SEGA Ages could be expanded to Saturn and Dreamcast following the initial wave

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Jonneh, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Jonneh

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    Figured new thread for new news:

    More details from the article:
  2. bangai-o

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    How big is their team? I have always imagined them as like 7 people and a company dog or cat.
  3. PositiveGamer

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    With 2 Rats.
  4. Mandos

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    Didn’t they make similar promises for certain arcade games during 3D classics that they did go through with? Also I doubt they’d be entertaining the thought unless they thought they could do it and are just waiting for the green light

    Also my most wanted first 2 Saturn games that are also the rarest and most demanded first party ones: panzer dragoon saga and burning rangers
  5. Nerdkiller

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    If so, please include the online enabled Dreamcast games. I know at least one example that would be perfect for Switch.
  6. Chackan

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    Would buy EVERY Sega Ages that comes out in Europe, following that twitter, if that is true.
  7. Dark Cloud

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    Does this mean it’ll be on #perfect4Switch?
  8. Josh5890

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    Crazy Taxi on my Switch? Yes Please!
  9. Maligna

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    Phantasy Star Online with working servers please! I will buy a Switch so fast!
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    Will be interested when/if we start getting 3D games.
  11. Jonneh

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    Skies of Arcadia on my Switch? Yes please!
  12. butzopower

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    Ooga Booga, obviously.
  13. Nerdkiller

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    Yeah, let's go with that.
  14. Wander

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  15. Kouriozan

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    Oh shit, I will lose my sanity if Space Channel 5 part 1 & 2 get released on Switch.
    And of course, CHUCHU ROCKET!
  16. 2Blackcats

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    Is this the same claim they made a while ago or a different initiative.

    They said they were potentially going to expand the mobile ports they were making to include saturn and Dreamcast games and bring them to home console too.

    It's hardly 2 teams doing the same thing?
  17. Spine Crawler

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    Saturn games on switch would be incredible. the legend of oasis please
  18. butzopower

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    So what do you think is perfect online for Switch then? Why leave us hanging...?
  19. raketenrolf

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    I now Power Stone is by Capcom and Soul Calibur is by Namco but we need it.
  20. wrowa

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    Are there any rights issue (that we know of) that would prevent Panzer Dragoon Saga from happening? That’s the one Sega game I desperately want to see re-released.
  21. Arthands

    Arthands Member

    Is Sega Age an on-going initiative that will last a long time, or just something that will stop after a year or something?
  22. liquidtmd

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    Hopes: panzer dragoon saga, burning rangers, crazy taxi DC, POWER STONE...

    reality: bug! Then Sega announce no more due to lack of interest
  23. batfax

    batfax Member

    Oh, sweet. Rieko's on it. Guess I don't have to hope for Phantasy Star since that's already confirmed, but c'mon Skies of Arcadia.
  24. Jonneh

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    Depends on whether we buy the first 15 or not
  25. Seven Force

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    Not rights, but Sega lost the source code years ago.

    It's a re-release/port/remake line that's been used intermittently since the Saturn era.

    How long this one lasts depends on how successful it is, I imagine.
  26. Miles

    Miles Member

    ...Skies of Arcadia for Switch?

    No, I must not give in to the blind hype!
  27. nded

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    You talk to Capcom about that.

    Sega's been doing these on and off since 1996.
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    Thank God because the Saturn is the best console that is the most under-served in the retro re-release market.

    There are games like Burning Rangers that no one's really played that are fucking awesome and that deserve more love. Or even some of the more common stuff out there that you can find in a retro shop like Fighters Megamix, which is still my favorite 3D fighting game of all time needs badly to be re-released. Fighting Vipers. Last Bronx. Shining Force III. Panzer Dragoon Zwei. Mr. Bones.

    OK HAHA NOT THAT LAST ONE REALLY, but you get it.
  29. wrowa

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    Sega’s Japanese and western arms work in mysterious ways. Just look at how they handle retro games in general: You’ve got the Genesis Collection on PS4/XBO/PC (Sega “West”) and this Sega Ages initiative (Japan) on Switch. Both by two entirely different developers with different feature sets and different release strategies.

    The Sega Forever initiative on mobile (that’s what you referring to) is just another thing to add to that.
  30. heavy liquid

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    Same. I don’t want to get my hopes up after so long, but it would be incredible to get these.
  31. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    Is this Ages thing for the Switch only or PC and consoles too?
  32. Jumpman23

    Jumpman23 Member

    Clockwork Knight, Powerstone, Crazy Taxi, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Daytona, Virtua Fighter, Fighters Megamix, Shenmue....on the go? HOLY SHIT!?!?!?
  33. Jon Carter

    Jon Carter Member

    I don’t care about that initial wave, I want the 3D games. PowerStone and Jet Set Radio please.
  34. wrowa

    wrowa Member

    Yeah, but that shouldn’t matter much when talking about emulation.

    Or are the Sega Ages games supposed to be actual ports?
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    I forgot about Clockwork Knight. The opening song to Clockwork Knight 2 is still one of my favorite little songs in a video game ever, actually.

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    No interest in Nintendo I'd prefer a Dreamcast mini with a functional free online Service. Include Online MP modes into games that didn't originally have them (Soul Calibur,Vigilante V8,Worms, Powerstone...)
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    Honestly though,if you want SoA, you probably are better off hoping for GameCube support and the legends version.

    Lol. Console manufacturers make orders of magnitude more money than these ever will and even they won't do free online anymore. There's zero chance of that happening.
  38. pswii60

    pswii60 Member

    Are these just the original games emulated, or do they have some enhancements of some kind like the 3D classics?
  39. RedAhmed

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    As someone who has never owned a Sega console, I'm very excited to see what will come to Switch. I'm not familiar with these games, so I'm curious to see how good they are compared to today's standards.
  40. Crisium

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    Saturn ports, please.
  41. Emka

    Emka Member

    Power Stone is a Capcom game.
  42. flattie

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    Sounds like you're talking about the Sega Forever programme. No idea how that ties in (if at all) with these Ages projects.
  43. Ladioss

    Ladioss Member

    Holy God. The Saturn is shock full of great games nobody had the chance to play.
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    Hoping for Astal, Guardian Heroes, Fighters Megamix.

    Would rather have arcade ports of the Model 2 games though.
  45. Grapezard

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    Portable chao garden. The dream.
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    Ports of SEGA AGES 2500 (PS2)?
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    I'd kill for Daytona, Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon Saga.
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    Yo, I want those Saturn and DC games ! I would be more interested in those actually :P
  49. Nerdkiller

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    Perfect for local and online.
  50. Akumatica

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    "Rieko Kodama is a producer on the new Sega Ages project..."
    Magic Knight Rayearth please, even if has to be relocalized.