1. ReyVGM

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    Sega's Kenji Matsubara said they plan to re-issue the Genesis.

    Here's a bad google translation of the original Japanese Yahoo news:

    And to that I say Yeeeeeeessssssssssssssss. I never had a Genesis growing up, and ever since the NES/SNES Classic, I wanted Sega to do their own version (and not those cheap 3rd party versions that are available).
    I wouldn't mind a SMS Classic either, with Game Gear titles since they were both almost the same sometimes.
  2. MykonosFan


    I've been dying for a way to play Genesis games again in the modern era. Thank goodness!
  3. Isn’t this just gonna be that HDMI TecToy Games thing that wasn’t so good, but for Japan, or will it be brand new?
  4. Musouka


    A Nomad Mini won't be bad either.
  5. Nanashrew


  6. Indelible


    If they let us play Genesis carts on it in HD than I'am in.
  7. If Sega knew what they were doing, they would release those games as a collection on PS2, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4 and Xbox One!
  8. Nairume


    Hopefully it'll be better than the sorry excuses for what are being sold as genesis classics.
  9. ReyVGM

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    Did you read the OP? It doesn't sound like they are going to license the thing to a 3rd party (like they have been doing so far). They are going to make this themselves.
  10. 1080p hdmi no lag and saga quality? Why yesssssssssss!
  11. night814


    I expect them to be very similar.
  12. Transistor


    I'll buy it if we can make hakchi work with it
  13. Rickenslacker


    Yeah, I was wondering. They already have this


    Would be nice to have a good version of it, but weird to release a new(er) one.
  14. Remark


    Hopefully it's built in-house and not licensed......again.
  15. Well yes, I actually was about to make a thread myself, so I did read up. That doesn’t mean they won’t just skimp out though.
  16. LewieP


    Do Dreamcast.
  17. kennyamr


    So this is why they are holding up Shenmue HD.

    I kid :p
  18. rude


    They need to do Dreamcast and put EVERYTHING on it
  19. Fahzzy

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    You know what's up.
  20. ZangBa


    We're never going to get a Sega Saturn collection of games, or remasters of some of the classics. I love Genesis as much as anybody, but come on already.
  21. ReyVGM

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    The guy said they are looking to get into the hardware business again with a reissue of the Genesis. That doesn't sound like they are going to dump it on a 3rd party like they have been doing for years.
  22. Sega do what Ninten-Do.
  23. Looking to get into the hardware business doesn’t equate to completely ground up design and development though. I mean, I just don’t wanna get my hopes up. I kinda would be surprised, with how they’ve treated the MD in the past, if they didn’t cheap out in some way.
  24. I wonder though if any Genesis/Mega Drive mini would be something anyone cares about at this point. Not arguing that Sega's got some fine games they can include on a system like that, but that's exactly what these 3rd parties consoles have been doing for years. Does the average consumer really care that's its made by Sega or not? Not trying to drag up old console wars, but Nintendo is bigger than Sega at this point, and Nintendo games sell a hell of a lot better than those classic Sega games do too. Thing is with those NES, and SNES classics also is there wasn't anything like them on the market before. The novelty of seeing a mini Genesis isn't there anymore,because they've been putting out these half ass attempts already. It's kinda old news to the average consumer I'd think.
  25. That and you still see sub-par licensed variants at stores already, alongside with upcoming disc and legacy disc compilations...

    Unlike the competition, Sega has to fight against a LOT of its own market confusion!
  26. Freddo


    Not sure if I will buy it if they release it, since they released a bunch of Mega Drive games digitally already several times that I've bought. Really depends on what games they include, hopefully there might be some Master System games there too? They should give Master System some more love.
  27. Psxphile


    Shouldn't they start with a Sega Mark III/Master System one first?
  28. Ogodei


    Yeah, the demand isn't quite the same. With NES Classic especially it was different because Nintendo was at a nadir of home console sales at the time, and because they've almost never sold their older games as a collection (a few exist, but very limited runs like the Zelda collection or Super Mario All Stars, or the Kirby Anniversary Collection). Sega's been marketing Genesis collections as far back as the Saturn.

