1. Gowans

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    This was tweeted from a visitor at Rares HQ today.
  2. Lappe

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    Sea Of Thieves is gonna be big for Microsoft, and in all honesty the game is pure fun in every way possible.

    I love it.
  3. jem


    Average of over 6 hours played per person.

    Not bad for a beta with no content.
  4. DrDeckard


    SO excited for this, the Beta was really great fun! boil that sea water down becuase I think there will be a lot of salt generated over this game, and I'm just talking about angry players getting their chests stolen from my crew!
  5. MouldyK


    I don’t care what anyone says...

    ...the Beta was the first time I’ve liked using Mic (and text chat) in a game since the Rainbow Six Vegas Terrorist Hunt Days!

    So many memorable stories with Randoms while we were just “Gold Digging”.
  6. Gowans

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    I was super surprised by the beta and the reception, i thought it was a total risk but man the sandbox is so much fun.

    It's gona be a long two months to the game, it's a really interesting approach too, a level playing field, not overly gamified with menus and meters.

    Can't wait to play, all my crew are game passing up to play it.
  7. AnchormanV2


    The beta was that kind of MP experience that made you beg for more. I played Monster Hunter over the weekend and all I could think about what that Sea of Thieves beta
  8. FairyEmpire


    The beta was really fun, and the hype seems all over the place between Twitch, Mixer, forums, etc.. With the Game Pass inclusion, a healthy playerbase is practically guaranteed, and if Rare keeps the content coming for years it could be one of those "everlasting" games, not unlike Minecraft or Rocket League - mind you, not as big, but similarly easy to just jump back to from time to time. Great game and great to see something so different work so well, looking forward to release date.
  9. Rodelero


    Quite interesting that the sloop is substantially more popular than the galleon. Also quite interesting to see that the player count is fairly low relative to the stratospheric numbers on Twitch. It suggests there's a lot of people still out there, excited for the game, but that haven't played it. Lots of room to grow :)
  10. FairyEmpire


    It was a closed beta after all. A lot of people got invited, plus pre-orders, Game Pass, contests, etc., but not everyone could check it out on their own - and, of course, not everyone owns an Xbox or PC. But the numbers are crazy huge to be fair, not that Sea Of Thieves will sell consoles like Halo 3 back then, but I can see a lot of people willing to shell out 200$ or so to get a cheap S to get sailin' and lootin'.
  11. Sikamikanico


    Best thing I've played in years. Just fun through and through.

    March 20th is SO FAR AWAY IT HURTS.
  12. Hagi


    Hopefully there’s an open beta because I’d quite like to try it on PC. Watching the twitch streams made it seem like a lot of fun, especially if I can get a few people to crew with.
  13. Camjo-Z


    I pretty much never use a mic in online games but Sea of Thieves is the one exception. People without mics kind of ruin the experience TBH, in my adventures as a friendly pirate I noticed that people without mics would almost always kill me on sight whereas people with them would generally be open to teaming up.

    dude tell me about it

    if I didn't have monster hunter world right now I'd seriously be investing in cryogenically freezing myself
  14. Dunlop


    This is the only have that makes me regret getting rid of my xb1

    ... Unless Sunset Overdrive 2 is announced.

    Glad to hear the game seems great
  15. Hoshigumi


    So excited to play this! C'mon release date.
  16. CalamityPixel


    Wonder if an Open Beta could crack a million. Anyway, it's a good early sign that they may do all right in terms of sales.
  17. Grailly



    I loved playing the game with a group of friends, but really didn't get into watching it on Twitch. I found it very boring to watch, even though it was quite popular there. Am I the only one to think this?
  18. Sikamikanico


    The closed beta client had an 8GB update today - likely for ongoing pioneer testing sessions (I don't have access) but perhaps they are priming it for an open beta?

    Would be nice!
  19. Rocketz


    Always enjoy these types of numbers after a beta. It always interesting to see what stands out.
  20. Skronk


    I'm sure I read that they were trying to get it to run on low spec PCs so that could be an option for you?
  21. FairyEmpire


    Tbh it's the kind of social game that mostly makes sense to play, not to watch, given you're not really exploring stories but you're building your own. You go around with your crew, loot, fight, drink, explore... unless there's a crazy entertaining streamer, or some very specific activity like roleplaying, I don't think it's particularly exciting to watch. Then again, a lot of people did just that, so I guess there's something people love to see?

