SEGA removes Yakuza 6 demo (in the US) because players were able to unlock full game

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Birdseye, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Bit confused how it is depicted players were able to unlock the full game when it seems whoever published the demo accidentally the whole game and players didn't need to do anything.
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    Yeah that was funny.
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    Well shit. Should have payed attention to this.
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    The exact same thing happened with a Mega CD demo disc. You'd think they'd have learned by now.
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    I have stopped the download because of this.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is going to history. I read they didn't even have to do anything complicated? Like the Demo was literally the full game with a few changed things? Can someone confirm?
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    Upset i missed out :<

    Oh well, it's just two more months
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    Please support the Yakuza franchise by buying the game
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    A UK Dreamcast magazine gave away a demo disc that could be used as a boot disc for burned games.
    SEGA always gonna be SEGA
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    Why ?
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    Wouldn't feel right.
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    Man that sucks, I feel for them. It must be the worst nightmare for a publisher/developer... I wonder how badly this will affect sales. I assume the profile of people downloading the demo that early are gamers that are interested or very interested on the Yakuza series, which are also the main target audience. I am hoping most of them have preordered the game already (and that they won't cancel the preorder). They pulled out the demo fairly quickly, so hopefully it is not too bad.
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    Lots of demos make you download the whole game. You play a small section and then if you decide to pay for the full game, it instantly unlocks instead of having to download anything further. It seems this is one of those games but people found a glitch to get past the end of the demo and keep playing.
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    nobody had to do anything, they simply uploaded the full game under the demo's slot.
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    So ... the demo has been the full game with some restrictions that people where able to disable/work around? How did anyone at Sega think that this is a good way to handle a demo?
  18. Classicrock78

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    I will still be getting yakuza 6 with the shot glasses but its nice to be able to play the full game,im going offline till i beat it,i wont be getting a new ps4 game till ninokuni 2.
  19. Chaserjoey

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    If I understand correctly, the demo is the full game (but stops you from going further into the main story after a mission) because it's meant to be compatible when the game releases in April. If it is just the save data that transfers then there's no reason for it to have been 36GB.

    The demo is suppose to prevent further access midway through the first Chapter. Sega or Sony put the full game up instead of the demo on the NA PSN. Nobody had to do any workarounds, nobody had to disable anything. It was just an error from Sega or Sony.
  20. Herb Alpert

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    I wouldn’t have had the same scruple honestly

    It's like taking advantage of a price error. But I totally understand your point.
  21. 8bit

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    No one had to do anything though, the full game was unlocked without any action.
  22. Nosgoroth

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    As someone who uploads things to production environments, this sends icy shivers down my spine.
  23. Araujo

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    So, the people that got it, can't get it taken away from then, so now Yakuza 6 is just officially leaked full out there somewhere?

    Would suck if Sega started to go after people unlocking the trophies or posting content about it before launch... that being said, i would not be surprised either.
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    It's funny because the game icon in the dashboard says "prologue" but the actual thing is the full version lol.
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    the licenses are digital and theyre still managed by sony so they can take them away if they wanted
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    The license can be revoked or a patch could be sent out to change it to the demo. If a console is offline then they can have the full game for as long as they are offline.
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    Vader no.jpeg
    Now that's one error that would've made me use my PS4 @[email protected]
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    Im guessing sega might patch it so the full yakuza 6game will not work anymore.......maybe,thats why im going offline
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    some intern's half asleep when doing the upload..
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    It's probably not funny to them now..
    But for the next Yakuza they should make a Sub Story where the Protagonist or someone he runs into accidentally gives a game away for free and they try to "fix" it.
  31. Bonejack

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    The info in OP does say that players were able to unlock the full game via the demo, not that it had been that full game without any restrictions, what's correct now?

    Also, if it's really just the save data that transfers ... i don't understand why you would make such a massive demo instead of having a dedicated demo build and making the game available early via pre-load.
  32. FairyEmpire

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    Seriously? That's quite a fuck-up. With the news out, there's potentially hundreds, thousands or who knows how many people who suddenly realize they have the full game on their console, no strings attached. Unless Sony goes out to manually remove the game from people's profiles making them unuseable, this could be pretty rough on them. You can just keep your console offline for a week or so, you finish the game and then back on, 60$ saved.
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    I heard they can revoke the licence (provided your console is connected to the Internet)
  34. Raoh

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    There's not a "trick" to unlock the full game from the demo.

    We just simply got the full game, the ones that managed to download the demo from the US store.
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    yea, all you had to do was download the demo and it turns out to be the full game. The game is suppose to stop story progress mid Chapter 1 because that was how it was done in the Japanese demo.

    My connection is super slow, so the full download is taking it's time, so I'm demo restrictions anyways...despite that, the game has given me two trophies thus far.

    I'm still buying the game (that premium edition is calling my name), but I feel really bad for the team that this happened.
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    damn. should have brought my ps4 to work and downloaded the demo. shietttt
  38. Raoh

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    You were downloading it in the first place to try the demo.
    The demo is the 1st chapter of the game.
    You can finish downloading and then play the first chapter and back out.
  39. Chaserjoey

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    The demo on the US PSN was the full game. Someone uploaded the wrong file. There was no trick or gimmick, it isn't any players fault.
  40. Skulldead

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    Glitch ? no the game is just fully unlock... we don't need to do any manipulation or exploit to advance futher into the game. That would be another thing if this was the case, but the game is just there, we don't need to do anything special, they fuck up big time... their tweeter IS really misleading like it was our fault that we can go futher into the game.
  41. Bonejack

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    I didn't fault any player, even if there was a work-around to make the demo the full game, it's also not the players fault but the ones who made the demo or did the upload to PSN. And if it's just simply the full game having been uploaded to PSN instead of the demo, maybe the thread title should get fixed. ^^
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    I download demos all the time using three different accounts and this one time I was like naaah spoilers finish Yakuza 5 first.
    Two months early access... The reviewer experience... All gone :'(

    I would seriously buy 2 copies if it means I get to play it this early.
  43. tiebreaker

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    Lucky for people that got the game. But please consider supporting the series if you love the series.
  44. Skulldead

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    i'm pretty sure fan of Yakuza want Kiwami 2 and Fist of the North star game, so there probably couples of exception, but i'm pretty sure the majority will keep their physical\digital copy.
  45. Kain-Nosgoth

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    Man i'm jealous as fuck! I have way more time now that what i'll get in april...

    i would've still kept my pre-order, but at least i could have played it sooner... why i never get this kind of luck?
  46. Nooblet

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    I had a feeling that the demo was absurdly long and longer than the Japanese one when I ended up hitting chapter 2. This makes sense now.

    I don't know why they are wording it as if the players did something to unlock it when all I did was download the thing from the store and play it.
  47. Nightbird

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    I do!
    I bought Yakuza 0, and I'm planning on buying Kiwami too, but I can't say no to free :(
  48. Toumari

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    What I don’t understand is if the game is complete at this stage, why was the game delayed? Unless there is untranslated strings in the late game I see no reason why they delayed it to clash with God of War.
  49. NZerker12

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    The question that should be asked is if the full game was made available then why are we waiting until April to get it.
  50. Nooblet

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    Manufacturing/supply issues perhaps