1. I tweeted SEGA to give me Panzer Dragoon Saga. Long shot but eh.
  2. Spedfrom


    Ha! Your post inspired me to tweet SEGA. Thanks man :D
  3. Aftervirtue


    The Sega Saturn is really the last frontier of potential "lost to time" games in the last two decades. I really hope Sega changes this.
  4. frankenstrat


    Any chance of Shining Force III being a part of this? Or is the only official translation still chapter 1?
  5. Andri


    I am just gonna assume that the condition of the initial Ages games selling well to get more is gonna get fulfilled easily, since Switch gamers are always hungry.

    Dreamcast was dead before i began console gaming, so if somebody could answer some questions please:

    1.Are there any good Strategy/SRPG/RPG games on Dreamcast/Saturn/Sega that could be included in this ?

    2.if i read the previous thread right, these M2 people are real good at making such classic games and enhancing them right ?

    3.The only game i know that was a Dreamcast game initially(i think) is the sonic game with the great chao garden sidemode, is there any chance that one could be included in this Ages series.
  6. Aaron


    If they ever do an SA1 port again, it needs to be a ground-up port. The current version you can buy on Steam has been ported like five times over - first on Dreamcast, then on GameCube, then on PC, then on XBLA (which was then ported over to Steam and PSN). There have been a ton of new glitches and bugs introduced with each port, and the only version that I believe made any earnest attempt to fix anything was the GameCube version. That, and various graphical effects have been dropped over time, even just going from the Dreamcast to GameCube.
  7. julian


    1) Shining Force is a wonderful SRPG series. Mystaria would be a deep cut that I certainly played the hell out of.

    Dragon Force was made by Sega but brought over to the US by Working Designs, so not sure how that’d work - though there is somebody on this forum that should ;). Same goes for Iron Storm.

    2) they are very good. They did all the 3DS classic games.

    3) no idea why not
  8. Beartruck

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  9. Gloam


    Gimme Panzer Dragoon and Burning Rangers please.
  10. Platy


    All of Shining Force 3 ?

    Asking too much =/

    I will accept Panzer Dragon than
  11. Fularu



    Propeler Arena and Outtrigger would be perfect for Switch :P
  12. actthafool


    Exactly what I was thinking. Online and local multiplayer,user generated puzzle levels and gameplay that could work well on a touch screen. Perfect for the switch.

    I’ve always wondered why Sega never bothered to do a HD rerelease, especially when XBLA took off on the 360
  13. Nerdkiller

    Resettlement Advisor Member

    Those are also acceptable. Loved seeing Maximilian Dood and his mates playing Outtrigger (hopefully means more people are aware of it now), and Propeller Arena finally getting an official release would be something.

    They brought it over to mobile devices, but those have since been pulled.
  14. NarohDethan


    I like you :)

    Also, I need the Panzer Dragoon games.
  15. fiendcode


    I’d like Legend of Oasis and Super Tempo.
  16. The DREAM! literally! :P



    NiGHTS into Dreams
    Panzer Dragoon
    Virtual On
    Burning Rangers
    Sonic R (base it on the GC version preferably)
    Sonic 3D Blast


    Sonic Adventure
    Sonic Adventure 2
    Sonic Shuffle
    Skies of Arcadia
    Crazy Taxi
    Phantasy Star Online Ep. I & II
    Sega Bass Fishing

    All on Switch by M2. Even if they had to only be 480p and 4:3, I'd be SO THERE day 1! :D
  17. Agent X

    Agent X

    I'd like to see Sega start bringing more of their Saturn and Dreamcast games to modern systems. They've done numerous Genesis games and game collections, but much like Atari with their 2600 game compilations, they rarely touch their later (less popular) home consoles.

    At least Sega has been known to dabble with a handful of their later games from time to time--we've seen games like Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, and Jet Set Radio make the jump. Atari has done virtually nothing with games from systems newer than the 2600...although the upcoming Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3 is supposed to finally include some 5200 games, at long last.

    I'm sure they could do it by now. The old GameTap service on the PC had a few emulated Saturn games about a decade ago.
  18. Al3x1s


    How many times will they resell the Genesis stuff before expanding then :oP

    I'd love a Saturn collection but it needs to have third party games, maybe even new localizations of stuff that were Japan-only. Nothing quite like GunGriffon 2 or Princess Crown (and first party Dragon Force 2 and Shining Force III Part 2 & 3).

    And of course they seriously need an arcade collection too so we can play stuff like Die Hard Arcade, Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtual On without the Saturn's shortcomings. And arcade games that were never ported to home systems too.
  19. MochaKoffee


    I very highly doubt Sega would commit to running PSO servers again, lol.

    Chu Chu Rocket would be sweet, though.
  20. requiem


    Honestly, that's a pretty scummy way to ensure people will buy the same Genesis games again for the fiftieth time.

    But you know what? I'll buy them to help ensure we get those Dreamcast and Saturn games. Damn it.
  21. Waffle


    Finally, the triumphant return of Chu Chu Rocket is upon us.
  22. MusclesAreGirly

    Banned Member

    Gosh I love this forgotten franchise.

