Oct 25, 2017
Just read that Tim Eyman has switched from running as an Independent to a Republican. Good luck with that, Tim.


Editor @ Ars Technica
Nov 4, 2017
Seattle, WA
Signal boost time: Pink Gorilla's University District location was robbed last night. If you know anyone in local resale/pawn/forum circles, spread the word.

If you're unfamiliar, Pink Gorilla is one of the longest-running game resale shops in the area, and Cody and Kelsey bought the original owners out a few years ago to revamp the shop and keep it alive. They've been on a great streak in recent years.

There's no list of stolen goods yet, and it sounds like that part of the equation might've been mild. (They keep most of their stuff in a separate locked-up room in the back.) The shattered glass buffoonery, on the other hand, can get fucked. If you know anybody who might've been involved, snitch their dumb asses out to Seattle PD, please.


Oct 26, 2017
That sucks. I used to shop at the original location back when it was Pink Godzilla over a decade ago. I live pretty close to the one on the Ave but haven’t been in there since they got rid of the arcade. I should take my daughter there to support them. I hope they find the asshole(s) who did it.

Not very many resale and pawn shops around, I’m guessing they flip whatever they took online.