SEGA removes Yakuza 6 demo (in the US) because players were able to unlock full game

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Birdseye, Feb 28, 2018.

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  2. Dawg I got to like halfway thru chapter 3 and was like wait a min...this one long ass demo. It didn’t even register I was playing the game so long
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    I have had the SE preordered since it became available.
  4. Skulldead

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    What made me realise that something wrong was going on it was playing during it was downloading, and went to karaoke, saw 5 songs, i was like nice i saw a demo walkthrought on youtube that only had 1 songs......
  5. Had the collectors edition pre ordered for a long while now I still want my Yakuza glasses and franchise deserves it so no way I’m not buying but I may just play it now. There was no way I was playing it anytime soon with that new date
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    So preorder a copy and download away?
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    You Yakuza fans keep saying this but the series has cumulatively sold 10.5 million units as of 2017, it's hard to keep calling it niche. It's also becoming quite a profitable series for Sega. Not arguing people should exploit mistakes like this, but the argument that people must (!) support this series or it will die probably doesn't hold water anymore. This is the seventh entry, not including two remakes!
  8. Skulldead

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    Same i have the collector bought since day 1 and i have no intention to cancel it. I bought every single game in the serie, i'm just hapy to play it right now... It's actualy really fun so far, it help :).
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    So did they revoke the licenses of the people who downloaded the demo?

    The same thing happened to me with the Neon Chrome demo. For some reason the demo download was the full game so Sony revoked the license, and I was never allowed to purchase the full game. I went through about 5 support tickets with Sony and they were never able to resolve it.

    I hope the same shit doesn't happen to people who got their Yakuza demo license revoked.
  10. This is like pay back for them delaying the initial release lol. I'll gladly still buy the game, but this was their mistake, not mine. Stupid press got to get their copies way early, well it's consumer's turn.
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    Now compare how much it sold in Japan and Asia to the west and you will see why people say that, Yakuza stopped coming to the west for multiple years for a reason.
    It's a very niche game over here, and Sega already kill the series here once. People actually remember what happened with Yakuza 5 that's why they say that, there's a precendent.
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    The whole point of the demo was to mollify the sting of the delay, yet all it did was reveal that the delay was completely unnecessary.

    If the collector's edition is to blame for the game releasing right on the heels of GoW, then that's easily the biggest blunder of the generation.
  13. I don't think there is any evidence beyond speculation that it was due to the CE, it could have been licensing related too I imagine.

    While I'm sure there is a some amount of overlap between people buying those two titles, I don't think believe you can consider it anywhere near the biggest blunder of the generation. You've got stuff like the Xbox One DRM reveal and No Mans Sky marketing.
  14. moreover, if there were issues on the physical production side, would've it been fair to those buying a physical copy to get a shoddy/low quality release?

    I surely wouldn't be happy if that was the case.


    Why remove it from other stores if it was only US version concerned?
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    Just a few months ago they accidentally released the Daytona arcade sequel onto the internet
    Sega always gonna be Sega indeed
  17. L.O.R.D

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    i would like to know this too.
  18. LiK

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    My LE preorder is still on.

    Didn't download the demo.
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    Didn't the Saturn allow you to play burned games with no modification?
  20. David

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    I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

    Now I won’t have to buy the game I guess.
  21. Skulldead

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    Funny got a email from amazon to tell my CE date for Yakuza 6 got change.... 1 week before the official release date, this is weird..
  22. It is niche but it might become more than that in the future.

    Don't forget this is still a English-only series outside Japan.
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    Nah, I’ve been following this series since Yakuza 3 and it’s been a huge struggle and worry with every single entry since that game.

    Honestly, it was only with 0 last year that it felt like the series had some momentum in the West and not about to die, so to have this happen to 6 just feels so heartbreaking as a big fan who has supported this series for so long.

    I’m just feeling so sad about this whole thing.
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    Also, don't forget that that 10.5 million units is:

    >Yakuza series (Launched 2005) – Approx. 10.5 million units / downloads across 75 total editions (packaged and digital total)

    They are averaging less than a million units per game.
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    I don't think this is going to affect anything sales-wise. I think the majority of us who got it early are fans and are going to purchase the game anyways.
  26. Cisce

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    I remember when it looked like we weren’t getting 3. Was amazed when it was announced that we would be getting a release out of nowhere.

