SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis) Mini announced

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by signal, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Zonic

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    Oh damn, I would love to replay through Pulseman again. I know Wily Wars isn't the best version of the Mega Man games, but it'd still be interesting to check out.
  2. Radarscope1

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    LOL... no way on earth that will happen.
  3. Platy

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    how the hell they announce this and don't give a info????
  4. Fork

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    Castlevania and insta buy
  5. Matthaeus

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    This is a cool announcement but I wonder what games the Genesis Mini will have to distinguish it from the SEGA Genesis Classics Collection that is coming out a little over a month from now.
  6. mrmickfran

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    Hey man, the SNES classic had both. It can happen.
  7. Radarscope1

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    I guess you’re right. But we’ve seen those games pop up on the years since. Hard Crops and Bloodlines have never been back around since their original releases. And, you know... Konami...
  8. violent

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    I need a tenth copy of Phantasy Star II
  9. BocoDragon

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    This one feels different because I literally already have an officially licensed Genesis Mini that plays Street Fighter II CE. Obviously that’s one game on a dogshit system-on-a-chip output to composite, but there is just much less novelty factor here.

    That said, I’ll buy this :)
  10. Zonic

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    Sadly, I'm kind of hampering my expectations to just be a plug-in version of that instead of being on a disc for consoles now that I've had time to let it sink in.

    In fact, considering how many Dreamcast ports we've gotten over the years, I wouldn't be surprised if most, if not all the games on a Dreamcast Mini were just the ones that appeared on Steam or PS360 like both Sonic Adventure titles, Sega Bass Fishing, Space Channel 5 Part 2, etc. It'd be a decent collection, mind you, but one with games most of us probably owned via last gen or on PC.

    Both were also on Wii/U VC. Most, if not all of Konami's Genesis stuff never made it on VC, so that miiggghhhttt lower the chances of those games being on this, as amazing as that would be.
  11. Fox Mulder

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    I'll wait for reviews with how god awful these have been for years.

    I also don't think this will be as big a novelty as the NES and SNES minis because Sega has licensed their name and game to shit like AtGames garbage for years. There's a Genesis compilation every generation too.
  12. TLZ

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    So they're just releasing the first model Eh. I had the 2ND model, but at least we have something anyway.
  13. Alienhated

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    They didn't just re-announce the ATgames MegaDrive to the Japanese audience, right...?
  14. mindatlarge

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    Will wait on the game list and for confirmation of quality before getting too excited, hoping for a better experience than the 3rd party stuff.
  15. Zonic

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    Good idea, release the 2nd model Genesis with a different set of games, then the 3rd model! Spread all 3 Sonic games across all 3 models!

    I REALLY hope not, it was a legit mini version of the Genesis, and their name was nowhere mentioned during the stream. Guess we'll have to wait for official info about it. If they had M2 working on the ports, that would confirm the system is in good hands.
  16. TLZ

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    It's not. As far as I could tell from back then, the effort is specifically for USB peripherals.
  18. mrmickfran

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    I'm still gonna hope dammit. It would be sooo good if they got both of those.

    I think I would get a Genesis mini solely for those two games.
  19. Meatwad

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  20. 0
  21. Professor Beef

    Professor Beef I wish Tales of Graces F was a better game Moderator

    Didn't think about Pulseman, that's a good point.
    Man I don't need another copy of Sonic 2.
  22. I mean I certainly hope they didn't just resize it into a miniconsole.
  23. Tirisfal

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    That's the model I remember from my childhood. Well, I got a SNES mini, and it looks like I have no choice but to get this, too.
  24. UmbriaPauly

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  25. Slacker247

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    Megaman Trilogy because that thing is damn pricey to get.

    Shinobi III and Castlevania would be so good to get. The obvious options are bound to be there but curious to see if they include all three Sonic and all three SoR.

    Think I will preorder (and cancel if previews are disappointing).
  26. louisacommie

    louisacommie Member

    Will sonic 3 and knuckles be on it or will the MJ estate strike again?
  27. Lindsay

    Lindsay Member

    I hope they pack the classic Sega Channel exclusive "Sega Solitaire" into this thing!

    I'm serious btw! Ya hear me Segac?! I'd play it all day! Game like this an Sega Swirl should not be lost to the AGES!

    Toss in Wacky Worlds as well please!
  28. PetrCobra

    PetrCobra Member

    Sonic 3 is the worst Sonic game on the Mega Drive. Anyway, everyone must already have at least 30 copies of all these games that they just randomly bought as parts of different collections released over the ages on every platform including their fridge.
  29. Phire Phox

    Phire Phox Member

    Will probably skip this, but if they make a Saturn Mini, I'm there day one. Never had a Saturn and never played many of the best games for the system.
  30. Slayven

    Slayven You probably post about me on another board. Moderator

    Sonic is the new Tetris
  31. Arkeband

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    Toejam and Earl or GTFO.
  32. If the article that went up last Sunday in the Sankei Shimbun is to be believed, this is a repackaged ATGames SEGA GENESIS FLASHBACK.
    In an interview with COO Kenji Matsubara, it was stated at the time that "SEGA is exploring the idea of importing (to Japan) the officially licensed overseas Mega Drive remake "SEGA Genesis Flashback", which is currently produced in Taiwan under commission by SEGA for foreign markets".

    So this thing:
  33. Holly

    Holly Member

    This is just the at games trash repackaged for japan
  34. i-Jest

    i-Jest Member

    Soooooo, Shining Force then?

    I'm fully prepared for disappointment on this front.
  35. Holly

    Holly Member

    It has both Shining Forces on it. The emulation just sucks
  36. Dinjoralo

    Dinjoralo Member

    So, it's just the crappy AtGames stuff repackaged to look more like what Nintendo's been doing? Don't be fooled... this stuff is nowhere near as nice as the Nintendo Mini's.
    Unless it isn't actually that.
  37. Dingotech

    Dingotech Member

    ATGames repackaged.... the dream is ruined! :(
  38. It's going to come down to:

    Emulation - needs to be perfect, the Genesis FM sound chip is an easy thing to fuck up. So many emulations over the years have.

    Game selection - is it going to be the same stale set of games they've put out so many times over the years, or will they have a broad set of all the real gems?
  39. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder Member

    That's what I figured. Oh well.
  40. halcali

    halcali Member

    I'll buy it if Greendog is included!
  41. Seven Force

    Seven Force Member

    Oh. Party's over, then.
  42. Tiktaalik

    Tiktaalik Member

    how is it that they showed this off but not a list of games?
  43. samred

    samred Editor @ Ars Technica Verified User

    Sega PR sent an email out to press this evening with official notice about Shenmue 1+2. I responded to it almost immediately with questions about the MegaDrive Mini, but no response yet. I'm gonna wait until anybody confirms what hardware/games this thing will have (and whether US/EU will get a new one) before getting excited.
  44. Lynd

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    Damn lol they aren't even trying to make something of quality.. Sega doesn't understand why the Nintendo stuff is popular besides from the games.

    ATGames trash can't believe it. Especially the way they were hyping this.
  45. Jacobson

    Jacobson Member

    Is this the big announcement?
  46. Platy

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    damn I heard it is even worst than TecToy's
  47. Sammy Samusu

    Sammy Samusu Member

  48. Fuckin' YEAH.

    Thanks SEGA!
  49. Everyone saying S3&K isn’t the best of the Genesis Sonic games, y’all line up so I can beat all your asses.
  50. Zan

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    Insert into my veinssssssssss