1. OneBadMutha


    I bought a Pro near its launch and for a year leading up to the X launch, kept buying buying multiplats on Xbox solely because of the Elite Controller. It’s an amazing controller and I hate using anything else. Wish Sony would copy them or would stop fighting off the adapters. (I have a Brook adapter which disconnects regularly).

    I customize button layout for almost every game I play regularly. Once you adapt to paddles, it’s a real game changer. Hard to imagine the controller getting much better but I’ll be keeping an open mind.
  2. c0Zm1c


    They've done it with their mice for years too.
  3. Xenman


    Lol, the only leak I heard was Fable. Thanks
  4. Faust


    Without fixing the bumpers that break themselves, this controller is still overpriced for what you get. Something that will likely break isn't worth $150.
  5. Oynox

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    Ew, why don't they stick with batteries.
  6. RedlineRonin


    This all sounds great, but they better up the build quality. I'm on my third elite, and both times it was the top bumpers. I'm not sure if it's the way I grab the controller or what, but really disappointing regardless, to go through three of them for the price you pay.
  7. Soony Xbone Uhh

    Soony Xbone Uhh
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    Well i never ever use a Wireless Mouse. That is probably the reason.
  8. Akai


    It didn't cross my mind earlier, because I thought one side would be the MagSafe thing and the other the Type-C connector.

    Also, the picture was literally not loading the last 3rd and I didn't see the logo until I refreshed the page and then edited the post, but thanks for exposing me. :P
  9. Jinroh


    Non removable battery is stupid, one of my Ds4 is dead because of it, what happens when you have to change it? What happens when you keep it inside and then it swells and breaks everything?
  10. Lowrys


    No, I prefer the standard grips too. The rubber makes my hands warmer and feels sticky. Plastic texture on the standard grips is perfect.
  11. TheKeyPit


    What are you going to do if they die? (break, not functional anymore)
  12. Evan


    I don't understand the hate for the built in batteries. People act like rechargeable batteries die on a consistent basis. I've had the same iPhone 6+ for three years and I'm still able to get through a whole days use on it. I do understand that there are duds out there, but I think the worry of dead batteries is a little overblown. I would also like to note that I've had the same play and charge kit since the Xbox ones launch, and by all accounts, they seem to be working as intended.
  13. Lowrys


    Also +1 for replaceable batteries. So much better.
  14. klauskorp


    The pro controller might be my favorite controller. I'm not seeing a lot here that would make me want another one, but I'm glad they're sticking with it.

    They should make a pro version of the Duke.
  15. TSM


    People have had controllers with built in batteries since the PS3. We strongly dislike them for good reasons. My old 360 controllers are basically like brand new. My Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controllers on the other hand are basically hard wired controllers at this point given how short the battery life is. I could replace the internal batteries, but even then in 3 or 4 months when I finally get around to using the controllers the batteries will have fully discharged and I'll have to recharge the controllers before use or play hardwired while they charge. Even when they were new, my wife and kids would discharge the batteries while I was sleeping or at work and I ended up playing hard wired as much as I played wirelessly. Meanwhile my 360/XB1 controllers are mere seconds away from having a fresh charge for any reasonable number of controllers which makes them fantastic when I'm playing with the kids or have company.
  16. ASaiyan


    About time the GOAT controller stopped doing freaking AA batteries. Lol.
  17. AlexFlame116


    I kept holding off on the Elite due to the price point and hearing about the faulty controllers.

    But for an installed rechargeable battery? I probably will bite now!
  18. Lowrys


    I doubt v2 will be any cheaper.
  19. Mrflood


    Expected, I got an Elite for Christmas and it was almost impossible to find. Wife had to visit multiple stores to find stock. Amazon.ca hasn't had any in months.

