SEGA removes Yakuza 6 demo (in the US) because players were able to unlock full game

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Birdseye, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. IrishNinja

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    i just don't get why having users download the entire game just to play a demo makes any sense...yeah, the JP one had barriers up to prevent more gameplay, but stuff like this can happen. why do it?

    yeah, this was sad to see. i grabbed said demo but my LE preorder isn't going anywhere!
  2. Danthrax

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    Hopefully this incident teaches Sega (and other publishers) that the time and money spent on making a demo version of a game is well worth it. Don't just hack a blocker into the full game and hope that someone chooses the correct 34-gigabyte file to make live on the server.
  3. Linkura

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    I feel like an idiot not downloading the demo because it was so large and would've taken me hours. At least I'd be playing the game now with everyone else getting it a month and a half early. I still certainly would have kept my preorder too. I have no qualms supporting a franchise for which I've enjoyed every single entry.
  4. DaretheJackal

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    Not to be a jerk or anything, but hypothetically, who is to blame for this error? Surely it's not the localization team, right? As far as I know, localization teams primarily work for translations, censorship for specific countries, editing of scenes to make more sense to general audiences, and other things of that nature. Do the localization teams handle digital distribution, too? I thought that would have been handled by the publisher rather than the localization team of the development.

    I'm not trying to lowball the importance of a localization team; I'm just trying to understand how big of a role they take. I don't think they should be taking the heat for something like this if it wasn't actually their fault.
  5. isual

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    i'd still keep my pre order just coz i can afford too.

    plus, that's 2 months later. i get to play the game early, so in essence, i'm getting a bonus early.
  6. arturo2666

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    Missed the window, would've dled and kept my LE preorder. Hoping they won't be hit too hard by this, with the short window of time it was up and that it was during the work day...
  7. pa22word

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    There's always gotta be one asshole.
  8. georaldc

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    Couldn't one just swap the discs out at the right time? I guess no modification was slightly incorrect since you would need to remove the top case and somehow hold down the lever that makes the system see the cd tray being closed.
  9. Raoh

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    When you play this game you'll understand that you must support this game out of any single one that comes out this year.

    Don't be that one guy on Resetera, all of us that got the full game through the demo are buying the limited edition, or the standard edition.
  10. Ex Lion Tamer

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    If someone mistakenly gave you something valuable, you would not only hold onto it when they realized their mistake but go further and make a remark about how great it is that now you don't have to pay for it?

    Call me naive but if I was enjoying the demo and was planning on buying the game I would pay for it anyways. There are people behind the making of this game who worked their asses off for years, don't be so callous. It doesn't matter that it's just one sale, it's a principle.
  11. Red XIII

    Red XIII Community Resettler Member

    lets see if they reply.
  12. broncobuster

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    I have to wonder, if I do play using this “demo,” can I transfer the save to the disc copy?

    Either way, I’m probably fine just waiting for my disc copy.
  13. Opa-Pa

    Opa-Pa Member

    What even drives a person to post "yeah, guess I won't need to buy this after all!" yikes. Better not say anything at all.
    My guess is that there will be no transferring process at all since the application seems to be the actual game with a different icon, so it'd be like a physical copy recognizing your save from a digital one.
  14. noyram23

    noyram23 Member

    Why wouldn't you? It's just $60 and you'll be supporting the team as well us the community.
  15. Turbo Tu-Tone

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  16. pa22word

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    It's clear that he doesn't give a shit. I wouldn't waste my time on trying to convince him. Way more productive things to do with one's time than waste time thinking about dudes like that.
  17. PlanetSmasher

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    People like him are exactly why poor Scott has been living in Hell for the past 24 hours. No matter how many of us reaffirm our commitment to support the series and the creators, there's always going to be selfish folks who don't even think for a second about how their actions could potentially doom the series in the West.
  18. Raoh

    Raoh Member

    Complete lack of self esteem and going around life being a douchebag.

    one would say he's just looking for attention.

    But that's fine. As long as we all continue our support for this game, it's going to do great.
    From what i've tried in the demo, it's so incredibly good, i can't see this doing bad on sales.
  19. Certinfy

    Certinfy Member

    Yet again EU PSN f***ed over, nothing new.
  20. BBboy20

    BBboy20 Member

    What has been going on with this game in the past month?
  21. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher God of Dream Destruction Moderator

    EU PSN got the right demo. Are you seriously complaining because Sega and Sony Europe didn't fuck up?
  22. Certinfy

    Certinfy Member

    I'm being sarcastic since EU PSN always gets screwed over compared to US PSN when it comes to discounts, sales and so on.
  23. Aske

    Aske Member

    I feel terrible for the person who screwed up (makes me wince to imagine how they feel), and it's great to see so many people keeping their pre-orders in spite of getting the game for free, but this isn't a little indie developer who went deep into the red to get their game out with bills to pay. Sega will lose a percentage of their profits. That percentage will likely be small. Profts will still be made.

