Sega AGES coming to Switch (by M2, eShop, 15+ classic titles starting this summer)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Hero of Legend, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Hero of Legend

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    There, NOW we have info! :P

    I assume this is both an Arcade Archives and a potential successor to the 3D Classics on 3DS.


    Current game list:

    - Sonic the Hedgehog
    - Thunder Force IV
    - Phantasy Star
    - Alex the Kidd in Miracle World
    - Gain Ground


  2. BassForever

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    So is this master system games? Or is this a mix of master system and genesis?
  3. ned_ballad

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    I wonder if they’ll pull a miracle and get Sonic 3+K on there

    Probably not, but I can dream of a time when I have Sonic 1, 2, 3K and Mania on the same console
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    The M2 ports are fine, but the taxman Sonic ports are the best versions.
    Have sonic 2 on my 3DS from M2 and it’s solid but I need my wide screen
  5. Aaron

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    M2 is good but for the love of christ can't they just make the Taxman version of Sonic 1 the default going forward? Ridiculous that there's no "definitive" version of that game yet.
  6. Gradon

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    When third parties are giving us more virtual console content than Nintendo.

    Just give me Sonic 3 this time SEGA for gods sake :(
  7. Megatron

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    I still need to know the price and what fifteen games, but I am almost certainly in.
  8. goldenpp73

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    So other consoles get a 50 game pack and Switch gets this?
  9. StallionDan

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    This not the "Huge" thing, right?
  10. Vic

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    I so wanted those games on the 3DS. Will get them on the Switch. I believe Outrun was part of the AGES line? I sure hope I'm right!
  11. IrishNinja

    IrishNinja Member

    in for Lightening Force again, wish we had more names here
    also really hoping for M2 arcade ports
  12. OrbitalBeard

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    This is by M2. Trust me, the tradeoff is more than worth it.
  13. Weiss

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    Quietly hoping for Panzer Dragoon and S3&K.

    This thread has actual info.
  14. Zippo

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    Was just announced for Switch. 15 titles, Sonic 1, Phantasy Star and Thunder Force 4 were the only games announced. This doesn't seem to be a collection, by the wording. No word on a physical release either. Summer release. M2 developing.

    Thunder Force 4 will be playable at the SEGA FES this weekend.

    No screenshots or footage, sadly.
  15. Megatron

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    Well, there's that plus shenmue 1/2 hd, plus the sega mini. Take your pick.
  16. Hero of Legend

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  17. Cantaim

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    Oh I’m in the sega classic collections on the 3ds were amazing
  18. Aaron

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    Yeah all the games are likely to have significantly better emulation and extra features to make it worthwhile. M2 does awesome work.
  19. Lynd

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    Yeah I'd rather M2 ports that cost more than whatever versions are being done for that collection.
  20. Monty Mole

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    But what about Virtual Console?
  21. MajorBritten

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    So basically ports of all the M2 Sega 3D Classics on the switch. Kind of baffling that Sega are doing this and releasing the mega drive collection on the other platforms at around the same time, switch owners will likely complain about getting ripped off even though the M2 versions will be the best ones. To be honest Id rather Sega released the Mega Drive collection on switch and had M2 port over some arcade, Saturn or Dreamcast remasters which haven't been done yet rather than releasing yet another version of Sonic the Hedgehog which has been done a hundred times,
  22. Ex-Psych

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  23. Mandos

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    Hopefully it has a platform style setup(free download, stuff is dlc) like pinball arcade than all separate like arcade archives. It’s m2 so totally worth it though. Hopefully gunstar heroes or guardian heroes comes
  24. Mr-Joker

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    Am I really going to buy Sonic 1 and 2 again? Hmmm my brain says no but my heart is saying SCRAP BRAIN ZONE MUSIC!!!!! With my brain going -_-;

    Don't think it's happening and instead we are getting repackaged retro games with new features rather than basic rom dumps.
  25. RecRoulette

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    M2's 3DS classics were one of my favorite things on the 3DS. Glad they're on board for this. I'll buy every single one, anything to support M2
  26. Forkball

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    Looking forward to paying $8 for Sonic the Hedgehog 1.

