1. Like the design of the new elite better. Not a great fan of the silver coloured top of the OG elite. But the Elite is perfect so for me its not necessary to get a new one.
  2. Zomba13


    The fuck!? Have there been any topics here on that stuff? I think the only one out of them I heard about was something to do with NBA Jam (and that might not have even been here? I can't remember). That is a lot of stuff to be leaked/rumoured.
  3. Gundam


    There were some threads that got locked and relegated toward the Microsoft Partners + First Party thread, for... reasons, I guess? It really kind of limited the exposure to the rumours, at least here on Era.
  4. Black Mantis

    Black Mantis

    I didn't use mine that much during the first year, rotated it with my day one controller, take great care of it, and the left bumper and grip issue still happened. The controller has quality issues, period.

    I can still use mine though and will get this version too, as the controller is still the best, and assigning some buttons to the paddles can be a game-changer. Watch Dogs 2 springs to mind, by changing the run button from the left stick click for example.
  5. Jiraiya


    You don't have to. They have an option to get a battery so it can never die just like the ds4 though. Why is that option bad?
  6. Heyrule


    Been using a plug and play 360 controller for a few years on my PC now. As soon as this thing drops, I'm throwing some money down!
  7. Flamin' Galah

    Flamin' Galah
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    The Elite controller was selling like crazy when it released. It's a no-brainer for them to make some adjustments and release a new one.
  8. Kudo


    Sorry to bump this old thread!
    Did GDC bring any news about this? Has there been any more rumours? I saw some images while back and thought I want this rather than the old one so it's now playing the waiting game.
  9. Tharp


    Don't think so. This seems more like a E3 type announcement anyway.
  10. mindsale


    As an Xbox X owner this couldn't make me happier.
  11. I don't get it, rechargeable batteries but they mean the battery that it comes with or can we use normal AAA batteries ourself like with the Xbox One controller now? Because I love that MS stuck with that, unlike Sony.

    Give me rechargeables anytime over built in batteries, because if those die just buy new ones. Built in dies, bye bye controller. Plus the horrible buzzing sound when charging those things doesn't help party chat.
  12. melodiousmowl


    Wow, adjustable tension thumbsticks could be amazing! I hope its something you can adjust on the fly if this is accurate.
  13. nib95


    I have the current Elite pad, I read somewhere that despite this new one having certain improved features, it might actually be cheaper and less high-quality compared to the original, does anyone know if there is there any truth to that?
  14. We won't know anything until it's rumorsr announcement at E3, we're so close we can taste it.
  15. MisterMangu

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    Will this improved controller on have gyro? :D

    Are there any updates on all those leaked games? I’ve been tempted on hopping on the X1X bandwagon especially with all the upgrades current and last games get.

    A new Fable sounds ace.
  16. Charcoal


    Yeeeeees daddy!
  17. Rob


    How did I not see this when it was first up? I'd love to get my hands on one as my default PC controller. I have a Lunar White XBO controller, that I love, but I may as well upgrade to something like the Elite.
  18. If that Halo 6 rumor is true about massive player counts in multiplayer then I think that means that Halo 6 will eventually have a BR mode.
  19. No_Face


    I'm almost sure it will. I guess most fps will have a battle royale mode in the next few years.
  20. IbizaPocholo


  21. Deleted member 20296

    Deleted member 20296
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    Yeah 400 hours of rocket league using the paddles broke that little button that the paddle pushes for me.

    Got a refund on it because Europe after almost 2 years, the thing was amazing asides that issue. I would probably blind but the follow up
  22. Samaritan


    A non-removable battery is kind of a deal-breaker for me. With the lifespan of your average Lithium-Ion, the ability to swap out some inexpensive, rechargeable Eneloops into my controller is really appreciated.
  23. NJDEN


    I feel like I had just read a press thing where Microsoft explicitly said why they stand by removable batteries... Now they are going with non-removable in the place it makes the least sense. You'd think you would want your "pro" tier hardware to be as modular as possible.

    Like others have stated, I use Enerloops and paying so much for a controller with a built in battery is not worth it to me. It's a shame too since I had not gotten the first Elite, but was really looking at this one.
  24. Barneystuta


  25. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay

    The new elite has to be Washburn then... right?
  26. When the fuck are they gonna announce this thing
  27. Hardvlade


    Probably September's Inside Xbox.
  28. You’d think they would’ve gone for Gamescom!