    There's still a market for it amongst non-gamers for the nostalgia piece, but if you own a modern console you have some kind of access to the best of the Genesis.
  29. Mark III please.

    ... Or anything except the exact same handful of Mega Drive games they re-release constantly.
  30. Canas Renvall

    Canas Renvall

    This entices me. I'd be down for some Genesis action.
  31. Psxphile


    Right? And they'll still somehow not add Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  32. Hell yeah. I was going to buy that dodgy classic version with the awful emulated sound before I knew that was an issue. Would defiantly buy a proper release.

    Master System compatible too please Sega
  33. TLZ

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    Give us SMS, Saturn and Dream cast too!
  34. ReyVGM

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    So far these crappy 3rd party Genesis systems mostly had Sega titles. And the very few 3rd party titles were really not that interesting.

    If Sega does come out with a competent product like the SNES Classic and if they actually add GOOD 3rd party games to the system, it will most definitely be more interesting than anything they've been doing in the past decade when it comes to Genesis.

    They could include Castlevania Bloodlines (which has NEVER been re-released, not even on VC), Contra Hard Corps, Gunstar Heroes, that Wonder Boy 5 that only came out in Japan, but was released in English for Wii VS. If they want to have a really rare title in it, they could even add that Megaman Wily Wars that was only available through the Sega Channel in the US.
    Hell, they could even add Sega CD games which is technically part of the Genesis. Imagine, Sonic CD, Lunar, Shining Force CD, Snatcher!
  35. Meatwad


    This better be good Sega
  36. Psxphile


    Can only see Sega CD happening if they can cut down on how much storage space they take up. Most of them used redbook audio for the soundtrack but they can easily bring file sizes down w/ good streaming audio compression. Also a fair chunk are just FMV snoozefests that would have no business on any collection.
  37. I like the spin of Sega “getting back into the hardware business”
  38. Meatwad


    As nice as this would be it's probably wishful thinking. Most likely the built in games will be the same ones that have appeared on every Genesis collection ever and that's it
  39. ReyVGM

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    I think they are going to do it right. It's their money that's on the line now.

    With the 3rd party consoles all they had to do was license the name, but with what they are allegedly going to do now, that's their money, their time, their R&D. Hopefully they hire M2 which have made several emulators before, for them and Nintendo.
  40. I'd purchase and support it if it were a quality product. The off brand Sega emulator systems don;t cut it.
  41. Be curious to see what the software lineup is on this
  42. Elfforkusu


    Dreamcast classic, you lunatics!

    (I would totally buy a Nomad mini)
  43. Meatwad


    Well I hope so, I've been dying for a proper Genesis Mini, Genesis is like half of my childhood
  44. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder

    It won't be special or noteworthy like the novelty of the nes and snes classic.

    We get Genesis compilations every generation. Sega has licensed their name and library out to poor emulation garbage for years like the AtGames trashback that was recently released. They've also been putting up ad filled roms on mobile.
  45. Dishwalla


    An official one from Sega themselves would be an insta buy
  46. I would be more interested in a DC mini !
  47. maximumzero


    I want a tiny Master System too.
  48. Aaron


    A proper one wouldn't do half as well as the NES Classic or SNES Classic I'd imagine (the AtGames variations take away the novelty), but those also do well enough on their own. I'm not surprised Sega wouldn't want to get in on that market first-hand rather than continue licensing their best games out.

    If they can get some third party licenses (like Castlevania, Contra and Mega Man like mentioned above), that would be fantastic as well.
  49. Bman94


    And watch it still not have Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  50. AtomicShroom


    I have no faith in Sega to be able to produce an emulator system that is as responsive (low input latency) and as accurate (especially in regards to sound quality) as the SNES Classic. I’ll be extremely cautious and skeptical until Digital Foundry have a go at it.