Rumour: Everwilds will be crossgen (coming earlier then people maybe expect) coop focused not shared world, God game elements

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Oct 27, 2017

Coming from our very own Shpeshal Ed

Might even come out launch of Series X he says. I doubt that. But with it being crossgen i can say it early 2021

Not the first time we hear about the God game elements stuff

Everwild, which VGC understands is an ambitious third-person adventure title with god game elements,

Slicer Dyster

Dec 20, 2017
Yeah, we knew about the god game elements at X0. I would be really surprised if it comes out before XSX's launch but I could definitely see it coming out in 2021's first half.

Can't help but feel like this game might end up very similar like Michel Ancel's WiLD. The end of the X0 trailer was like hinting at some sort of event or mechanic when the player touches (or connects? 🤔) with the animals.



Jun 25, 2019
Oooooohhhhh boy! Need to see more ASAP. I guess if it's hitting close too launch it should get a full reveal around E3


May 15, 2019
I like how diverse the Xbox lineup of games are. We have a flight sim, third person shooter, first person shooter, arcade racer, racing sim, it’s a bug life the game, a first person rpg in outer worlds (not an exclusive I know but the next one will be MS exclusive (re not Xbox exclusive)), a Metroidvania emotional platformer, an online pirates pvevp game, a cross play fighting game, an isometric rpg in wasteland 3, pyschonauts (again I know it’s not exclusive), and a basebuilding zombie game. None of it screams “must play” - even as a hardcore Xbox guy - but all of it together screams “must subscribe” to me, considering the cadence these come out.


Oct 26, 2017
Pretty sure that any game which were going to be Xbox Series X exclusive would be stated as such as soon as we heard about it.


Oh well, what the hell?
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Oct 25, 2017
Ed has not been verified and we have no idea if his information is good or not. Given this seems to be an endrun around that, we are locking the thread.
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