[Rumour] Sumo Digital 2017 Presentation Slides Leak

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dr. Caroll, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Dr. Caroll

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    A month or so ago I was going my usual thing -- obsessively googling for leaks regarding Dambuster Studios' next game. I stumbled across this link, which has since been taken down. But before it was taken down, I screencapped the individual slides.


    Browne Jacobson are a British law firm. I'm not really sure why they were hosting the presentation slides of a British games company on Slideshare.

    I think the most pertinent slide is "In development..." It's all very vague, but we can at least ascertain that Sumo Digital are working on a new Karting game. But the other projects are difficult to parse. Two FPS games? One is probably Dead Island 2, but Crackdown 3 is not an FPS.

    A backup gallery of all slides here:
  2. sibarraz

    sibarraz Member

    Does Sonic fit in that kart game description? I know that is an global ip, but I don't understand the original development
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    Sonic Kart 2?
  4. Bandage

    Bandage Member

    "FPS development"

  5. RabbidPeach

    RabbidPeach Banned Member

    Please just make Sonic All-Star Racing 3.

    Transformed was better than MK8.
  6. valinthyne

    valinthyne Member

    Major unannounced partner? I don't see Nintendo on that slide. FPS? Established IP?
    Prime 4, is that you?
  7. Zukkoyaki

    Zukkoyaki Member

    Sounds like Dead Island 2, a new Sonic racer and something else in development at the Nottingham studio.
  8. Tribal_Cult

    Tribal_Cult Member

    Sonic Racing 3 FUCK YES

    May that unannounced partner with an established global IP be Prime 4?
  9. Krejlooc

    Krejlooc Dreamcast Porno Party Member


    OMFG this better be Sega All-Stars Racing 3.

    please please please please please be Sega All-Stars racing 3. Return of the king. Those Mario Kart fans have been too vocal since MK8.
  10. TubaZef

    TubaZef Member

    Looks like something they would show to potential clients.

    So... pretty much confirms a new SEGA & Sonic All Stars Racer.
  11. Krejlooc

    Krejlooc Dreamcast Porno Party Member

    Although, tbh, I'd love it if they ever actually did their power-stone inspired Sega cross-over fighting game they talked about wanting to do. They even specifically said "power-stone inspired."

  12. Pein

    Pein Member

    It’s either sonic or crash ctr
  13. Mr-Joker

    Mr-Joker Member

    Yeah boy, Sumo Digital could be making another Sonic and Sega racing game.
  14. Ingueferroque

    Ingueferroque Member

    A new Sega All-Stars Racing is huge.
  15. Poimandres

    Poimandres Member

    They don't have Nintendo listed as a partner, though. I really wonder what that could be... my pie on the sky idea? Perfect Dark. Pretty solid data mined rumour that is happening right?

    Also yes the kart racer must be Sonic. The previous game did pretty well, so I'm just surprised we didn't see it sooner.
  16. justiceiro

    justiceiro Member

    We discovered prime 4 developer
  17. BlandrewYT

    BlandrewYT Member

    New Karting game? For the love of God, PUH-LEASE BE Sonic Racing 3! It's been 5 long years since Transformed, and still holds the crown as best kart racing game ever.
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    Obviously the Karting game is either Unkarted or Crash Team Racing.
  19. Dr. Caroll

    Dr. Caroll Member Original Poster

    The Nottingham Studio is interesting because, obviously, Karl Hilton worked on GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, and TimeSplitters. There's no evidence either way, but they're a potential candidate for "Who is making the rumoured new Perfect Dark?" question. They're also in the same city as Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, interestingly.
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    Is the Nottingham studio Free Radical? I thought they became Dambuster under Deep Silver, unless this is the Playtonic Games of Free Radical/Dambuster?
  21. Weiss

    Weiss Member

    Oh my god if it's Sonic All Stars Racing 3 I will die.

