SEGA Ages could be expanded to Saturn and Dreamcast following the initial wave

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Jonneh, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Brazil

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    SEGA has said this for every single anthology effort they've come up with in the past decade or so.

    They said the exact same thing when they started talking to the press about Sega Forever, and that one still hasn't gone past Mega Drive, as always.

    Edit: Well, I guess there was Crazy Taxi.
  2. Matthaeus

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    That would be something. I never owned a SEGA console but there have been no shortage of Genesis collections and I would like to play some of their later games.
  3. Ogodei

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    The time has come for *good* Saturn ports. There were only ever the Sega PC versions (like what appeared of Sonic R in Sonic Gems Collection), or some iffy one-offs like NiGHTS on PC and the 7th-gen consoles, or the Genesis versions (Sonic 3D Blast in Sonic Mega Collection).

    But the issue is demand, so it does really come down to how well the first wave sells because if they can't get Genesis/Master System off the ground, then nothing will come of it.
  4. Willenium

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    lol, i wouldn't mind this.
  5. 2Blackcats

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    Thanks for the clarification. Doesn’t seem very efficient but maybe there's other advantages that aren't readily apparent.
  6. Slam Tilt

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    Hamster’s Neo*Geo releases say “come on in, the water’s fine!”
    Switch only, I believe.
  7. Jon Carter

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    Are those for SEGA-made games only? Boo.
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    Jet Set Radio, House of the Dead Collection, Crazy Taxi Collection, Skies of Arcadia please!
  9. Ingueferroque

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    House of the Dead makes so much sense to me on Switch. Too much sense.

    I don't think we've ever had an arcade perfect home release of House of the Dead 1, either. The Saturn effort was good, but not arcade quality!
  10. Pmichael

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    For me more importantly would be not to ignore their rich arcade portfolio.
  11. Heartskips

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    People, this isn't any kind of confirmation. It's a personal wish that a videogame developer has, they have 15 MD/Arcade games to develop yet and they don't know how to emulate Saturn/DC. Don't expect this anytime soon if it's going to happen.

    This too.
  12. Crisium

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    This is a surprisingly good game. I'd get a port for sure.
  13. Richter1887

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  14. ReyVGM

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    See a lot of peeps here saying "sega should release this" or "sega should release that", but you are all just talking into a vacuum. You want Sega to know what you think? Tweet them. Post on their Facebook page. Post anywhere where Sega has an online presence. That's how they listen.


    Copy/paste the following messages:
    Sega Please release a Sega Ages Nights for the Switch.
    Sega Please release a Sega Ages Panzer Dragoon for the Switch.
    Sega Please release a Sega Ages Shining Force 3 for the Switch.

    Template to make your own message:
    Sega Please release a Sega Ages _______ for the Switch.
  15. jRPG

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    I really hope so, especially with regards to the Saturn. I was a teenager, and pretty much had to make a choice, and I didn't pick the Saturn, unsurprisingly. It's been woefully under represented in terms of remasters, ports, emulation, etc, there's a wealth of games I want to try. I own a Dreamcast, and have a lovely library of games for it, but I can't be bothered to dig it out of the loft, figure out how to connect it a modern TV without it looking hideous. Sega is sitting on money, and they need to figure out the logistics of taking advantage of their back-catalogue. I'd love to play some of these old games again, and some for the first time. Not even the highly regarded stuff, I'd love to give something like Blue Stinger a revised look.
  16. the androgyne

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    I love the Saturn but it's an odd choice for emulation. Apart from a few obvious ones like Nights, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Burning Rangers... Most of the worthwhile Sega games were arcade ports severely limited by the hardware that noone would want to play over the Model 2 versions. Can i look forward to playing the Saturn port of Daytona over the ps360 one? Tho i dont really want it at all without analog buttons. The same can be said of the Dreamcast Model 3 ports as well.

    Then you have something like Sega Rally which was much better on Saturn than the arcade thanks to it's home-only additions, albeit much less impressive graphically. What you'd want is the home additions ported into the arcade game.

    I think thats why there's been so few ports of actual Saturn games. Often they're just the Saturn games that got PC ports back in the day too.
  17. Zippo

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    Have they finally figured out how to emulate Saturn games?
  18. Jawmuncher

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    When saturn and more DC get more love I’ll definitely be interested. I feel like a lot of these genesis titles I’ve been playing for ages and is always the same few with a few small variations.
  19. Akumatica

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    I really want a lot of Toshihiro Nagoshi’s games-

    Super Monkey Ball 1, 2, Deluxe
    Scud Race /Plus
    Spikeout /Slashout
    Planet Harriers
    Daytona USA 2
    F-Zero GX/AX
  20. Supaidaman

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    Yeah, right. I don't believe them for one second.
  21. cervanky

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    How many times do I have to buy Sonic 1, Revenge of Shinobi and frickin' Golden Axe before they port Radiant Silvergun, Shining Force III, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Skies of Arcadia?