    The three year wait for 5 killed me too. Thanks, Dead Souls.
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    Enh, don't. I'd venture that a huge majority of the people who downloaded the demo are big Yakuza fans anyway. It was up for a short time during the work day. A lot of them will buy it when it comes out and the number of people who got it will be pretty small.

    I'm just stoked to be playing it so early.
  28. Justified

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    Because to me Chapter 1 was enough for me to get a gist of what happen between 4 and 6. I was able to understand all of what you just said without playing 5
  29. LAM09

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    It was supposedly up for over 6 hours, so the number could be quite big.
  30. Aters

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    Well this is indeed funny.
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    To be fair, you could say the same about every game, particularly with how each game tries to on board new players.
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    6 hours isn't nothing, for sure, but it was during conventianal work hours so for the majority of people, you would have had to queue it up on your phone to have it start downloading. Most people who were waiting on it enough to do that are probably into Yakuza enough to want to support it.

    If this was a less niche game like God of War I'd say most of those downloads would be a lost sale. With Yakuza, probably not. Most fans who are into Yakuza enough to be trying to jump on that demo asap want to support the series.
  33. LAM09

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    Demo had been out on other stores for over a day, so I'm sure more people than usual were eager to give it a go when it went live.

    Just have to hope sales aren't affected much and the mess up has little bearing on localisation going forward.
  34. Lost

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    I was at work when this dropped.

    Luckily I got it though the web store and had it Downloaded to my PS4.

    Thanks Wario64!

    I was going to buy it anyway, but so far the game is amazing and I might get the collectors addition.
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    Yeah, I pre-ordered shortly after realizing that I already have the full game. Gotta support Yakuza.

    It's kinda funny, I now have the full version of the game in my PS4 digital library. Rather than bringing up a countdown, launching the full release from my library causes my PS4 to launch the "demo" instead. It really looks like the demo is the full version in every way but the game icon.
  36. Yea, I'm just not sure how that makes Y5 look like a filler episode. I'm not even saying people need to play Y5, but a lot of relevant stuff does happen in that game. I'm sure you could sum up Y4 in 40 minutes pretty easily too.
  37. Bansai

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    This game needs sales so screw that demo exploit shit.
  38. Danthrax

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    You should. Allow me to post a picture to sway your decision:

  39. Danthrax

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    double posting to answer a question

    No, quite the opposite. There's a curvy line burned into the bottom edge of Saturn discs that the Saturn looks for. Off-the-shelf CD burners can't reproduce it. A mod chip is required to make the Saturn play burned CDs. Although this guy is coming up with a new solution:

    The Sega CD plays burned games with no modification, though.
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    Kind of reminds me of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on PSN, when it had a trial of sort before release, and if I recall, it was the full game without restrictions by accident.
  42. Justified

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    I wasnt calling it a filler episode. I was saying to me, as someone who didnt finish Y5, all of the relevant info that chapter 1 gave me made it fill like an filler episode. As in I dont feel left out of the story so far, like time skips in animes
  43. ah, okay that makes more sense.
  44. shadowman16

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    Ah gotcha, I mis interpreted what you meant by filler. I actually agree with you on that point, it does get you up to speed nicely, which is why I'm good with the long intro, because it does a good job of telling you what happened in 5 so you can jump right into it.

    I still recommend people play 5 if they can though, just because I personally really enjoyed the game (its worth playing at least Kiryu's part of the story, its right at the beginning and his fights are brilliant, especially the chapter end fight for him.
  45. Yea, Yakuza 5 is one of the series low points for me, but it's still an incredible game with a ton of great story and gameplay moments.
    It's a huge time sink if you want to take it all in though.
  46. Red XIII

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    really now?
  47. shadowman16

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    Its still my favourite 100% of the series. Really enjoyed doing almost all of it (darn arena). Definitely can't see them doing another game in the series with this much content for a few years for sure!
  48. David

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    Why I would buy a game I already legally own?
  49. LAM09

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    To support the series and the localisation team
  50. It's funny, even though I would rank it pretty low, I can entirely understand why it would be someones favorite in the series. Not only is it the most content rich, but damn there's just a lot of heart in that game. I loved all the side activities, racing and taxi driving as Kaz, the Monster Hunter-esque hunting game, everything in Haruka's chapter. That game also had a ton of excellent substories. The new character had a really fun fighting style and I really dug the narrative of his chapter.