Rumour - Nintendo Italy: Paid Nintendo Switch Online Service Delayed To Fall 2018

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Kolx, Dec 25, 2017.

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  1. Kolx

    Kolx Member Original Poster

  2. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief User has requested a four week self ban. Member

    It was supposed to only launch in North America to begin with, if I’m not wrong, so this might not necessarily be news.
  3. Revolsin

    Revolsin Member

    Let's just keep delaying it till like 2023 so we're at Switch 2.
  4. Xharos

    Xharos Member

  5. Escalario

    Escalario Member

    FYI the spanish website has a generic 2018 date, so it's a possible screw up on Nintendo Italy's part.
  6. purseowner

    purseowner Member

    The Switch Online service is the new Zelda game, clearly.
  7. Oregano

    Oregano Member

    Good, more time to reconsider the stupid parts of it before asking for money.
  8. Kaironaut

    Kaironaut Member

    Hopefully it means a substantial Switch update to include party chat, messaging, and game invites at the system level.

    But who am I kidding. Nintendo won't do it, and there will be people proclaiming from the heavens that they don't want those features because they don't use them.
  9. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts Member

    If it isn’t a screw up from the site then good, I’m not paying for this. Right now it’s needs a lot of improvement.
  10. Kolx

    Kolx Member Original Poster

    That's why I made sure to add Nintendo Italy to the title and to add the last part in the op.
  11. #11
    which means the classic games collection is delayed, too

  12. VariantX

    VariantX Member

    One of the few times Nintendo delays something, and people are almost unanimously happy about it.
  13. Abriael

    Abriael Member

    Pretty amazed that the article takes a mention on a country-specific website (while all other websites don't have that mention) and sells it as factual delay (wording it like it was official) without doing any verification or even mentioning the possibility of a mistake.

    I've seen it as well and reached out to Nintendo Italy for a clarification. Doubt they're gonna respond very soon tho, they all have an OOO notice. I would definitely not consider it an official delay, for now, tho.
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    What? Oh well, just a couple more weeks before the Direct to clarify things.
  15. Magwik

    Magwik Member

    I dunno them delaying it due to the reaction to the phone apps seems like a safe bet.
  16. Ryengeku

    Ryengeku Member

    indefinitely delay it. Please & Thank you
  17. Nintenleo

    Nintenleo Member

    Basically Smash Bros confirmed for Fall 2018

    ...or Pokémon? They need a big game to officially launch the service
  18. Lite_Agent

    Lite_Agent Member

    More like someone was sloppy and forgot to remove the "autumn" bit when changing the year to 2018 ;)
  19. Frankish

    Frankish Member

    Bad news, and disappointing, if true. But I'll wait for more official confirmation.
  20. Blackquill

    Blackquill Member

    Oh man I'm so sad, I waited this for so long !
  21. Ogodei

    Ogodei Member

    I wouldn't mind this at all if it was gating the Virtual Console away from us.

    I mean, if Nintendo needs to rebuild the features away from their crazy mobile app scheme, all the better, but give us our VC.
  22. Nintendojitsu

    Nintendojitsu Member

    I rather hear about this now than in the January event. Thanks Nintendo Italy!
  23. L.O.R.D

    L.O.R.D Member

    waiting for pokemon switch to make it paid i think?
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    Hopefully this means it has real improvements over what's there right now and not half-assed like literally every other attempt at online Nintendo has ever done.
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    That sounds like music to my ears.
    I guess they will release it with a major online focused game?

    Personally they should keep it free imo. The Switch is doing pretty well anyway and not every console needs paid online especially not a Nintendo one with their online history so far.

    It would also be a great sellin point.
  26. mrmickfran

    mrmickfran Member

    Just delay it indefinitely.
  27. Abriael

    Abriael Member

    This is quite possible.
  28. Mecha Suplex

    Mecha Suplex Member

    I don't really understand how they're gonna weather asking people to pay money for access to online after they've been conditioned to having it for free for a year and a half.
  29. NinjaCoachZ

    NinjaCoachZ Member

    I'm not taking this too hard at face value since A) It's only on Nintendo Italy's site B) It could easily just be a leftover from when it was planned for Fall 2017, and subjective C) Next fall is waaaaaay too late to launch paid online without getting some form of backlash. Not to mention it was always just "2018" so Fall wouldn't technically be a delay even if it is true. It's not great of WCCF to treat this as more than just a rumour. I guess all we can do is wait for the January direct.
  30. Stealth

    Stealth Banned Member

    I will wait for an official announcement in more substantial territories.
  31. Kokonoe

    Kokonoe Member

    The big thing here is this. I really hope this is just false information cause this is legit terrible news.
  32. V0ltg

    V0ltg Member

    Lmao, this sounds plausible.
  33. Jon Carter

    Jon Carter Member

    Delay it until forever at this point. It’s stupid.
  34. Stealth

    Stealth Banned Member

    Oh, so it was not actually delayed. We only ever got an official date of 2018.
  35. Mega Man Zero

    Mega Man Zero Member

    I'm not putting too much faith into anything Nintendo of Italy's website says.
  36. Floex

    Floex Member

    Waiting for what exactly? We can play online now and barely know what they are going to include.
  37. dreamlongdead

    dreamlongdead Member

    If the subscription truly turns out to be $20 a year, then most people will be OK with paying that. It's hardly breaking the bank, especially considering all the Switch owners (and gamers, in general) who spend so much money on games that they never end up playing anyway.
  38. Pif

    Pif Banned Member

    Me not paying for a ridiculous app in my phone just gets delayed until fall 2018 then.
  39. Kokonoe

    Kokonoe Member

    Virtual Console and people are hoping for the basics that other systems have like text based messaging and even more unlikely, voice chat via the system itself without an app.
  40. Stealth

    Stealth Banned Member

    As many people have correctly said on Twitter, the service was not delayed. Nintendo Japan only ever gave a 2018 release date. If anything they narrowed down the time.
  41. SatoAilDarko

    SatoAilDarko Member

    Right before Smash 5 in October/November.
  42. Yoshimitsu126

    Yoshimitsu126 Member

    Online - Nintendo's immortal enemy.
  43. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    If true this is GREAT news. It means Nintendo is taking this serious and wants to get it right. And we we get more free online.
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    Yeah, I'm going to guess it launches with an unannounced marquee title that requires it, maybe even first year included with it for free, as per Nintendo custom. Probably talked about at the January Direct.
  45. phanphare

    phanphare Member

    smash delayed until fall 2018

    they probably decided along the way to just go ahead and make a sequel
  46. Yukinari

    Yukinari Member

    Hoping they explain the service in the january direct cause im getting tired of hearing nothing about it.
  47. Reki

    Reki Member

    This is far from a solid source (someone could've made a mistake somewhere) but amazing if true. Hoping they delay it until Switch 2 or better yet, cancel it.

    Pokémon could make a lot of players pay for online, though.
  48. V0ltg

    V0ltg Member

  49. Codeblue

    Codeblue Member

    The bigger the userbase gets the more good will they're going to lose when they start charging.
  50. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    So maybe Smash will launch in the fall/holiday with the online. That makes me believe it’s Smash 5 or close to it.
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