1. julian


    Oh they definitely added stuff. I could’ve sworn there was something that felt different, but really now you just make me want to hook my 360 back up...or get an X1X finally.
  2. Virtua Sanus

    Virtua Sanus

    A lot of the more notable games like Crazy Taxi, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Skies of Arcadia, Guardian Heroes, Shining Force III, Chu Chu Rocket, Sakura Taisen releases and the Virtua Fighter games should not be part of this initiative and should instead get remasters on all viable platforms. Stuff like Clockwork Knight, Virtua Cop or Astal though? No offense to those games but they are much more suited to something like this IMO.

    I would love to see a proper port of the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure though. Always wanted that game on a dedicated handheld.
  3. Seven Force

    Seven Force

    Virtua Cop (and Virtua Cop 2!) would great just to have a version that'd actually function on non CRT sets. I imagine a bit of work would have to go into programming that in accordance with joycons, though.
  4. Poimandres


    With other games like Guardian Heroes, Daytona port, Panzer Orta backwards compat... Really, the 360 is the best represented out of any modern machine for Segas back catalogue.
  5. Xenon


    How about realising the games on all the systems and regions, Sega.
  6. i-Jest


    I knew someone would bring up Panzer Dragoon. I hope this gets a re-release too.
  7. Seven Force

    Seven Force

    I'd say PS3 and 360 both make for great Sega machines. PS3 misses out on stuff like Orta, Guardian Heroes and the Treasure Shumps, but makes up for it with the PS2 Classic releases of their Sega Ages stuff, so you get the Fantasy Zone, Treasure Box and Galaxy Force Collections, and the Dynamite Deka/Die Hard Arcade remake/port, among other things.
  8. Poimandres


    Ah, I didn't realise the Sega Ages things were released as PS2 Classics! Too bad my PS3 died. I'd love to play some of those games again.

    Really, anything that got a PSN/XBL release should be put on Steam and the modern platforms... please?
  9. Joegrine_25


    Its like a SEGA VIRTUAL CONSOLE. Also does that mean we gonna get enchanced versions of Shenmue 1 and 2?
  10. Mandos


    Eh, m2 is segas only archiving team at a moment, and they tend to have a single(Sega focused) line at a time, and there’s the fact that Saturn stuff can be emulated, but not ported due to lost source code(unless it was developed by a third party, such as guardian heroes, segas own Saturn archives were lost), so unless it’s a remake(which wouldn’t be effected by this platform), this is likely one of he few ways we’ll see this stuff, especially with how well Nintendo platforms in general(and switch and particular) has been open to retro ports over remasters.

    You aren’t getting this over your remasters if this happens, you’ll be getting this instead of nothing
  11. Freddo


    Man, if I could buy and play Panzer Dragoon Saga and The Legend of Oasis on a modern device I would be so happy.
  12. Feichaw


    I just want Space Channel 5, Sega. That’s not too much. Please...
  13. Fishsnot


    Isn't this just like some of the best gaming news in a long while.
  14. BBboy20



    YO, WHAT!?
  15. BBboy20


    Huh, that localization team lives where I'm at. I wonder what they're thinking.
  16. Grigorig


    I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet, this is far closer to "that would be nice" than any kind of concrete plan.
  17. John Omaha

    John Omaha

    Saturn and Dreamcast stuff would be incredible. Panzer Dragoon (Zwei, Saga), Virtual-On, Crazy Taxi... Anywhere you want? Yes please.
  18. BBboy20


    OH YEAH, You can get Orta on Xbox 360 and One right now.
  19. ghibli99


    Yes. I will buy all of the things.
  20. lordlad

    Banned for trolling with an alt account Member

    A NiGHTS Into Dreams, Panzer Dragoon 1,2, Saga...Dragon Force, Guardian Heroes, Skies of Arcadia, Virtua Fighter 3/4/5...i could go on but knowing sega, they will probably just port those existing ones (Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis, Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventures) with minimal effort and bad optimization.
  21. WordAssassin


