1. zedox


    Here's my wish list for Elite v2:
    Customized Colors
    No battery built in
    Detachable bumpers
    Increase durability

    DASSIT! Really simple. I will buy a second Elite when i get my X.
  2. elektrixx


    I'm in. My current Elite can become the controller for my Xbox One. It's about time I put the Titanfall controller away.
  3. Calm Killer

    Calm Killer

    I still have my launch elite. Love it. Can't see myself upgrading, especially if it's a built in battery. That's a no sell for me. I hate that I have to plug in my PS4 controller to charge it. Just let me throw in batteries and go instead of halting my planned gaming until it's charged. I paid $150 for the controller, it should last the generation. Not die due to a crap battery.
  4. Jrs3000


    I'm with you. I bought a pack of rechargeables and just swap out when it dies. If anything they should have change the switch to a dial and have the ability to hold 10-20 profiles on the controller. Maybe go all out with a screen and have 100 profiles.
  5. Omnipotent

    High level of insight Member

    I genuinely cant believe people would rather have batteries than built in. You can charge it while you use it.
  6. Lima


    And go back to the ps2 era playing with a wired controller? Fuck no lol
  7. Zappy


    And when the battery dies?

    I can have 2 pairs of rechargeable batteries. One in the controller the others charging. Means I can always, always play wireless, never run out of batteries and when my batteries die I can buy a simple new pair. There is literally no reason in 2018 to put a non-detachable battery in a controller.
  8. Sho_Nuff82


    I have not seen any of these threads wtf
  9. The Heape

    The Heape

    In my set up I would need a ~12ft of cable to play where I normally sit while charging and then it becomes a trip hazard. If it was a base $60 I wouldn't mind getting 2 like my PS4 so I could just switch when it dies. But for a $150 controller that is just too much.
  10. Gabora


    Please, for the love of all that is holy in this world, change the God damn USB connection on the controller! Why in the hell would MS choose something so flimsy for such an expensive piece of hardware?!
  11. X1 Two

    X1 Two
    Banned Member

    The point of having wireless controllers is not to have cables.
  12. Heynongman!


    The built in batteries on both of my ps4 controllers are about half capacity of what they used to be, and I can’t do anything about it. I can replace rechargeable AA batteries when they decide to crap out. So do I want to buy a new controller when the battery shits the bed or just have to buy new batteries?
  13. Railgun


    Non removable batteries are a step back. As for everything else I’m kind of disappointed. Going off the controller patents Microsoft has gotten recently I expected some more significant customisation, like swapping the triggers and adjusting the tension to the thumb sticks.
  14. EvilBoris


    Did you read the OP?

    Or what part of USB-C and Magsafe did you not understand?
  15. I can't be the only person that leaves their controllers charging overnight?
  16. LAA


    One annoyance I hope they fix with this model is where you release the joystick and it registers being pushed in the opposite direction, made cuphead unplayable with the joystick really.
    Nothing else particularly pushes me to want it desperately, but it does seem cool.
  17. Yarbskoo


    Does "undetachable" mean you can't replace the battery? Shit, even Nintendo's Pro Controllers have removable batteries.
  18. EvilBoris


    It's a weird choice, not that it matters as I use play and charge anyway, I just hope this means a bigger battery than what they currently offer.
  19. Gabora


    I just don't want them to break. Saying they are changing to USB-C and Magsafe doesn't guarantee they won't be fragile. Look at the PS4 controller, same USB connection as the One/Elite and yet not nearly as fragile or breakable as the One/Elite.

    I like the Xbox One controller, I use it for PC gaming, and I lost 3 controllers because not only did the pack-in cable break (not a problem), but the connector on the controller broke too (big problem). I live in fear of my Elite breaking too, and I don't want that anymore.

    I just want something that will last.
  20. thomasmahler

    Game Director at Moon Studios Verafied

    This thing is my current choice in terms of controllers. Love the Elite!
  21. EvilBoris


    I still don't think you understand, there won't be a usb connector in the controller, it will have a magsafe style connector...

    I already did it on my pads to save that connector.
    Excuse the obnoxious music
  22. Gabora


    Alright, I can see how that guarantees the controller won't break. Consider me corrected and my fears put to rest.

    Now to wait for this sucker.
  23. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    Try and make the effort to use them. They are by far the best part about the controller.

    The trigger locks really shine when you adjust the curve of the analog triggers. Cutting them at say 60% has it uses, but I also have a shooter configuration that almost treats the trigger as a non analog button, it goes from 0 to 100% when it's really close to the physical stop. That way I can have short bursts without almost not moving my finger out of the analog, which also gives more precision, as I can have a steadier aim when my right finger barely moves.

    Now this is a addition that I don't like as well. Sending the profile to the controller have one exact desirable use: So you can use the controller in non supported platforms using the adapter.