  22. IronicSonic

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    I can see M2 of all devs, developing a damn fine Saturn and Dreamcast emulator, with enhancements even
  23. julian

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    I’ve never read so much desire for Burning Rangers. Lol. It was good but not Shining Force 3 good. Or Dragon Force. Or Shining he Holy Ark. or really a lot of other Saturn games.
  24. Heartskips

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    I don't doubt them, but they first need the resources and time to do this. Would love it, but just lowering expectations a bit. lol
  25. Psxphile

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    PhoenixRie is on this? Guess the PS releases will be in good hands, including the inevitable Skies remaster.
  26. Spine Crawler

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    oh my god... i love the anime and i hear the game is also quite good.
  27. butzopower

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    Love me some Chu Chu Rocket. Only thing I'm not sure about is if you can make it work with a single joycon similar to a lot of Switch local multiplayer games.
  28. IronicSonic

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    I know it is far away still, but Saturn and DC official emulation on Switch by M2 is something hard to no speculate about lol
  29. entremet

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    They really need to start doing Saturn stuff. I love the Genesis/MD stuff, but that stuff is everywhere by now.
  30. Krooner

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    Without the code you're relying on "out the box" emulation, any problems you run into with regards to bugs, glitches or stuff outright not working can't be tweaked without it.
  31. Silky

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    lmfao no it won't, can't fool me
  32. Aostia82

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    God... I hate you now
  33. ArchAngel

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    PSO and ChuChu Rocket please. PSO would be a killer!
    And Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon Zwei + Saga, World Wide Soccer 98 (still the best soccer game :P), Arcade classics like Sega Rally and Scud Racer. PLZ!
  34. New Fang

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    Would love to see this happen, but I’ll believe it when I see it.
  35. Elfforkusu

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    Let's go!!!

    The Saturn lost gems and all those wonderful model2 ports on the DC... shut up and take my money, sega
  36. Slam Tilt

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    Arcade Outrun, Daytona USA, Crazy Taxi... hey, if we’re going to dream, dream big!
  37. mrfusticle

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    Can someone pay someone to get Soul Calibur 2? .. I know they're not Nintendo but maybe Bamco will be charitable...

    ...for the greater good
    ...the greater good
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    Personally I prefer living in reality.
  39. Tain

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    buying all of them anyway since they're all gonna rule.

    Sega Arcade is more my thing than Saturn anyway.
  40. MrLuchador

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    I've never understood why we haven't had another Power Stone. That game was nuts.
  41. goldenpp73

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    While i'd buy the shit out of all of it, I also don't believe them for a damn minute.
  42. EXMaster

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    My ultimate wet dream is to see a new release of Hyper Duel and/or Blast Wind. Not to be pessimistic, but I doubt tweeting that at Sega will tip the scales much given how popular those games are (or in this case, unpopular. Especially outside japan). If Thunder Force IV is well received, it may become more likely, and would consider it then. Or if Victor Ireland was somehow working for Sega, so he could finally release them overseas as he intended to originally.
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    So the initial wave doesn't even include Saturn games? Why am I not surprised. Watch the next Ages collection with Saturn and DC games not even come to the Switch
  44. Don Fluffles

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    Awesome! Would love more sega ages.
    Admittedly I only own sega ages 2500 vol. 20 - space harrier and vol. 25 - gunstar heroes: treasure box (mainly for alien soldier), but I can think of so many games to make this enticing.

    Physical edition on ps4 to sit next to my ps2 versions please!
  46. erlim

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    I imagine it's not a mammal companion but some sort of cockitoo screaming loudly.
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    Takumi corporation collection would be killer
  48. JaredTaco

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    Radiant Silvergun was ported to 360 by Treasure and is backwards compatible on Xbox One.
  49. Kresnik

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    Go grab a PSP or Vita to play the bolded on the go :P

    OT: Would love that, plenty of Saturn games out there that deserve a second chance.

    Wonder if this imitative will expand to any other consoles.
  50. Terraforce

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    YES. I want SA1 on Switch, but just give me a singular Chao Garden game and I'm all set. It's mind boggling that they've flat out dropped such a popular side game.