    Now I am torn as I am still within the return period....
  20. AlexFlame116


    Oh I know. But the fact that it needed AA batteries at that price didn't sit well with me personally. So the rechargeable battery rumor would definitely push me to buy one.
  21. Oscillator


    Now we're talking.
  22. Black_Stride


    Hahaha its not often i catch Ninja edits on ERA.
    Usually Era will actually put the edit in my quote for you it seems the site was against you and kept the original text.
  23. Kokonoe

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    Xbox One S bumpers are glorious, I fully expect these to be the same.
  24. I hope they fix the sticks. I am on my third Elite controller because one or both sticks have a significant drift in the sticks out of the box. I gave up trying to get one that didn’t drift so I just deal with it now.
  25. Falchion


    Seems like some cool new features but nothing here that makes me want to upgrade from my first gen elite.
  26. Chumley

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    Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. 30 minutes on the elite and my hands felt slimy, that never happens on the new standard ones.
  27. Deleted member 17491

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    I was ready to regret just purchasing an Elite controller late last year untill I read this. Major downgrade over the current one.
  28. LoyalPhoenix

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    I would argue the vast majority of those are rumors and not actual leaks until proven otherwise.
  29. Chumley

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    Agreed, makes no sense. Rechargeable AA’s are a thing.
  30. My only concern is the non-replaceable battery.
  31. EchoChamber


    Non replaceable battery? What the fuck they are thinking.
  32. Evan


    Your problems aren't the fault of the rechargeable battery. Going months without use/charge shouldn't yield any other result other than a dead device. That's like deciding to put my phone in my book bag for a week and hoping its still charged when I decide to use it again. You also reference 10+ year old controllers as your example, but rechargeable batteries have improved since, so its not fair to compare them. However, I don't have any kids of my own, so I'm sure it can be a headache if your kids are constantly killing your controllers battery life (I wouldn't allow my kid to use my $150 controller to begin with (I let my nephew play with my standard xbox controller.... I'm a bad uncle)). I hope I'm not coming off as a jerk or anything, but I have various devices around me with non removable batteries, some ranging from 5+ years old, and they all work perfectly fine. Again, I understand there can be a bad batch here and there, but generally they work as intended for many years. On a similar note, do you own a switch? Its literally 3 built in rechargeable batteries.

    all of this is meaningless in the end, these manufactures are able to produce these devices cheaper than ever, but charge more than ever for them. So if your device breaks out of warranty, too bad, go fork over another $$$ for a new controller (and yes, that sucks a lot).
  33. TSM


    Judging by this thread they are thinking a lot of people don't really care if their controllers actually work wirelessly down the line.

    This is exactly the point of why people prefer a controller that takes AA rechargeable batteries. Actual examples:

    -My family feels like playing an Xbox 360 game for the first time in 6 months, and within minutes everyone is holding a wireless controller with fresh batteries.

    -My family feels like playing a PS3 game for the first time in 6 months. Unless I planned ahead the batteries are all dead and everyone has to play wired to the console or an outlet.

    Which of these seems like a huge issue to you?
  34. Curufinwe


    My DualShock3 controllers last 10 hours on a charge.

    My old 360 controllers only work when plugged in to the console.
  35. TSM


    So your 360 controllers are broken? I'm failing to see how that has anything to do with this discussion.
  36. Curufinwe


    They don't run on batteries anymore.
  37. TSM


    Yes they are broken. That was understood.
  38. Eon


    I must’ve been under a rock. I missed ALL of this. I’m totally down for a Crackdown beta, more Fable, Perfect Dark and NBA JAM.
  39. Barneystuta


    Oh boy...

    The Elite Controller is probably the best accessory I've ever bought for any console.

    A V2 would have me hyped.
  40. Liquid Snake

    Liquid Snake

    Okay I get it. The convenience of always having a full charge nearby combined with the not having to worry about the internal battery dying. Makes sense.
  41. henlo_birb


    Colors. Please. Colors.
  42. Spasm


    There's no way they wouldn't have addressed the rampant bumper and stick-drift issues for the sequel, right? RIGHT?

    Also, Eneloop master-race am cry.
  43. Katonix


  44. pswii60


    Won't they then risk people charging alkaline batteries?
  45. ok.
  46. JaseC64


    V1 is not a big deal with a rechargeable pack? I wonder what the price will be like.

    I do hope they keep good customer service if they break.
  47. Defect


    Hope the grips don't peel off on this one...
  48. Dinjooh


    I don't keep stuff around for long enough for battery degradation to have a major influence in my purchasing habits. If anyone intends to use a controller for that long that yea of course this sucks. But I will most likely use the controller for 2-4 years tops and then sell it.
  49. CarthOhNoes

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    Not sure what the fuss is about re batteries. I mean AA is nice but if it’s got battery life like a switch pro controller then that’s fine / that thing is flat out wizardry it lasts forever.
  50. GamerEra

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    Why does MS release so many controllers?