1. Cohesivestraw


    I wish it had ps4 support. I hate the DS4. I almost wish I wouldn't have went sony this gen just because of the controller.
  2. OldBenKenobi


    Wow well I was gonna buy a new Elite since I got some BB gift cards for my bday but I will just wait now.
  3. Ushay


    Non-detachable charger is a huge mistake.
    Replaceable batteries (eneloops) are perfection.
  4. Your guys know you can charge devices when you aren't using them, right?
  5. Santar


    Is the build quality on the regular elite really that bad?
    I just ordered one yesterday!
    I thought the point of the elite was to NOT suffer from bad buttons and stick drift, what on earth is the higher prize for if not quality?
  6. KamenRiderEra


    Where's the gyro? It's my only request....
  7. Yerffej


    lol I guess I've been under a rock. I only heard about the possible Fable thing.
  8. Creepy Woody

    Creepy Woody

    Nope, prefer putting in my own rechargeable AA's thanks.
  9. Lightning


    I still don't understand how the charging port can be both non-detachable and also 'MagSafe' style.

    That completely contradicts itself, especially if it 's also USB C???

    Like, how? All three of those statements contradict each other.
  10. m23


    They're all still rumours and I think most of those didn't even get a thread. These have been talked about in the Microsoft First Party thread which may be why some folks haven't heard about them.
  11. OldBenKenobi


    I think it’s overblown. I have had my Elite for almost two years now and have had no issues. I also have afew friends on Xbox live that also have one and none of them have issues either.

    I hope the Elite 2 comes with detachable battery pack. I use eneloops plus the MS battery pack for my Elite and it’s just gravy. If the Elite two infact does have a built in battery pack, I hope it’s easily changeable.

    Someone in here said their launch PS4 controller still works? Mine can barely hold a charge anymore, plus the R2 button is dead and the sticks are completely worn down to plastic.
  12. TitanicFall


    Maybe I don't follow you, but if you only care about the wireless and already have an Elite then why not buy the adapter for $25?
  13. Shock32


    You can buy third party Pro controllers for PS4. I have the Nacon revolution pro and it's fantastic, I haven't played with a DS4 for almost a year.
  14. Banderdash


    Add it to Design Labs... and give us shipping to Aus.
  15. Louco


  16. hwalker84


    I'll grab one day one but please give me some color options day one.
  17. Icky Thump

    Icky Thump

    AA Eneloop or no purchase.
  18. Additionally I saw a patent from micro the other week.

    Toggles/sticks have adjustable tension.

    You spin them to adjust it
  19. zedox


    I don't believe in pictures anymore cuz 3D printing is a thing. Need more reliable sources.
  20. DumpsterJuice


    DS4 is a damn good controller, minus the horrid battery. Big step do from DS3. That being said, it’s no Elite controller for sure. I would by a DS4 Elite controller if it were ever released because the current MS Elite controller makes the rest feel cheap AF. I hate I ever bought the thing due to this fact.
  21. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    Yeah, that Xbox button on the photo surely looks odd. (the big image above)
  22. Sony


    Like who What What What Where?
    Nah, what Who Who Where
    Like where Where Where?
    How did we get right there? Like nah, nah, nah

    Wait, hold up, let me roll up
    Who and what and where?

    These rumors are doing something to my jimmies.
  23. RF Switch

    RF Switch

    The battery choice on the new version makes me hope my original never dies
  24. TRios Zen

    TRios Zen

    Perhaps the better question is, do you know that you can plug in an elite controller when the battery dies and continue playing? Or alternatively you could have a spare set of AA eneloops around and NEVER play wired on your "wireless" controller.

    Internal batteries are a step backward IMO and unless this was cheaper than current elite, I would not consider specifically because of that. I'd also appreciate a re-design of the bumpers as that is the only thing that has failed on my current elite.
  25. op_ivy


    i'm in. i need a replacement. hope the bumpers see some major improvement in design they, its laughable how they are engineered in the original (and default x1 pads)
  26. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    I use my Elite controller with my PS4 everyday! Just grab an Xbox One-PS4 Brook Super Converter. It's magic. My Elite works fully with my PS4, including the paddles and rumble. Best controller ever.
  27. Probably is USB-C and it comes with a magsaf cable. You put the USB-C dongle inside it.
  28. Switch


    I love my Elite, but I really would have liked to see the new Elite (if true) have 4 profile switches
  29. op_ivy


    link? that sounds rad, but like they could potentially change mid game accidentally - which would suck.
  30. Endaeias


    I know it's been beaten into the ground but I've been going back and forth on purchasing an Elite (v1) now that I have an Xbox One X and have started using the console for practically everything (even have my PS4 HDMI going through it right now... aha..). I'll wait a few more months before pulling the trigger on the purchase, I think. Especially with the possibility of a v2 coming out. I'm content with both of my controllers for now.
  31. TehPotentialz

    Banned Member

    Buy the chat pad, it has 2 buttons that can be assigned to screenshot and record.
  32. CloseTalker


    Most of those aren’t hints i really need fixed. Built battery would be a step backwards imo.

    I’ll stick with my current Elite. Best controller ever, though I only use it on pc.
  33. Noel Ross

    Noel Ross

    No wonder we haven't been getting any sent to us in my Microsoft store.. Makes sense now.
  34. Silky


    Hold up bih where is the NBA Jam news
  35. khamakazee


    Have a Xbox One and a Xbox 360 controller for my PC and I keep going back to the Xbox 360 controller. The sticks are way too loose on the One and just don't feel right. Is the Elite better in this area?
  36. JINX


  37. OnionPowder


    No joke, USB-C might push me to get one of these for my PC. Wish I could get USB C PS4 controllers as well, since my phone is C and the only micro things I use now are PS4 controllers
  38. jet1911


    All of this sounds great so it probably wont happen :(

  39. looks like it might be a "pull up on the stick and twist, then push back down" style adjustment, so no worries about adjusting midgame
  40. digitalrelic

    Weight Loss Champion 2018: Biggest Change Member

    Imagine an E3 2018 presentation with Microsoft revealing Halo 6, a Fable reboot, a Perfect Dark Reboot, an NBA Jam reboot, a new Mech Warrior, and all of those other potential reveals. They'd win E3.
  41. op_ivy


    awesome, thanks.

    as others have said, color customization would be swell too :)
  42. RdN


    About damn time.

    I just hope the build quality is better this time around. It is absurd the amount of broken Elites I've seen.
  43. TehPotentialz

    Banned Member

    I wish they would go one step further with customisation and let us switch the placement of the dpad, face buttons, and sticks. I want the right stick up where the face buttons are.

    Don't like the sound of a rechargable internal battery, yuck. Only reason to do that is forced obsoletion to make you buy another in a few years time.

    Also that bag looks so cheap compared to the case the first one comes in. Surely that's not going to be the final case.


    Damn I wish it were NBA Street if true!
  45. I'm glad I waited on not buying the original elite controlller. Had a gut feeling a new one would come out.
  46. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch
    Banned Member

    I want to live in a world where every damn thing is done either wirelessly or via USB type c ports and this is one step closer so yaay.

    Heres hoping the iPhone makes the leap over to USB type c as well
  47. LordBaztion


    The only thing I want is they to add back buttons or paddles to the standar controller.
  48. BT, huh. i can finally find some use for the BT in my laptop lol
  49. elzeus


    I hope they work on the durability of the stick modules and shoulder buttons. I can't wait for USB C controllers and it hearkens back to the OG xbox and 360 with the "rip away" cords.
  50. Probably not going to upgrade unless it's part of design lab. Non removable battery is a huge negative.