    It's probably the incredible waves.
  22. BBQ_of_DOOM


    Well done. I think it’s going to be a big game, albeit maybe not immediately.
  23. Maybe because of closed beta, but not even 1 mil players for a beta? I don't know it sounds good or ...


    You expected a million players on a closed beta?
  25. Ikuu


    Can't wait for for ERA to downplay this games success like they did with PUBG lol.
  26. lsarmiliato


    It's a $60 game, multiplayer, available only on computers with Windows 10 or on Xbox One. It's pretty good.
  27. Klobrille


    Yay! So happy for Rare!
  28. op_ivy


    nice ststs! what is CCU?
  29. DirtyDeeds


    Very nice, cant wait til March. Im glad Rare is back in the spotlight with a big hit!
  30. Doffen


    Had a lot of fun with the beta. Can't wait for the release!
  31. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder

    I don't have a crew of friends to play this with, so watching streams of personalities like polygon, giant bomb, or even some twitch people mess around was neat.
  32. AGrizzlyBear


    Concurrent users.
  33. walriii314


    Very happy for Rare, I hope this sells like gangbusters I will be there day one, can't wait for Jez article on the real game, he was so hyped on Twitter, he went from concerned about the content in the beta to a cheerleader over night after playing the full game with the other media... I'm stoked to try something different
  34. BraXzy


    I gave the beta a try but got bored quickly, what was there was cool but got old quickly for me. The foundation is solid though and the game is beautiful + the water tech is really cool.

    I hope the fully fleshed out game delivers.
  35. Grailly


    I feel like I would gladly watch an edited "top moments" video, but otherwise it's a lot of busy work if you are not playing. It could work for some passive stream watching, I guess
  36. That means you’d need to have over a million pre-orders and insiders. Highly unlikely for a non COD/ destiny battlefront type game and especially a new IP
  37. Xumbrega


    Can't wait for the full release, had a blast playing with one friend, once the game releases more 2 friends will jump in, this game will do gangbusters.
  38. Nice to see it doing decent during the closed beta and I'm really awaiting the release after the few hours I spent in their world.
  39. momshotdad


    Hell yes. Can't wait to play this with my crew.
  40. When I tried the alpha, the first thing I did after five minutes was to order an headphone with a mic. Haven't play with chat with randoms since forever.
  41. Dee Bill

    Dee Bill

    The game looks really good and I was skeptical at first but after seeing streamers playing the game, i want it now !!!

    The visuals are really beautiful too, i just want to explore this world so much...happy this kind of game is coming to Xbox One.
  42. Mindlog


    Yay, Rare! Always happy to read success stories.
  43. pswii60


    Not 'maybe' but 'absolutely' because of closed beta. And the game had no hype beforehand, nothing but negativity.

    Pleased to see such a fresh and unique game get such success at this stage. With inclusion on Game Pass it should be pretty huge.
  44. Judge

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    Not bad. Curious to see how it translates to the full game. Before the beta I didn’t think it had a chance to have an impact (was actually worried for Rares future), but after seeing the viewers on Twitch I’m a little more confident that the game will be well received.

    Sorry, saw one guy on twitter say that most people quit after an hour. Gona go with that.

    If you have a PC, even a “potato” PC you could still play it! Rare worked hard to make sure any PC (pending it’s on Win10) can play the game
  45. Skronk


    I only watched the Giant Bomb video and it really reminded me of No Man's Sky in that the player progression seemed really shallow. If they just put in some kind of leveling up system with skill trees for your character and give you XP for beating enemies, finding treasure and completing quests it would feel better for me.

    At least I'll probably be able to get my fill with a free trial of Game Pass.
  46. nib95


    314k players doesn't seem like a lot? For Honors closed Alpha had more than 6 million players, and Gran Turismo Sports closed Beta had over 1 million players. It will be interesting to see how it sells as it seems like there is definitely some interest there, but the scale and size of that interest is harder to gauge.
  47. Praxis


    Can't wait to play this game. It's even making me use the Microsoft store again, something I'm sure I will regret!
  48. KHlover

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    314k seems really, really low for a beta. Was it a limited beta?
  49. GTSweet


    There will not be skill trees and the leveling is purely faction based. It's just not that kind of game, they don't want barriers between you and friends or anything other than a natural skill gap between enemies.
  50. AntonioBanderasX1

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    Didn't you need a pre-order to get beta access? I didn't bother pre-ordering since the game pass news.