SEGA removes Yakuza 6 demo (in the US) because players were able to unlock full game

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Birdseye, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Raw64life

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    What I want to know is why did they delay the game by a month and to an even worse date (now going up against God of War instead of Ni no Kuni) than before if the game is done now.

    I'm holding out for the glimmer of hope that they might be trying to get the game to 60FPS but I highly doubt it. 30FPS is really disappointing after Yakuza 0 and Kiwami.
  2. Xaero Gravity

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    It's called Canada.
  3. Cisce

    Cisce Community Resettler Member

    i wish that standard copies would cost $60 over here

    i'm very nostalgic for 2013.
  4. Basarili

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    The most important question to ask here is how many people downloaded Yakuza 6 from the USA store within the timeframe?
  5. Shanaynay

    Shanaynay Member

    I hope it comes back sometimes, i'd love to try the demo at least. D:
  6. pa22word

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    The game is done and has been for nearly 2 years now. The only thing the localization team is doing is translation. Performance is not going to change.

    Also, 60fps was never going to happen. Just look at a single game play video of 0 then 6. The dragon engine is immensely more demanding, and 0 was designed first and foremost for the PS3 not the PS4.

    Not many is my guess. It went up via direct download link (not storefront page) at around 10:30am CT, and went down around 4:30pm CT. By the time people figured out what had happened with any degree of certainty Sega had already pulled the demo.
  7. Raw64life

    Raw64life Member

    I'm aware. By "done" I meant translated. Has anyone who got the full game reported any untranslated parts of the game yet?
  8. Pretty sure Edge put out a review for the game and other journalists have had it for a few weeks as well. To my understanding it should be fully translated.

    Sadly, it feels like forever ago
  9. JackRandom

    JackRandom Member

    So, it turns out my PS4 did actually download the "demo" yesterday. Going to probably see how far it takes me, but regardless, CE preorder will remain in effect.
  10. VanDoughnut

    VanDoughnut Member

    Looks like Sony/Sega stepped in. Had the full version but it's been locked now.
    Just a heads up.

    I'm okay with it, still need to focus on my backlog. I'm more hyped than anything. Just right next to God of War means I might not be there day 1.
    Would be cool if my save file works when I do get it.
  11. Chessguy1

    Chessguy1 Member

    yup, everyone is reporting their "demo" is being locked out
  12. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher God of Dream Destruction Moderator

    Mine still works, but if they revoke the license I won't feel bad.
  13. Vishmarx

    Vishmarx Member

    well i decided to download the demo from uk account to give it a whirl.
    that opening was a long ass korean drama lol. teeth need kicking in.
    this feels very different from 0 , both in tone and combat. real sad and somber all around, and they removed the styles?
  14. KaiPow

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    Print magazines always have a long lead time for reviews. I can't speak for other websites, but our review code is supposed to arrive next week at the soonest.
  15. RiderKairuu

    RiderKairuu Member

    Wonder if they'll ban me once I get back online...
  16. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher God of Dream Destruction Moderator

    The styles were only in Yakuza 0 (because Kiryu hadn't developed his style yet) and Yakuza Kiwami (because his fighting skills had atrophied after ten years in jail and was essentially starting from scratch). They won't be back in Kiwami 2 either.

    The idea is that Kiryu has "perfected" the Dragon of Dojima style as of the end of Kiwami 1 after training with Komaki, so he wouldn't need to use the incomplete styles he worked with when he was an upstart kid.
  17. Chaserjoey

    Chaserjoey Member

    I don't think they will. I mean, is it possible to tell who is playing the full game because of the demo snafu and who is playing the full game as a reviewer?

    Edit: well, they could tell who is playing the full game because they locked that 'demo', but no one should be banned for it.
  18. The styles were just a Y0 (and kiwami) thing. They were supposed to represent that Kiryu hadn't refined a combat style yet and was more messy and all over the place with his fighting. It was implied that if you were to combine those three styles you'd get something akin to what he has in all the other games.

    I haven't really played Y6 since the Japanese demo a while back, but I'm pretty sure they have incorporated some more stuff from the Y0 styles into his main style too.

    Edit: beaten
  19. RiderKairuu

    RiderKairuu Member

    True. Either way the damage is done I suppose
  20. Ænima

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    They will not ban you for a mistake they made. Only thing they can, and should have done already, is revoking the licence.

    But they messed up with Knack 2 making it free too in the release day. And as far as i know they never bothered revoking the licence. So i doupt they will revoke any licenses now too.
  21. Vishmarx

    Vishmarx Member

    So goro's final style in 0 will be his default in kiwami 2?
    on one hand expanding that sounds dope as hell, on the other i want my speedy styles back.
  22. RiderKairuu

    RiderKairuu Member

    Licenses have been revoked, people are locked out of the demo if they go online.
  23. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher God of Dream Destruction Moderator

    From the looks of it, Majima's Kiwami 2 fighting style is a slightly expanded Mad Dog of Shimano style, yeah.

