii U controllers. Half the time you take them out of their cases and the are either dead or close to it. The Wii U controller is especially terrible about it.

    Meanwhile at my ex-wife's house I constantly show up to find everyone playing games with a long USB cable running from their PS4 to their "wireless" controllers. They have multiple 12' long microusb cables strewn across the living room floor.
  23. Chettlar


    Bolded are kinda meh.

    A lot of this is news to me, and I've been casually following the MS thread, and the front page I've been following regularly.

    - Haven't heard of the first one.
    - Kinda caught fable.
    - This one I thought was really weak? Maybe I've missed something
    - Barely caught that thread
    - Sort of heard this
    - No? Hadn't heard this?
    - I don't think I'd heard this
    - Interesting but I hadn't heard this either. What has Storylabs done?
    - Hadn't heard anything about this. Last I had was a quite some time ago.
    - Hadn't heard about scarlet at all

    That's definitely a lot but I feel kind of amazed I managed to miss all that. Thanks for the summary. How strong do you think some of these are?
  24. Liquid Snake

    Liquid Snake

    Would you mind elaborating?

    I personally prefer rechargeable, built in batteries in my controllers, but maybe there’s a reason I’m missing here.
  25. TSM


    I generally suspect people that prefer built in controller batteries don't have children ruining their plans by running controllers down and not connecting them to charge when they are done. They also probably don't plan on using a controller much past the release of the next console. Anyone that has old PS3 controllers can attest to how terribly those internal batteries have aged.
  26. Jiraiya


    This argument is so silly because you have to ignore the fact you can get a rechargeable battery IF you want it. Give me a choice... That's how we got stuck with the Dualshock4 atrocious battery life.

    I hope Microsoft always gives a choice.
  27. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    I still don't know where I read it, but I remember now other than $250, it was also mentioned as a VR helmet.

    Will try to get back to where I read it.
  28. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    I don't have kids and I would definitely never plug a controller for charging after a play session.

    Eneloops are just so much better. I always have 4 of them on the charger that is always on the sofa on the side where I always game. Whenever my battery dies I just replace them and already put to charge the drained ones, so they are ready the next time.

    And, once I finish playing, the controller stays in the sofa.
  29. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I
    Member OP

    Meh i dont need dedicated buttons for that. The OS solution works pretty great to be honest.
  30. Lucifonz


    Sounds like a reasonable improvement but not one worth upgrading to if you own the original.

    The Xbox Elite pad is by far the best gamepad I've ever used. It feels so horrible whenever I have to use the base Xbox One pads and even worse when I have to use my PS4's pad.
  31. Spitz


    First they use cheap battery’s most of the time and I hate to play with a cable attached to my Controller.
    I use Eneloop’s in all of my devices that support them and always have a fresh set of Eneloop’s in reach for my Elite Controller when I play.
  32. Please allow AAs. Will be upset otherwise.
  33. Windrunner


    If they fix the build quality this time around I will buy one.
  34. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    Yes, the paddles, possibility to elevate the right stick, and the curve adjust features are game changers.
  35. henhowc


    Lol same here. Where these not in separate threads? Dunno how I missed it all.
  36. ShinUltramanJ


    USB-C? Another new cable to buy. I guess it’s going to be the next standard.
  37. Have to disagree. I much prefer being in control of the battery options I use rather than being stuck w/ stock. Same thing with the plugin HD.
  38. Hero of the Wild

    Hero of the Wild
    Banned Member

    If it works well with win10 Bluetooth I might consider this. I’m a bit hooked on controllers at the moment.
  39. Prine


    Oh my!!!!!!
  40. amardilo


    Not sure I like the idea of non-removable batteries.

    I like being able to quickly switch out batteries and feel the controller lasts longer (if the battery pack starts to loose charge I can switch it out for a new one or switch to AAs).
  41. X1 Two

    X1 Two
    Banned Member

    Well, thanks, but no thanks.

    Rechargeable battery built-in: Absolute no-go from me. These things last one and a half years, maybe two. And then you can either ask for a $50 "repair" or have an expensive paperweight. The controller had the best of both worlds, use AAA batteries, use AAA rechargables or use the rechargable pack. Any deviation from this is anti consumer.

    That bag: First one comes with a whole case, not just some dust avoiding cloth bag. WTF?

    The Grips: First thing that comes off from your Elite thanks to the expanding silicone over time. Microsoft doesn't offer replacements, it's just normal wear for them. Seemingly unchanged, the biggest flaw of the controller.

    The Paddles: Never used them so far, don't care.

    3-level trigger locks: 2 levels are godly in Forza (you can lock your brake trigger and you will only ever brake 60 %, no lockups without ABS) but also a curse. Going back to F1 2017 I often have the problem of forgetting my trigger is locked, so I run straight off. I don't think more than 2 levels are needed, especially since a lot of games only recognize an almost full press.

    3 profiles: I have two, but I only ever use one. Can't think of anything where I would need three. I use to forget what the settings are on each, currently I have my standard profile and one for Forza with clutch. Microsoft should man up and give us the system wide stick inversion preference we had on Xbox 360 that's been missing now for four years on Xbox One. But at this point I don't really care anymore. That would be a much more meaningful upgrade than having three profiles on the controller and still having to switch inversion ingame.

    Bluetooth is a nice addition but should've been in it from the start. USB-C is kinda pointless when the console itself doesn't have the port.

    So yeah, not feeling it.
  42. sirap


    Same. I wish these things weren't so damn comfy...I'm already on my third one and the triggers are starting to act up :/
  43. DragoonC


    When could we realistically expect this to be released Q2 or even later? I just barely got held off from purchasing an Elite recently.
  44. Spades


    Excellent - the original Elite is probably the greatest controller ever created so it'll be interesting to see how they can improve on that.
  45. KainXVIII


    For real? For that price?!
  46. Prine


    Agree with all that removable AA batteries are one of the strongest points about Xbox controllers. Rechargable eneloops have been a godsend, i dont ever worry about battery life any more.
    • Eneloops charge lasts me about 3 weeks, so a controllers usage is dependent on the quality of battery which you have control over.
    • I have 6 batteries charging on a power outlet somewhere in the house, no need to tie it to my console.
    • If batteries are low i dont have to plug in my controller and have it tethered while i play, just switch the batteries and go
    • Batteries can always be replenished/replaced, built-in batteries is a bad option as it holds controllers hostage to repair centers once the battery goes (which it will eventually).
  47. SmartWaffles


    USB Type-C connector is pretty useful for charging. No reason to release a new USB product with MicroUSB in 2018.
  48. Neural


    It's a plus for me, instead. As others have said, using rechargeable AAs is much more comfortable, especially if the battery dries out while playing. All you've got to do is change batteries and you're ready to go, opposed to having to connect an usb cable to the console or a power bank.
  49. Shapes


    I read the topic, and thought this was regarding Elite Dangerous. Dammit.
  50. jem


    It'll be USB C to Type A.