    Vigilante 8 please? The remake was so bad ):
  22. mindatlarge


    Hopefully they have access to things that would make the emulation easier being the company behind the games and systems. That's my hope at least.
  23. Bitanator


    add a speed up option and access to the white map at the beginning of the game and it will be perfect
  24. Marvie


    Skies of Arcadia is all I need
  25. OrbitalBeard


    "minimal effort" "bad optimization" and "M2" don't mix
  26. AniHawk


    the sega saturn is such an untapped market. i think panzer dragoon saturn trilogy would sell like crazy.
  27. IrishNinja


    god, saturn has one of gaming's finest libraries, and so much of it stayed on the system. that'd be the real winner here, if it wasn't just the more popular first party stuff collected.
  28. Beer Monkey

    Beer Monkey

    Not playable on One until Tuesday.

    Microsoft's BC team is fucking amazing. Wizards. M2 is very impressive on their own, though.

    It would be nuts if M2 wrote a killer Saturn emulator that could actual render to 960p and 1920p. But I would be equally happy just to see them emulate to native 240p and then do scanline effects at 960p and 1920p.

    In fact, I'd love to see the Xbox team do this for 480p Xbox games. The OSSC does an amazing 480->960p with soft (18% to 25%) scanlines that makes my 4K display look like a giant 480p CRT.
  29. Man, can you IMAGINE if M2 actually brought the DC original version of Sonic Adventure to Switch but with added polish (including 60fps)? We could see a legit definitive edition if this happens. O_o
  30. cj_iwakura


    It's fantastic, you'll love it.
  31. Televator


    I refuse to get hyped for it. I won’t believe it till I see it, and I’m not holding my breath for it. I don’t think they can actually spare the dedication and man hours for multiple proper Saturn ports of more complex games. Maybe thay can prove me wrong.
  32. Beer Monkey

    Beer Monkey

    M2 is pretty badass. This won't happen any time soon because if they do it, they will do it right.

    Their 3D Classics on 3DS are fucking incredible.
  33. TLZ

    Banned Member

    Good stuff. I hope they all get ported.
  34. Virtua Sanus

    Virtua Sanus

    A lot of the source code discussions are either extremely overblown or completely false. In any case, conversion based ports/remasters based on much older games are extremely common. It is not a big deal at all for SEGA to make these if they have staffers that actually have interest in pursuing them. Their SEGA Forever staffers have expanded to making proper remasters that could easily be released on more than just mobile if they choose to go that route too.

    A lot of the games I mentioned like Skies of Arcadia would scale incredibly well with proper widescreen (especially as it does not have any CG cutscenes - something Japan actually gave them hell for back in the day) and could use a few tweaks in terms of stuff like encounter rates and sound quality if they were to use the GameCube port as a base. Straight ports on limited platforms of something like Dragon Force with no real notable fandoms online are one thing but stuff thousands of people have been begging years for are different. Also once you start getting into games that are 20+ hours long or several gigs in size it just makes more sense to not release them as 5-10 dollar downloads.
  35. mariodk18


    I would KILL for the Crazy Taxi games. I played the shit out of the PSP games on my cousin's PSP.
  36. Fishsnot


    I know, but still its a sign that they are listening. So it's all good.
  37. xyla


    Puh, Crazy Taxi and Soul Calibur would be amazing in itself!

    And M2 is going above and beyond if they emulate - maybe we would get the arcade versions instead in some cases?
    Maybe we could get something like Daytona?

    I don't have too much knowledge about Saturn games - excited to find out more though!
  38. rawhide


    They said this was the case but they have yet to deliver on that promise or even shown any signs of actual progress--everything they've released has been a re-branded version of an existing app or one of the old go-to Mega Drive standbys. (They also said they'll be doing fewer emulated games due to relatively low player numbers, but of course people aren't playing them, the emulation is trash.)

    Maybe they will end up porting something from scratch but at this point there's no reason to think they'll do a decent job.