    Yes please!
  23. Danneee



    I REALLY want Saturn and DC Sega Ages releases.

    But I REALLY don't want to pay for the same old Mega Drive games all over again.
  24. Sectorseven


    I thought Saturn was notoriously difficult to emulate properly. Would they really put the money into that, or find some workaround that's "good enough?"
  25. fiendcode


    Good news, out of the 5 games announced so far only 2 are MD games and only 1 of those was rereleased before.
  26. HPH


    Gimme Gimme Sega!! Make my dreams come trueee
  27. Jumpman23


    Some other notable mentions...

    - Astal
    - Burning Rangers
    - Decathalon
    - Diehard Arcade
    - Dragon Force
    - Fighting Vipers
    - Guardian Heroes
    - Magic Knight Rayearth
    - Nights
    - Panzer Dragoon 1 & 2
    - Sega Rally Championship
    - Shining Force III
    - Sonic R
    - Virtua Cop 1 & 2
    - Virtua Racing

    - Banagaio
    - Chu Chu Rocket
    - Crazy Taxi 1 & 2
    - D2
    - Daytona USA
    - Dynamite Cop
    - House of the Dead 2
    - Phantasy Star Online v2
    - Sega GT
    - Space Channel 5
    - Power Stone 2
    - Typing of the Dead
    - Zombie Revenge
  28. AlexCampy89

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    I hope for some "ballsy" releases like Shenmue 1/2, Headhunter, the 2000 Spidey game, Crazy Taxi, Power Stone 1/2, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Resident Evil Saturn, Tomb Raider saturn, Carrier, some Virtua Fighter (3 would be perfect) and of course that perfect Soul Calibur.

    A bug fixed version of MK:Gold would be much appreciated too.
  29. Al3x1s


    Boy do I have some news for you...
  30. D65


    I would buy a SEGA Classic console 10 times.
  31. Jim_Cacher


    My purchase lists suddenly have 15 additions, and I hardly know many of them because they are not announced yet.

    If I can play Sakura Wars 1 - 4 on Switch. then so be it.
  32. Wilsongt


    If sega things about release Shining Force IIi outside of Japan, then I am all over this.

    However, I think it's going to end up with a lot of really great titles staying Japan exclusive and then only the most popular things making it outside of Japan.
  33. Shaneus


    When they say "Dreamcast", this is the first thing that comes to mind. Should be an easy port with little optimisation needed.

    As long as they find some way to include this ad in the release:
  34. Aters


    Would rather take the GC version with tuned down encounter rate, speaking of which, where is VC?
  35. Jonneh

    GameXplain Moderator OP

    Given Hamster and Sega's direction...I'm taking the assumption that it's not coming and the Online subscription games are all we're getting. Would like to be wrong.
  36. Beer Monkey

    Beer Monkey

    Great to see all the Chu Chu Rocket love.
  37. Nanashrew


    I need Burning Rangers and Skies of Arcadia on my Switch! Please, Sega!
  38. heavy liquid

    heavy liquid

    Yep! And it looks quite good upscaled on the One X. I was just playing it recently, in fact.
  39. Grigorig


    What's Saturn emulation like these days? Last time I checked they had that very faithful emulator but zero enhancements like resolution, filters etc. Sadly its basically unplayable on a 60" LCD.
  40. AxkilAvenger


    I remember that caveman’s wife being sexy af
  41. Dreamwriter


    YES!! Finally I can play those Sega Ages classics on my Dreamcast!
  42. bangai-o


    I remember seeing this in the import section of Gamer's Republic. I was always interested in it.
  43. bionic77


    Some DC games are really perfect for a portable (Skies, Crazy Taxi, Phantasy Star, etc).

    I never really got to play the Saturn or its best games so I would love to be able to play them on any platform.
  44. julian


    It is a great port, but wasn’t it missing some of the features found in the Saturn version? I don’t have my 360 on hand to check.

    Also, Guardians Heroes without slowdown was such a short game. Lol. Of course, it was designed to be replayed.
  45. heavy liquid

    heavy liquid

    I don’t think it’s missing any features. Not that I know of offhand. If anything, there are more: You can choose updated or original graphics, offline and online coop, leaderboards, and downloadable replays. The port took them over two years to develop.
  46. sibarraz


    Is there a list with the initial wave of games?
  47. UltraGashInferno

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    They've rereleased Golden Axe 1 through 3 about 50 times, has any of that generated enough interest to get a Revenge Of Death Adder port of any kind yet.
  48. rawhide


    Not a complete list, but they've committed to 15 games in the first wave and announced 5:
    Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive, also includes the Mega Play arcade version)
    Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive)
    Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System)
    Phantasy Star (Master System)
    Gain Ground (arcade)

    with the promise that arcade fans will be satisfied with future announcements.

    They've acknowledged the consistent and high demand during the Sega 3D Classics days but it wasn't really feasible then, so I imagine it's on the short list now.
  49. UltraGashInferno

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    Good to hear, that's easily their finest 2D beat em up.

    And while we're at it, I wouldn't mind their finest 3D beat em up (in the arcade, yakuza fans) - Spikeout.
  50. Creepy Woody

    Creepy Woody

    DO IT. I'll buy everything.