    Anything else (as in, playing on Xbox or on a Win10 PC) it would be better off if they used that accessories app to detect the game you are playing and adjust the correct mapping tied to that game. Which would also allow different setups for apps and what not. Ms really dropped the ball on not fixing it on the v2.
  24. Dancrane212


    I was digging through my controller bags to find a DualShock 3 to when I had some friends over a couple nights ago. Grabbed the first one and plugged it into a wall with the short usb I had on hand, but it wasn't compatible with that setup and did not charge. I then moved the main chair absurdly close to the console and tried charging it from the PS3; again, I had no luck and the controller remained off.

    Turns out the battery was dead, and while it's great the DS3 does work without a battery installed I wasn't about to break out screwdrivers. Thankfully my other controller was fine and we left it plugged into the console while we got something to eat. On the other hand when I wanted to use my (AA required) Wavebird controller all I had to do was grab my Eneloop batteries and pop them in. Rechargeable can be great for a time but I find them to be a pain in the long term.
  25. EvilBoris


  26. Gabora


    Not being sarcastic.
  27. EvilBoris


  28. rsfour


    Maybe they won't have a 90 day warranty this time and have shitty quality issues.
  29. Black Mantis

    Black Mantis

    I was looking to get another one at some point, so will definitely wait for this to release, especially if they've improved the build quality of the bumpers. My LB snapped on mine (still useable though), but it's still better to use than the original pad. Will make sure I get an extended warranty this time!
  30. MCD


    Some shops like Game UK sell Elite in colors so it's possible.
  31. xrnzaaas


    Undetachable batteries should have made their way to standard controllers as well a long time ago. The first XONE controller I got with the console had massive sync problems, because the batteries weren't fully secure in place and they could stop working when the vibrations kicked in or when you put it down.
  32. Prine


    Ahh my man, what are you doing? They are game changers, ie in Halo 5 i can jump, boost, move, aim and shoot all at the same time, nearly impossible without paddles, in Witcher 3/PuBG i bring up the menu screen without having to move my thumbs away from the sticks.

    Experiment, i cant go back to non paddle controllers for serious gaming.
  33. Crucible


    Did Microsoft hook you up with a free one?
  34. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    This is like when people were making out that they were ok with PS4 not supporting external drives because swapping out the entire internal HDD was better anyway.

    I dunno how hyped I am for an Elite v2. My current Elite is going strong and it's pretty much all I use. You know what? Being able to swap colours like on the Design Lab controllers might be enough to make me get a second. That list of improvements aren't really enough for my to upgrade. But maybe this isn't meant as an upgrade? It's just the replacement Elite. They'll get rid of the old one.
  35. I hope is rechargeable.
  36. Reinhard


    Big pass with non removable battery as I already have an Elite controller using Eneloops. I don't want what's basically a non replaceable battery.
  37. The price of the plug n charge kit + xb1 pad is the same as the ps4 controller here, so the Xbox has all the same functionality per dollar, except with the ability to use standard rechargeable or disposable batteries as well.

    I used to think like you, didn't realise why it might be handy, but now I realise it is the best of both worlds. Long term it also guarantees the controllers can easily have batteries replaced by the user once the charge goes to shit years down the line.
  38. thomasmahler

    Game Director at Moon Studios Verafied

    I wish :)
  39. ZeoVGM


    Happy to see Microsoft enter the year 2013 with their controller batteries.

    Excited for this.
  40. SliChillax


    For fucks sake I hope they were gonna do something of their own not an existing IP.
  41. Metal Slugger

    Metal Slugger

    Built-in battery is such bullshit. Way to take a premium product and give it a limited lifespan. It had better be user replaceable.
  42. MarsMayflower

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    Built in battery? That sucks. Much better to have double As ready to go at all times.
  43. FairyEmpire


    Exactly, batteries will forever remain more convenient long-term unless you play in short bursts and always remember to charge, which kinda happens with my Pro Controller for the Switch which I don't think has ever been below 75%.

    Awesome avatar btw.
  44. ZeoVGM


    I'd argue most consumers would think that a premium product has a built-in-battery rather than needing AA batteries.

    Also, my launch PS4 controller still works. They don't die after a year, guys.
  45. Metal Slugger

    Metal Slugger

    I'm not spending $150+ on an entertainment product that has a guaranteed shitout date. Phones are bad enough but necessary for modern Life; a fancy controller is not.

    Like, include a rechargeable pack that you can swap out of need be. It doesn't have to be permanent.
  46. Monodrone


    No buy for me if it has built-in batteries, I want to be able to use my controller in 4-5 years without having to charge every 3-4 hours due to capacity loss.
    The best solution would be to include a rechargeable battery pack.
  47. DigitalRock

    Banned for having an alt account Member

    I wish sony would release an elite version of the Ds4,
  48. Omnipotent

    High level of insight Member

    I understand why you would want them, just not why one would prefer it. I guess losing charge over time is fair but, i find battery controllers to be an inconvenience as someone who doesnt use many battery operated things, i dont have tons of spare batteries around the house. So if my battery operated controller dies, ive gotta run down to the store to get more. If my chargable controller dies, i plug it into the wall and keep playing.
  49. Lagspike_exe


    What exaclty is Project Scarlet?
  50. zedox


    No one knows exactly.