    I hope they go outside of the Genesis sphere.

    Also Virtual Console dreams crumbling...
  27. Astrogamer

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    Thunder Force IV is a genesis game so, it's likely a mix. Hoping we will get some of their arcade titles from that era too like the 3D Classics
  28. OrbitalBeard

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    With titles like this, the Mega Man Legacy Collections, and that SNK Anniversary compilation coming this fall, I genuinely don't believe Virtual Console is gong to be a thing on Switch. We'll see lots of retro titles brought over by the publishers themselves and Nintendo will likely start releasing some of their classic titles on the platform at some point, but an actual "Virtual Console"-type umbrella service doesn't seem likely at this point.... but who knows
  29. StallionDan

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    Wait Shenmue hd was confirmed?
  30. Chalfonts

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    Hard pass

    Sega are one of the worst publishers on the switch. I'm not paying stupid prices for some mega drive roms
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    Outrun plz.
  32. Tain

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    This is a big fuckin deal and if it's half as good as the magical PS2 line, whoooo boy
  33. Opa-Pa

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  34. Toth

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    Is this the updated Phantasy Star? I don’t think we have gotten that west yet.
  35. Aaron

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    If they mean the original Phantasy Star, that's Master System.

    Also, Sega didn't get in on Wii U Virtual Console so them doing their own thing probably doesn't have much to do with whether Nintendo does a Virtual Console.
  36. Mr-Joker

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    Yeah for PS4/Xbone and PC.
  37. VeePs

    VeePs Self Requested Ban Member

    This. Can we please petition Sega to get a Taxman release?
  38. Cybersai

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    These games have been on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console for nearly a decade, it's hard to get excited again
  39. Shadio

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    I'd much rather have this than the collection we're getting on PS4. Seems like it has more room to grow, whereas the collection is pretty much a one and done deal.

    But I can live with it, as long as these aren't the Taxman Sonics.
  40. Seven Force

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    Another Sega Ages line, another opportunity for Revenge of Death Adder to get passed up. Again.

    Good to see M2 working on these, but I really, really don't see myself buying any version of Sonic 1 or 2 that aren't the Taxman versions at this point. Thunder Force IV is nice, though. Glad to see them using that Technosoft catalog now.
  41. Rainrir

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    Please Sega, Sega Ages Dragon Force kktks.
  42. Megatron

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  43. Novel Mike

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  44. Neptonic

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    M2 is doing the collection so it'll be good
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    Immediately jealous of Thunder Force.
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    Yeah, I think I'll keep my money Sega. I can tell this won't be any of their Saturn or Dreamcast stuff. Just the same 2D games rereleased over and over. Hopefully I'm proven wrong (I'd love to be)
  47. batfax

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    In for Phantasy Star. I'll get it on Japanese eShop if I have to.
  48. Aftermath

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    This is exactly what I hoped Nintendo would do despite having the Nes/Snes Mini out

    A Small collection of games maybe the same or a few different all on the Switch, exactly how sega has done

    At this rate for the Switch we have

    All the NEO Geo Stuff
    A few Arcade Classics
    A Few Claasic Capcom games (megaman/Streetfighter)
    SNK Collection

    And yet lacking in official 1st party Nintendo classics
  49. Mega Man Zero

    Mega Man Zero Member

    In M2 I trust.
  50. SharpX68K

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    I wish Thunder Force IV had been a 3D Classic on 3DS. Japan got 3D Thunder Force III, and we didn't. Ah well.
  51. preta

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    Immediately in for Thunder Force IV.
  52. sdp

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    Yet another confirmation that the VC isn't happening.
  53. Opa-Pa

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    By the wording I assumed these would be per-series collections like the ones M2 did for PS2, but looks like it'll be the Switch equivalent of Sega 3D classics instead, hmm...

    A bit disappointing but I'll probably get them all anyway lol. Here's hoping Fantasy Zone is there again!
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    Hope with the Switch having beefier hardware than the 3DS they dip into more recent, 3D titles. Iirc they wanted to port games like Virtua Racer but system specs were a concern.