RUMOUR: Dark Souls Remastered for PS4 release date

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Mr. Pointy, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Mr. Pointy

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  2. janusfilmsfan

    janusfilmsfan Member

    I’d be down.
  3. Seik

    Seik Member

    Bring it, my body is ready.
  4. BizzyBum

    BizzyBum Member

    I'd rather have DeS. =(
  5. Rychu

    Rychu Member

  6. Alexander DeLarge

    Alexander DeLarge Banned Member

    I assume this is just going to be a higher resolution/frame rate. The assets from the original console versions/PC look fantastic. Tons of hidden detail under that incredibly low resolution.

  7. TheGreatLugia

    TheGreatLugia Member

    I read this as Demon's Souls until I saw the image. :(
  8. Cess007

    Cess007 Member

    Maybe I will finish it this time lol

    Also, add Demon's Souls ffs!!
  9. Skatterd

    Skatterd Member

    Praise the sun and all that jazz
  10. vereor

    vereor Banned Member

    Sure, this doesn't look fake at all.
  11. kc44135

    kc44135 Member

    I want this to be real so badly. I can't stand the Sub-HD 10 FPS PS3 version anymore! Please be the real deal!
  12. GooseTeeth

    GooseTeeth Member

    Please be real :(. Also I wonder if it'd get rereleased on pc too.
  13. Anth0ny

    Anth0ny Member

    Please be real.

    Dark Souls in 4K pls.
  14. lupin23rd

    lupin23rd Member

    I think the Japanese text above the listing card says "Playstation Vi" (the "ta" clearly cut off).
  15. Cubas

    Cubas Member

    #15 this maybe related to the Nintendo Direct?
  16. RPGamer92

    RPGamer92 Member

    60 FPS Blighttown the dream is real!!
  17. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

    Much rather have Damon's, only Souls game I have yet to play.
  18. Zacmortar

    Zacmortar Member

    I'm not ready
  19. SocksForWok

    SocksForWok Alt-Account. Member

    Why not Demon Souls instead but whatev, DS1 is really really good too
  20. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

    Even on PC my poor laptop couldn't handle Blighttown lol, was a near constant 15 fps.
  21. AlexBasch

    AlexBasch Member

    Yawn. Give me Demon' Souls instead. :/
  22. stat84

    stat84 Member

    Sorry but just a random tweet?
  23. Rychu

    Rychu Member

    It may release on Vita in Japan but it won’t in USA.
  24. Khaos Prime

    Khaos Prime Member

    2 and 3 already on current gen so might as well bring the first. Although I played through DS1 the first time on Xbox One through BC.
  25. Sub Boss

    Sub Boss Member

    Probably their Switch game too, Dark Souls PS4/ONE/Switch
  26. toph

    toph Member

    Bring it on!

    and Demon Souls!
  27. Servbot24

    Servbot24 Member

    I'll buy it for sure. Though I'm very curious high effort it would be.
  28. Nictron

    Nictron Member

    You would rather have Damon's Souls?
  29. Zukuu

    Zukuu Member

    Neat, but would rather have Demon Souls tbh. This might make a collection possible for PS4.
  30. Brandon

    Brandon Member

    So 2019 for a Dark Souls collection package?
  31. DigitalRock

    DigitalRock Banned for having an alt account Member

    Bought, amazing series.
  32. BriGuy

    BriGuy Member

    I feel the PC version with the right enhancements is "good enough" already. The world needs a remastered Demons' Souls, especially since I imagine more than a few people never played it because of PS3 exclusivity at a time when the PS3 was something of a pariah.
  33. Elshoelace

    Elshoelace Member

    Is that the new one where Matt Damon shrinks?
  34. #34
    Haven't played any of the Dark Soul games. I'd buy this and the other two for the complete collection.
  35. painlanguage

    painlanguage Member

    My favorite game of all time. Would love for this to be real. I'd even settle for the most basic, bare bones port.
  36. MrS

    MrS Member

    No easy mode I hope.

    I'll take 10 copies of the GOAT.

    Git hyped!!!
  37. GamingEnthusiast

    GamingEnthusiast Banned Member


    We wanted DEMON'S SOULS!

  38. jviggy43

    jviggy43 Member

    I'm so on board with this. Would like the collection and demon souls to be honest but dark souls 1 with player populations would be amazing.
  39. Rhaknar

    Rhaknar Member

    thats the wrong Souls to remaster
  40. 36 Chambers

    36 Chambers Member

    Yeah Id be willing to give the games a try with this. Hope it has X1X improvements if it does come out for Xbox too.
  41. #41
    Anytime, anywhere
  42. Mike

    Mike Member

    I would kill--kill--if they went the extra mile and fixed/finished the Gravelords and obviously missing Velka covenant. I would even be able to live with Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith being in the state that they are.
  43. HebrewHammer

    HebrewHammer Member

    Shadows Die Twice?
  44. Mr. Pointy

    Mr. Pointy Member Original Poster

    I'm guessing this is just for the PS4 (maybe Switch) in Japan because *japanesekidwhatsanxbox.gif*
  45. DigitalRock

    DigitalRock Banned for having an alt account Member

    I'd love both but DS is one of the best games ever, why are you complaining?
  46. Alexander DeLarge

    Alexander DeLarge Banned Member

    Dark Souls 2 with the intended lighting system in place? :^)

    Seriously I'll never stop being upset about how much this game was butchered prior to launch.
  47. salromano

    salromano Mr. Gematsu Member

  48. Heartskips

    Heartskips Member

    But it's PS Vita in the image.
  49. Megatron

    Megatron Member

    It definitely will come out for Xbox if this is real.

    Yeah, in Japan it would be ps4 only. In the rest of the world it would be both.
  50. sinonobu

    sinonobu Member

    Where is this rumor even coming from? I highly doubt Era is the source.