1. Asanti Justice

    Asanti Justice
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    Is this a case of people confusing demo and trial including the developers?
  2. Goro Majima

    Goro Majima

    I don't think a lot of people managed to download the full game.

    In my case, even if I would manage to get it, I would buy a physical copy. Yakuza is one of my favorite series and I wanna support them. I know very well how "afraid" I was thinking that Yakuza 4 and 5 would never be released outside Japan. So any Yakuza released I buy as fast as possible to show them that at least some of us care about the saga.
  3. Chaserjoey


    It might be held back because of an issue with the physical release.
  4. Chessguy1


  5. Goro Majima

    Goro Majima

    Sure, but they changed the data from March to 17th April, 3 days before God of War. Not sure if it was the best move for them.
  6. Chaserjoey


    Oh yeah, no that was absolutely stupid of them.
  7. SomaCross


    I'm always on the consumer side of things, but it's a bit tricky here. I'm not going to advocate for the revoking of licenses, but I hope the people that care for the future of this franchise will still support it regardless of the situation. A shame this happened for Sega but lucky for the people that got it. What will happen now because of it will be more interesting.

    I think if it defines itself as a legal transaction under US law it shouldn't be revoked. In my country we have laws that protect companies from human error (such as extreme pricing errors), but I think a lot of US states favor the consumer in those situations. Then again, I don't know much about US law nor their digital distribution regulations. It being advertised and offered as a demo and not a legit transaction makes it even more complicated.
  8. Rosur


  9. shadowman16


    Be interesting to see what comes of that. Gotta hand it to the localisation team, they've been great at being open with the series since 0.

    Yeah, I agree with this point. I'm sure fans of the series don't want it to go back to the dark days of joking about how none of the games won't get localised at all!
  10. Zafir


    Quite the screw up. Kind of a shame I downloaded the EU demo not the US one!
  11. Well I think they have a right to revoke licenses since this was a free demo. These games deserve every sale and I would hope the people that have it now will still support it... let's not forget how long it took for them to start localizing these games as fast as they do now.
  12. So has anyone entered the gang wars codes in the US leaked full game?

    I recall Sega had given a few of those out. You might want to use them now (if they work) before you go offline for a month.
  13. shadowman16


    You need to reach a certain point in the game before you can enter them though. I forget which chapter (its when you get to Hiroshima, should be pretty soon after that).
  14. Richter1887


    We made it!

    Hopefully this game sells tons of copies. I have it pre-ordered.
  15. Ctlead


    Man. That's quite the screw up.

    Of course I missed the chance. Oh well.
  16. Zafir


    How big was the demo in the US then? The UK one was wanting 36gb of space off me, which was frankly ludicrous for a demo.

    Edit: OP says it was the same actually. What? So the EU one is still the same size but it just blocks off access at a certain point? WHY?
  17. shadowman16


    36GB. The demo is basically the full game. It was the same for the demo. For whatever reason Sega thought this was a good idea. Its strange, as all demos before and after 6 are way smaller.
  18. Zafir


    Yeah I really don't understand why they're making everyone download the full game, including those that actually have a cut off. Space is at a premium on consoles. X.x
  19. hippopotamus



    The Quake 1 demo disc that contained ID's entire software library and a Trent Reznor album will never be topped.
  20. Koppai


    I hope everyone who managed to download it still purchases it come official launch. I love this series and hopefully this doesn't kill it off. It took years for us to get Yakuza 5 but it finally happened! I wonder if Sony will revoke the license in order to make it unplayable?
  21. This is actually common with prologue demos however in this case someone accidently uploaded the game without the restrictions of the demo. A patch could fix this issue if they choose that route
  22. L.O.R.D


    the EU demo was 30GB, not 36GB.
  23. shadowman16


    Not to mention bandwidth for those that have limited bandwidth caps from their ISPs. And PSN speeds aren't always that good for everyone. Not the best choices all round!
  24. famikon


    Because technically it's a trial, not a demo.

    It's pretty obvious why.
  25. People pointing to the size, Yakuza 6's Prologue demo in Japan was 33GB. It's basically a trial.
  26. Zafir


    Although I grabbed it and set it to download yesterday, I turned on today to find out it couldn't download because my console was out of space, so I'm downloading it atm. It was downloading 36GB for me.
    Probably is, I don't download demos much. Either way, it's frustrating as someone who hasn't swapped out their hard drive yet (ie still have 500GB), and also doesn't have the best internet in the world.
    Yeah, indeed.
    Well yes, it was obviously easier for them to do it this way, doesn't mean one has to be happy about it. You don't have to be prickly about it.
  27. LAM09


    UK demo is over 36GB
  28. mogster7777


    Is it worth me playing Kiwami first before this one? I’ve never played any of them apart from zero which I finished. But at this point I’m thinking what’s the point of playing Kiwami If there’s a gap of like 5 games between that and 6? Plus it won’t be as good anyway.
  29. Richter1887


    Each game is self contained but doesn't shy from referencing the others so you can surely play it and be fine. Beware though, it spoils the ending of Y5.


    I didnt even know the demo was out

    RIP me I guess
  31. Maxi


    Nah, I'd say go straight to 6 as you won't know most of the story any ways unless you have played all the previous ones. I think the game as a pretty decent way of getting you up to speed with the main plot points though.