    Please have Kyle, Edge or Orta playable.
  22. JINX

    JINX Member

    Karl Hilton known for PD, Nottingham studios with a fps development from console to pc. Multi-collaboration partner, could this be who MS has working on the rumoured PD game?
  23. Tribal_Cult

    Tribal_Cult Member

    I just realized Nintendo isn't listed on the partner side. So weird, Sonic Racing sold tons more on Wii U than PS4...
  24. 1000% H

    1000% H Member

    Gimme dat Sonic racing.
  25. sinonobu

    sinonobu Member

    Another Sega All-Stars Racing would be nice.
  26. Seven Force

    Seven Force Member

    Hope the kart game is Sonic All-Stars 3.
  27. Zukkoyaki

    Zukkoyaki Member

    I'll allow it!
  28. Kasey

    Kasey Member

    I believe it means it's a new title developed primarily by Sumo and not a port or support work.
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    Sonic Racing has got to be the racer. For the FPS... Perfect Dark?
  30. funky

    funky Member

    Partner = Publishers of their old games.
  31. sibarraz

    sibarraz Member

    That the game sold more on wiiu doesn't mean that they are partners with Nintendo

    Sumo Digital has developed games that were published by both Sony and Microsoft, hence there addition to the partners side
  32. Falconbox

    Falconbox Member

    Well, Sumo did just do LBP3, so maybe a new LittleBigPlanet Karting?
  33. MrCafecito

    MrCafecito Member

    Nintendo is not in the "Our partners" slide but the Switch is there? Hmmmm
  34. Tribal_Cult

    Tribal_Cult Member

    Yes, but wouldn't this imply they're not putting their games on Nintendo consoles? Or just that Nintendo isn't publishing any of their games themselves only?

    Forget it, just saw the Switch is floating with the other consoles. Still weird imho
  35. PSqueak

    PSqueak Member

    Sequel to All stars Transformed?

    Yes please.
  36. DanteLinkX

    DanteLinkX Member

    Finally its time to split our time. -Time splitter main character.
  37. sibarraz

    sibarraz Member

    The later, I will even take a hot take and say that we will get a sequel to Sonic Racing Transformed thanks to the Switch
  38. ~Fake

    ~Fake Member

    Sonic All Star Racing 3?
    Its about god damn time.
  39. LukarWuff

    LukarWuff Member

    Sonic & All-Stars Racing 3 when?

    Seriously. I really hope that’s what it is, because I’ll be damned if Transformed isn’t one of the best kart racers out there. I’m sure the game will be good even if it’s for a different IP, but still.
  40. Tsukinopio

    Tsukinopio Banned Member

    Maybe they are working on Diddy Kong Racing 2. David Wise composed the soundtrack for Snake Pass, after all. If anybody can make a proper sequel to the original, it's them.
  41. Poimandres

    Poimandres Member

    The game never launched on PS4 :)
  42. Mr. Tibbs

    Mr. Tibbs Member

    Dambusters studio director, Hasit Zala, left in September 2016 for a company called Double11. Dambusters have a few positions open, including a senior online services engineer to work on a "sandbox AAA title for next generation hardware," specifically with UE4 experience.
  43. sibarraz

    sibarraz Member

    I hope than if they are truly making SART 2, we could have some parity between all the versions. It sucks that only the PC versión was supported till the end, there is no reason than the consoles versions didn't get any of the extra characters
  44. Damn Silly

    Damn Silly Member

    Like pretty much everyone, I'd be very much down for a Sonic and All Stars Racing 3
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    Don't you know, we really have to go, to the place where you can feel my heart just race
  46. PSqueak

    PSqueak Member

    Second best outcome, but i still hope it's a sequel to the sega one.

    Or hopefully finally they convinced nintendo to make "Mario & Sonic Super Star Racing" for some nmario kart/nintendo crossover kart action.
  47. Tsukinopio

    Tsukinopio Banned Member

    I'd prefer Diddy Kong, but a third Sonic Racing game would be nice too. Transformed is one of my favorite kart racers of all-time. Maybe they can actually get the rights to ToeJam & Earl this time.
  48. Nakenorm

    Nakenorm Member

    Sonic racing 3? That would be nice, really enjoyed Transformed. But I'll continue to hope for Playstation All-Stars Grand Prix.
    "established IP" sighs..
  49. Krejlooc

    Krejlooc Dreamcast Porno Party Member

    If they do All-Stars Racing 3, they better get Toejam & Earl in it, especially with the new game coming out.
  50. Platy

    Platy Member

    Sonic Transformed or not, it is always nice to see more kart games.

    ... unless it is a simulator =P