1. zyvorg


    Dont you hate it when companies fudge up designs that other companies have already solved.

    Logitech have solved this stupid issue with the removable batteries, ship the controller with eneloops inside and allow the controller to charge the AA battery with the controller connected to the console (for people that don't ever replace them).

    Problem solved for everyone.
  2. IbizaPocholo


    I'm very happy with the current elite and i would buy again a new revision.
  3. Datajoy


    Whats the appeal of the concave d-pad thing? I've seen those on elite controllers but don't get what all the fuss is about.
  4. And I'm out.

    I was late to the party but I have embraced the glory of Eneloops. Internal batteries are a definite step down
  5. TheWordyGuy


    Somebody I know who works at Microsoft told me that right beneath where he works there’s a problem with the roof. That is a fact.
  6. Broadbandit


    hopefully the sticks are MUCH IMPROVED. the stick drift was insane on the 3 I owned.
  7. AR Starts

    AR Starts

    Ugh. Non removable battery just killed it for me. I don’t want to have to use a wire to recharge while I play. Not to mention built in batteries only have so many cycles. Eneloops have been great.

    I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I’ve always really liked the use of AAs. Something the other two console companies refuse to do.
  8. Seven


    I realize the bag could be totally unrelated, but it's using the ancient Microsoft logo and is red. Microsoft, especially the Xbox division, especially for a product like the Elite has gotten quite good at branding and would have either a black or green tag referencing the Xbox or Elite.
  9. I haven't seen that one. Do you have a Link? thanks.
    Edit: NVM, found stuff on the leak.
  10. ryan299


    that's starting to happen on mine. Maybe if I wait I can convince microsoft support to upgrade me to the new one for a small fee lol
  11. Tarkus


    I had a feeling a new model was coming as it's been hard to find the controller. Kinda wish I hadn't just bought one, but it's very nice nonetheless
  12. Curufinwe


    My PS3 controllers still hold a charge almost 10 years later.
  13. Lamonster


    I'm all over this, especially if we can design the colors ourselves.
  14. TheZynster


    will have to give it a go.....the original elite even with messing with the deadzone settings still had a gap compared to a standard dualshock which was still more accurate/better for shooters. Why cannot they not remove that deadzone still on the damn controllers. It was never there for the 360 controller
  15. Rocketz


    Hmmmmm wonder how it will be priced
  16. Curufinwe


    Yeah, the deadzone issue on Xbox One pads is a bummer. I got an X1X in December and played RE4, and my aiming percentage was quite a bit lower than on the PS4 version I played last year.

    On the PS4 version getting all the bottle caps wasn't too hard, but on the X1X I didn't even finish the 2nd row in my Normal playthru because the deadzone was affecting my accuracy enough to be really annoying.
  17. TheZynster


    That's why I use a DS4 with my Xbox One.....its really, really awesome. Just get a full wireless headset like the RIGs 800XL that are on sale at best buy right now for $75 and your good to roll

  18. Salty AF

    Salty AF

    For anyone considering buying an Elite, definitely purchase the 2-3 year replacement / insurance program that Amazon and Best Buy sell. Trust me it’s worth the extra money. The warranty on this “premium” controller is only 90 fucking days and I had two elites having drift issues AFTER that 90 day period and Microsoft wouldn’t fix it. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a premium product.
  19. Oscillator


    Add me to the crowd that's hearing this stuff for the first time. Did any of this ever get its own thread? (A new PD would be big news given how poorly MS has treated the franchise.)

    Also, all I want in an improved Elite controller is a more flexible cable, an OG Xbox-style quick release on the cable, standard controller-style coloured face buttons, and firmware improvements.
  20. Smokey


    Been using mine since day 1, and using it at the moment. One of the best controllers ever. I'll be picking up the revision.
  21. DJ Lushious

    DJ Lushious

    When the X came out Best Buy was selling Elite Controllers for $99 with the purchase of the console. I think that was the last time I was able to find an Elite Controller in the stores, but, even then, I don't think any of my local stores had one for sale.

    So, I like your theory and it makes a lot of sense.
    You put your controller in the sofa, when done? ;-)

    CTRL+F "Eneloop" and watch the results pop up. There's so many posts about these wonderful amazing batteries, because they are both wonderful and amazing. I'm 52 hours into FFXV (only game I've been playing) and I've had to swap out my Eneloop AA batteries twice (having just done so within the past 5 hours or so). Going the standard battery route is such the better option. First, Microsoft can sell their own branded rechargeable battery packs ($$$). Second, the batteries are replaceable and not intrinsically tied to the device as a failure point. And third, consumers can choose to use their own choice of standardized batteries. E.g. Eneloops.

    I can understand removing the case, since it'd be an easy cost-saving measure. Still, that would be much nicer than a bag.

    I've read countless stories, in this thread and others, where the build quality of the Elite is suspect. The bumpers are the most common point of failure I've read; not much on the grips, though.