    I'm not going to judge anyone who benefited from this mistake, yet isn't going out of their way to reimburse Sega, as if they're some kind of asshole; especially considering how much anyone who downloads demos the day they go up likely contributes to the industry already.
  24. eyeball_kid

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    And you don't "legally own" the game. If Sony had the capability to remotely remove content, they could, and you would have no legal recourse.
    From the PSN TOS:
  25. Dynamite Cop

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    That's a lot of mentions about the localization team. This game was a large effort by Sega as a whole. All offices were involved and multiple employees. I think internally, Sony and Sega know what caused the mixup, but at the end of the day it's going to hurt Sega as a whole in terms of sales. I've worked in QA and localization before and there a lot of people involved with releasing a game in other countries. It's just one of those unfortunate mistakes that happened.
  26. deussupreme

    deussupreme Member

    Sony doesn’t have a way to force a patch to continue to play the demo like when you try to play an online game???
  27. noyram23

    noyram23 Member

    I'll just buy 2 copies to compensate, my friend is interested in the series but he has Ni No Kuni 2 prioritized. The game still has the cutscenes from previous games, for catching up, right?
  28. ConanEdogawa

    ConanEdogawa Member

    Very sad to see this happen. The last thing the series needs is to lose day 1 sales because they made a mistake in trying to advertise the game with a demo.
  29. el_skywalker

    el_skywalker Member

    I downloaded the demo.

    I think I'm just gonna delete it and download it again after buying at launch. Still gotta finish Yakuza Kiwami and watch a shitload of recap videos on the other ones before playing 6 anyway.

    It's a really unfortunate situation, and people that plan on keeping it and not paying should seriouslly be ashamed of themselves.

    I loved Yakuza 0, have been loving Kiwami, and planned on pre ordering 6 anyway. This series really deserves it.
  30. Yikes....
    At least you're being honest unlike some people I know personally are still denying they will still purchase it after getting the demo.
  31. LAM09

    LAM09 Member

    Seems like it's just short summaries going by the demo instead of footage like previous games.
  32. pa22word

    pa22word Member

    Yeah the first half hour or so shows everything important to 6 that happened in 5 and has a dream sequence where you can walk up to characters from past games important in 6 and kiryu will quickly sum up what you need to know about them relative to 6 via talking to them.
  33. Schaft0620

    Schaft0620 Member

    I am a little behind sorry everyone but quick question, did the game get pulled from peoples drives?
  34. Raoh

    Raoh Member

    Not yet.
    It doesnt meant they won't revoke the rights, but so far, we still have it.
  35. mrmickfran

    mrmickfran Member

    It's funny, I got bored of Yakuza 0 and sold that off but I got the full game of Yakuza 6 and can't seem to put it down.

    I'll most likely buy it of course. Or maybe I can get someone to gift it for me since it releases the week of my birthday :D
  36. I decided to delete the demo, I was only a bit into Chapter 1. It just did not feel right knowing I truly had access to the full game. I am still getting the after hours edition and I am willing to wait a couple of months since I have other games to hold me over.
  37. pa22word

    pa22word Member

    This reasoning might be applicable if we weren't talking about a series where due to low sales half the series either hasnt been/wasn't localized or passed on localization but only came due to outside circumstances (y5), or even had a neutered localization to cut costs (y3).

    Yakuza needs every single sale it can get. I think some forget that it wasn't too long ago that Sega gave up and the series was dead in the west. You can say a lot about Sony, and Lord knows I have, but I'll always be thankful to them for saving the series in the west when they decided to help foot the bill for 5.
  38. Xaero Gravity

    Xaero Gravity Member

    So wait, the demo I downloaded allows me to play the full game? Well that saves me $90
  39. Man, it's cool if you want to do that and maybe I'm wrong, but your post just reads like it's trying to get a rise out of people who are clearly annoyed by this type of sentiment.
  40. Xaero Gravity

    Xaero Gravity Member

    Not that I need to justify jack shit to anybody here, but it means that I don't have to buy a standard copy alongside the CE I was planning on keeping sealed, like I was planning to.
  41. Alright cool, my bad.
  42. A standard copy would be $59.99 if you were getting the CE how would you save $90 for a standard version?
  43. Canada or Australia probably.

    Sucks paying close to $100 for a game here.
  44. Makes sense still the post is weird I doubt the demo will have access to the full game when the game actually releases. I see them patching it
  45. The Artisan

    The Artisan Member

    wouldn't we know if the demo has trophies? unless they're all hidden trophies by default
  46. The Artisan

    The Artisan Member

    they should've made it the blue winter jacket demo. Then this whole thing could've been avoided.
  47. pa22word

    pa22word Member

    shadowman16 over in the Y thread said that when Japanese players started the main game they had loads of trophies pop automatically, so I'd assume that yes it does track it in some way for the western release too.
  48. The Artisan

    The Artisan Member

    i meant if this demo/full game download included all the trophies meant to be in the full game, or if it only included trophies up to the part where the demo is supposed to end (and you'd presumably just stop getting trophies as you kept playing)
  49. noyram23

    noyram23 Member

    That's actually a better summary, if perfectly executed, than what I experienced during 4 which is cutscenes from 1 - 3.
  50. truly101

    truly101 Member

    I wonder if they have a way for people to maybe donate or pay something that got the demo for free, just in case $60 is too steep...maybe $30 or $40? I did get the demo and had no idea about any of this until this afternoon. I had planned on purchasing the game when it released in April. I've bought every Yakuza game they've released...even the zombie one.