    Feel bad for Sega for this as it must be awful for whoever uploaded it or made the mistake unless it was from Sony's side. Even so for the team who worked on the game it must feel somewhat sickening going into work knowing the product has released early and for free! Hope it works out positive for the team either way and Sega don't mind taking the hit or can resolve the issue with Sony.
  32. mudai


    From that Reddit thread:

    Weird idea, but maybe they will let people keep the game if they already pre-ordered it? After all they already paid for it, they're just getting the game earlier now.

    Either way: looks like I got the full game as well. Could only take a quick look at the game yesterday, but I did get a trophy for reaching Kamuorocho. Will check it out more later today. That being said: no, I'm not running away with a free copy of the game. Of course I pre-ordered it (digitally, as all my games this generation) and I really hope that everyone else does the same, be it digital or physical. Not only does the Yakuza franchise need the support of everyone interested in it, it also deserves it. It's such an amazing series where you can see how much love and detail the developers put into them. Please show your support, please buy the game, even if you got a free copy due to Sega's mistake

    Personally I will continue playing it. Yes, I do feel somewhat bad. But on the other hand I already paid for it anyway. So in a way it feels like a store breaking the street date of a game's release, much like it happened in the past with highly anticipated games like Final Fantasy XV or Metal Gear Solid V, which were available in some regions 1-2 weeks before their actual release. Of course in this case the game "leaked" way earlier than all those other examples and not just because a small game store decided to sell it earlier. I'm still baffled how it happened. Personally the delay to April hit me hard, because it meant that I might not be able to play the game when it comes out due to some private stuff going on around that time. Having access to it right now means I can play it and of course I'm happy about that, but I do feel bad for Sega.

    Again, please support Yakuza 6. It needs it. And more important: it deserves it!
  33. Saoshyant


    If you don't play Kiwami 1 you won't understand why Kiryu has an adopted daughter. The games in between would let you watch her growth, but you can always play them later.
  34. MrMattamus


    Wonder what their ultimate course of action will be on this as well. I already have the After Hours edition pre-ordered, but grabbed the demo/full game before it was pulled. Still keeping the preorder as I want the physical game and love the series the death.
  35. Blade Wolf

    Blade Wolf

    Now THAT's a steal.
  36. LRB1983


    But the european demo I downloaded (I still haven’t played it) was more than 30GB too...
    Seems license issue...
  37. RiderKairuu


    I think the demo was always intended to be 30+ gigs so that you could just unlock the full game when it was time and resume your progress.
  38. dragonflys545


    Release the game next week! That'll fix everything :/
  39. Supersnazzi


    This is correct, from my understanding. Yakuza Game fan site tweeted that you were supposed to be able to get trophies, in game achievements, and carry over all data to the full version when it launched.

    I downloaded what I thought was the demo, but I am one of the ones who got the full game. I have the premium edition ordered though, so I have every intention of buying the game, plus I definitely want a physical copy. I have bought every game that released in America (and I enjoyed Dead Souls, despite hating shooter games), and I even won a Yakuza contest a handful of years back. I'm a long time supporter and can vividly recall the days when I "knew" that I would never play 4, and I thought 5 was a lost dream. I even spoiled myself on 0 (which I luckily forgot most of) because I thought it wouldn't release in America. I hope that Sony just recalls the licenses because I never intended to get this game for free, and I don't want to be banned or have a harsh punishment due to negligence. It's unfortunate that this happened, no matter how widespread the free "demo" got, because I am hoping Kiwami 2 gets localized. 2 is my favorite entry in the series, and I would love to have that game fully localized with all the visual upgrades, and added elements. I'll repeat what many others have said at this point, please support this series because without it Kiwami 2 may never be localized, and this game deserves the best sales. The series is very dear to me, and I hold it close to my heart. For lack of better words, "put your money where your mouth is" so to speak...Obviously this is the internet and people can post and lie to others but I genuinely hope all of those who said they are still purchasing the game actually will.
  40. Is this a glitch or was it just borked
  41. LAM09


    Or even the original release date (it's still coming out in other parts of Asia on 20th March)
  42. Shit...I actually got the full game version it looks like. I still wanna get that collector's edition, but I think I'm gonna keep my PS4 offline for a while.
  43. stryke


    I really frustrated I missed out on this. April will not be a good period for me to spend time gaming.
  44. Mullet2000


    I got this, took my PS4 offline so they can't take away the licence too.

    I will definitely buy the game when it comes out, but I'd much rather play it now than have to compete with God of War for time to play.

    Are there any online features in the game at all that I'd miss out on by playing it now? Or just the typical drop of a few items a week?
  45. Outrun


    I wish that Sega would accidently release Outrun 3...
  46. mztik


    Kiryu, on BBC.. What a day!
  47. FHIZ


    I downloaded it, started playing thinking it was just the demo then stopped after the first fight thinking “I’ll just wait for the full game” lol.

    This, and the fact that the game has already been sent to press makes the “let’s push it back to God of War’s release date” extra baffling.

    Boy, if this ends up getting stomped by God of War and the reason is because they couldn’t source whiskey glasses properly, looooooool
  48. IronicSonic


    It's funny because it's similar to the new Daytona situation.
  49. Plumpbiscuit

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    Got any links to the full story about this?
  50. Tyaren


    The demo didn't even release on German PSN. Does anyone know why?