Sea of Thieves Open Beta |OT| We're gonna need a bigger boat

Discussion in 'Hangouts' started by Eorl, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Karateka

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    What people arent co sodering is that the game has a severe lack of enemy variety.

    If krakens arent actually even an enemy the only confirmed enemy types we have are shark skeleton and merman.
  2. JaggedSac

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    And people. People are the worst.
  3. Karateka

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    If the rumours are true there areonly at maximum 15 other people inthe entire sea so not really worth considering imo...
  4. blizzardjesus

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    There were paintings of people fighting giant crabs on caves and stone markers on a few islands.
  5. Crucible

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    Instead of enemy variety it seems they're going for different variety of a specific enemy. Which is Skeletons.

    The problem is Skeletons aren't very fun to fight. With Skeletons being the main enemy of the game, it certainly is a valid criticism. I would describe them more like mosquitoes, annoying pests that you kill thoughtlessly.

    Maybe different skeletons types will help, adding more skill oriented combat.
  6. JaggedSac

    JaggedSac Member

    I was just kidding. Running into other people will be the best.
  7. PositiveGamer

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    My SOT beta was just updated.

    Any news on that?
  8. Tawpgun

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    Hope they tightened up the combat
  9. Hexer

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    It's for the Pioneer Sessions. Only select few who have been in for really long time and played a lot get to play those. At least I'm pretty sure that's how they were selected. Lol
  10. AGrizzlyBear

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    It doesn't sound like you've played the game. The map size vs. number of people is perfect. There are enough encounters for people to considered a threat.

    I think most Pioneers were picked for providing feedback after Alpha sessions. I know a few people who didn't play a lot, but always made sure to give feedback.
  11. Tyvan

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    Can we expect news at midnight?
  12. Crucible

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    Is there going to be a SOT media blowout thread?
  13. Garrett 2U

    Garrett 2U Member

    Reminder that the embargo drops at 12 PST, just under 3 hours to go!

  14. Excited to see some more details in a few hours. Wonder if someone got an exclusive on footage?
  15. Karateka

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    You didnt understand my post and i played a lot. When doingsolo quest i basically never ran into any other ships the skeletons got old fast.
  16. Tyvan

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    Almost there!
  17. Theorry

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    Anyone making a thread?

    Edit: Will make one.
  18. Hexer

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    Only a few mins left now!!
  19. Garrett 2U

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  20. Trup1aya

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    They BETTER do fishing!

    The more the merrier IMO

    If you prefer to constantly run into other players, then this game isn’t for you.

    The server size is fine.
  21. Tawpgun

    Tawpgun Member

    All 4 articles are great. This game is gonna be amazing. My only concern now is opening few days servers.
  22. Trup1aya

    Trup1aya Member

    I’m all about that Kraken!

    It also sounds like they plan to add additional major threats over time- the perfect way to keep a guy like me coming back for more.

    At this point I’m just struggling to decide to buy or get gamepass...
  23. Aldi

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    Can't click the links as im at work.

    Has anything been confirmed about the rumored card game?
  24. Trup1aya

    Trup1aya Member

    I haven’t read any mention of that at all. They have talked about pets, Kraken’s, public Raids w/ hauls too big for a single crew to carry, and pirate hideouts for players who achieve Legend Status,
  25. Trup1aya

    Trup1aya Member

    Update on server size

  26. Pelochoman

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  27. Holy shit.
  28. GTSweet

    GTSweet Member

    Wow! Where'd you snag these?
  29. Dringus

    Dringus Member

    omg... i've been dying for stuff to leak on the kraken. this is pretty damn epic looking!
  30. JaggedSac

    JaggedSac Member

    That looks fun. Can't wait to be attacked by that thing, lol.
  31. m23

    m23 Member

    Wow at those pics.
  32. WCBB

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  33. Gowans

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    WOW! Meeting that for the first time will be amazing
  34. Dringus

    Dringus Member

    Now i want someone to dive underwater and snap some pics of what it looks like below
  35. op_ivy

    op_ivy Member

    Those are some big ass tentacles!
  36. Hoo-doo

    Hoo-doo Member

    Do the Kraken encounters play out the same every time?
  37. op_ivy

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  38. greatgeek

    greatgeek Member

    They'll probably be similar enough that they become familiar after awhile.

    Edit: Oh, and props to the NDA-breaker. But definitely don't leak anything else. Don't even think about it. Nobody wants more leaks.
  39. GTSweet

    GTSweet Member

    Agreed... I mean I'm not MAD at seeing the Kraken in an early version but... you did sign an NDA. Honor it.
  40. klaus

    klaus Member

    According to the design director they won't:
  41. Bits N Pieces

    Bits N Pieces Member

    I read a developer say that its similar to the Alien in Alien Isolation. Its always present in the world and doing its own thing (whatever a Kraken does) and when it does get to you it should play out differently each the time. It can even pick you up and dangle you above the boat and your fellow crew! They also said it would probably take a couple of boats to take one down / escape it.

  42. Sikamikanico

    Sikamikanico Member

    Those Kraken screenshots are freaking amazing. It's HUGE.
  43. LordBaztion

    LordBaztion Member

    Oh god, Kraken done right.
    Now it needs a Megalodón.
  44. XVerdena

    XVerdena Member

    Banjo confirmed btw

  45. GTSweet

    GTSweet Member

    How did I miss that! I've seen that screenshot a dozen times.
  46. Theorry

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    Never seen this one before.

  47. Pelochoman

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  48. XVerdena

    XVerdena Member

    Same, noticed it thanks to Reddit.
  50. DarthWalden

    DarthWalden Member

    That thing is massive, I wonder what that thing looks like underwater...

    The idea that there is a singular Kraken somewhere on that fairly large map waiting to pounce on you and your fellow pirates is incredibly cool.

    You could literally go weeks without seeing anything or even knowing this is in the game and BAM suddenly you see some ink in the water and eight giant fucking tentacles come out of the water and start banging on your ship.