    Essentially, the idea is that both of them settled on a "personal" style as they got older and refined that instead of using multiple styles that only slightly fit their personalities. The Mad Dog style in particular especially fits how Majima fights as a boss in more recent games, so it makes sense.
  24. Papercuts

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    This whole situation sucks. I know it will never happen, but I wish they just let you buy the game digitally now since it’s obviously done. The actual Y6 release date is really shit and this is a perfect time for a game like this.
  25. Ænima

    Ænima Member

    Oh i missed it. Good to know.
  26. Mine's also locked. Too bad, didn't get the chance to try it yet.
  27. Ryuartyi

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    I just found my demo locked, meaning I got one whole tutorial fight in before being unable to play it anymore. That's fine, at least I know how gorgeous the game looks now, especially when the Yakuza 5 cutscenes come in and show just how drastic the change from PS3 to PS4 is.
  28. Raoh

    Raoh Member

    Mine was revoked. Man i was hooked. That wait is gonna be a long one.
  29. Mullet2000

    Mullet2000 Member

    You guys should have taken your systems offline if you wanted to keep it!
  30. Chessguy1

    Chessguy1 Member

    i did, and mainly play games solo as well, so it's all good for me. i may stop buying games for a while though since i can't patch or download them.
  31. Kaizer

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    The demo won't be locked if you keep the system offline right? I still plan on keeping my pre-order for the After Hours Edition, but I definitely wanna play this once I finish up Yakuza 5.
  32. no, you should be fine.
  33. pa22word

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    You guys might be careful keeping it due to trophies snitching on you once you log back in eventually.

    Has Sony ever banned anyone for something like that before?
  34. PrynceKee

    PrynceKee Member

    Yea, my license was revoked also. Didn’t get a chance to play hopefully the demo comes back online soon...
  35. Ænima

    Ænima Member

    Today decided to just explore with the 1st person view camera, and was a great experience. Not only feels more imersive, it also makes you look at some stuff that you usually dont see. I even found that inside cafe Alpes thers a back door that takes you to a very narrow alley.
  36. Imran

    Imran Member

    Can't say for sure, but I get the feeling it was a financial year decision, and a very silly one at that.
  37. Kenzodielocke

    Kenzodielocke Member

    If that was the case, why not relese it on the 3rd of April?
  38. Cess007

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    Yeah, even when I downloaded the demo very late into the night, Sega removed my license. No problem, I will wait for the correct Demo to be up to check it out
  39. Imran

    Imran Member

    Because that is less than a week after another Sega release and they don't want them cannibalizing each other.

    Also possibly because just because it's a financial year thing doesn't mean they need to release it literally as soon as possible because a bad decision is not necessarily made alone.
  40. RNG

    RNG Member

    Damn, it was fun while it I don't feel like playing anything else right now lol. It's gonna be a long painful wait for less than 2 months.
  41. Opa-Pa

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    That's a lot of people going online despite owning something that was obviously going to be revoked lol.
  42. Indelible

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    Mine got revoked as well, I was always going to buy it physically so I don't mind. Getting to play well into chapter 4 lessons the sting of having to wait a month and a half to play the retail game.
  43. nelsonroyale

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    Best error ever
  44. Classicrock78

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    Im offline i will continue to be untill ninokuni 2,thankfully im getting farcry 5 on xbox one x.
  45. TokyoSlim

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    I hope that guy feeds all the cats I got for him while I'm gone.
  46. Hamchan

    Hamchan Member

    Very happy to see the licenses revoked. Hope it doesn’t mess things up for people who want to buy it later.
  47. Raoh

    Raoh Member

    After playing the "Demo", i'm buying it twice.
    Digital since it's 53.99 right now on PSN with a discount.
    And later on i'll get it physical.
  48. Chaserjoey

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  49. Nooblet

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    Yea my "demo" stopped working. I shouldn't have left my PS4 online but always being connected to internet is like usual for me so I didn't even give it any thought.

    I don't really care about it not working anymore as obviously it wasn't suppose to, what's bugging me is that I was right near the end of the story and now I have to wait nearly two months to see the conclusion. All my anticipation will die by then. They should just let people who purchase it from PS store and have the "demo" continue to play it.
  50. Kyle Cross

    Kyle Cross Member

    Hopefully the license being revoked doesn't cause some people to not get the game because they're angry they didn't get a free copy. Support this series, people!