    All in all, though, I'd happily throw down on an Elite controller. After the X becoming my main 3rd party system, the Elite has become much more attractive.
  22. Ardiloso


    Didn't like the rechargeable bateries (using eneloops is betfer) and the longer key travels. I'm good with mine.
  23. Mystic


    Built in rechargable battery is an immediate pass for me. Good luck using this controller for more than a couple years as soon as the built in battery starts to go out.

    I don't even like spending more than $30 on PS4 controllers for this very same reason.
  24. Smokey


    Elite controller has been amazing for Halo 5. I can't really play the same without it.
  25. Soony Xbone Uhh

    Soony Xbone Uhh
    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    Never heard of this. It's smart.
  26. Lat

    Banned Member

    In. It'll be my 3rd Elite.
  27. Dancrane212


    Mainly discussed in the MS Studio thread. Didn't have strong enough sources to have a topic of its own.

    News from that backend leak it wasn't as specific as some summaries suggest either. The 'Dark' listing might not actually be Perfect Dark and the Halo item wasn't listed as Halo 6 (at least two different 'Halo' game listings found).
  28. Oluasc

    Be more dog! Member

    Looks like fake.
    That logo on bag is old Microsoft logo.
  29. Cyclonesweep


    I wish it was a removable battery pack so you could still use eneloops.

    That said the Elite is the best controller ever made, improvements are always welcome still.
  30. Spleenpoker


    I just ordered an Elite! What exactly is stick drift? I google'd it but I only get how to fix it, not explaining what it is!?
  31. Oscillator


    Ah, so there's been a lot of hopeful extrapolation.
  32. op_ivy


    i think that you'd get stick movement without input. like constantly looking up in a fps without input. its never effected my elite and i play anything that gives me the option at a 0% inner dead zone
  33. o Tesseract

    o Tesseract

    Left stick came pretty loose on my Elite from launch after less than a year. Games that relied on 100% boundary for movement are unplayable on that controller now. Examples: Resident Evil 4 and PUBG.

    Impact is that I can't walk at full speed diagonally in PUBG, which is basically death.

    Hopefully the next revision of the Elite has better sticks -- I absolutely love everything else about Rev 1.
  34. Akai


  35. Spleenpoker


    Aaah yeah that makes sense, I will definitely keep that in mind, thanks! I've never been able to customize the controller before so this definitely will be trial and error but what exactly do people mean when they talk about dead zones and sensitivity etc. I'm so lost!
  36. Kokonoe

    Banned Member

    Fuck yes, I've been waiting on bluetooth all this time. Snagging this whenever I can.


  37. TheGhost


    I just got a replacement Xbox elite controller, maybe I should return it
  38. op_ivy


    dead zones are regions in which stick movement is not registered. IIRC, halo 5 (like most games?) sets the default at 10%. that is, unless you move the stick beyond that 10% no movement is input. this protects against stick drift.
  39. JINX


    Actually the leaks come from the same person who correctly leaked a ton of 2016 and 2017 announcements through a database leak, so he has proven he is reliable. In the following days we have had further info from other sources that align with the leak, for example the PD rumour has been known by both Chris Dring (GamesIndustry.Biz) and IGN staff who has said they have heard from a friend who is known in the industry for leaks. That they have heard from two seperate sources about PD, so the leak comes from a reliable source and has had more info align with it in the last week or two. If you want to know more I would suggest going through the last 40+ pages of the MS studios thread.
  40. Dancrane212


    There's definitely something there. Especially with other folk talking about PD but as far as the most concrete source (that DB leak - or whatever source was used) stuff wasn't as specific as "Halo 6 is going to have insane player counts".
  41. Lowrys


    Why would anyone want longer paddle travel?
  42. The Futurist

    The Futurist
    Banned Member

    Rechargeable batteries?!


    I have a ton of eneloops and it takes me 5 seconds to pop in a fresh pair.
  43. Black_Stride


    Mate what are you on?

    You dont think that will connect to an Xbox One?


    Microsoft aint gonna develop and publish an EA game.
    Theres wishful thinking and then theres borderline strange delusional hopes.

  44. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    Yeah, my sofa has a very big squared arm (not sure if arm is the right term XD) where I put all my controllers and the battery charger. That way I only need to go to the sofa to turn the xbox, TV and HT on, and don't even have to get up in case I need to exchange the batteries.

    Having to stand up and go to my console to plug the controller there even after a play session would be a massive step back in terms of comfort :P
  45. chuey


    What does "Bluetooth on Win10" mean? I mean, so of course it has bluetooth. But on Win 10? Marketing?
  46. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GDVGQ48/?tag=era0f0-20

    It's worth it.
  47. If I remember correctly,only XBS controllers and forward could connect to PC using bluetooth. for earlier versions(Elite V1 included I guess),you would need to buy the wireless adapter that MS sells. Also,to this day You can only use 1 controller on pc when connected via BT and not the adapter.
  48. ClintStevens


    I actually have been under a rock these past two weeks so thanks.
  49. Black_Stride


    Native Xbox One controller support on Win 10.

    Hustle mode for every other platform.
  50. Chumley

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    Am I the only one who prefers the grips on the new standard xbone x/slim controllers over the rubberized ones on the elite?