1. Kyle Cross

    Kyle Cross

    Hopefully the license being revoked doesn't cause some people to not get the game because they're angry they didn't get a free copy. Support this series, people!
  2. Kenzodielocke


    You almost finished the game??
  3. Raoh


    Just how long did you play it?
    Include your answer in spoilers so that other people aren't spoiled by your play time.
  4. Nooblet


    Yea I played till chapter
    and there are in total
    chapters in the game. I think I played a good
    15-17hours can't say for sure.

    I didn't do that much side content because when it comes to Yakuza games I do side content and general mucking about after I finish the main story. It's because the main story engages me so much that I always want to know what's next and doing side content takes away from that for me because of the tonal shift between serious story and silly side stuff. But I do like the aide stuff so I do them once I am finished with story.
  5. Vash


    Meh, I wanted to play the demo so much, turns out, it's not even on the Dutch PS Store. I saw someone else mention it's not on the German store either. What gives?
  6. graywolf323


    hmm I had the demo running when I put my PS4 to sleep so it's suspended, wonder if it'll still work

    edit: nope
  7. Like the hat?

    Like the hat?

    I was wondering why I was eating trophies in a demo.
  8. Skulldead


    I think people that really want to play the game right now are already in offline mode, monster hunter will wait for a couple of weeks for me until i finish yakuza 6...

    Anobody else got a email for CE that the date change ? Amazon.ca here ? Would it be because of this leak ?
  9. Nooblet


    I had the same thing going on, it stopped working because I had it connected to internet.
  10. Chaserjoey


    They took down the demo from every region to check it for any further issues.
  11. L.O.R.D


    decided to connect my PS4 to the network, i won't play the game anytime soon, and i still need to play yakuza kiwami and 4 and 5 first.
    after i finish all those i think the game will be at $30 or less.
  12. Vash


    Waaaaaaaahhh!!!! Noooooo!!!! *sobs*

    I thought they only removed it in the US, hence why I was wondering it's not there.

    I guess I'll wait for its return then. Thanks. :)
  13. OwensboroEsq


    Pre-order complete. Played up to Chapter 3 and can't remember if I took my console offline or not. Hope I did since I really just want to keep playing this thing. Either way, the pre-order stays :). So pumped to be playing this early (March is a good chunk of free time for me, the rest of the year not so much).
  14. Dreamboum


    Now what pisses me off is that twitter has just tacitly accepted we're going to share Yakuza 6 screens of every funny bit when people still has to wait 2 months to play it. By the time it reaches us, I am going to know all about every part of the game without even having played it
  15. shadowman16


    That sucks. There's a few bits I've been keeping quiet on because they are spoilery (in terms of side stories) so it'd suck if those get leaked early (and I'd wager at least one of those will). Hopefully story scenes are still blocked from taking screen caps, as I really hope no one spoils the story. As that'd just be a jerk move.
  16. Skulldead


    Sure but at same time game came out like 1 years ago in Japan....i wouldn't be surprise to see spoiler pop everywhere... i am very careful in yakuza OT :)
  17. So they actually revoked them huh. I deleted mine last night before that happened. Hopefully they get the proper demo up soon.
  18. Prismatico


    They don't even really ban people for blatant trophy cheating. Third-party websites do the moderating.
  19. what a time to be alive as a yakuza fan
  20. DrFunk


    It was an incredible 48hrs
  21. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm glad I'm not getting penalized for the error...just gotta wait a month and a half to finish it hahahaha.
  22. You'll be fine as long as you don't check twitter !
  23. TokyoSlim


    I posted a pic to twitter but it's just a Kiryu selfie with cats. I don't think it spoils anything. :P

    I don't appear to be following anyone who's posting spoilery pics, so I guess I'm lucky.
  24. Imran


    Weird it's almost like taking advantage of an unintentional glitch didn't have all of your desires in mind
  25. artemis

    Banned Member

    I'm playing it right now. Combat feels like a step down when you have played Zero.
  26. GrayFoxPL


    They removed the demo from EU store. Didn't that work normally as a demo? When it was up yesterday it was already locked, not being able to download. I just wanted to play the freaking demo.

    I understand removing it from US store but taking out real demo from EU is just paranoia.
  27. Vash


    Yeah, it's a shame. I really wanted to try out the demo. :(
  28. Do we have any indication of if/when the demo is going back up? I was all pumped to try the demo out
  29. Birdseye

    Member OP

  30. Nooblet


    Yea no need for that sort of comment. I never said it was wrong of them to do so.

    It's not my problem if Sega accidentally uploaded the full game, as a fan I'm going to take the opportunity to play it early if I can and it's not like there aren't people who haven't finished the game even if you don't consider this fuck up as people who can understand Japanese have been able to play the game for a while. I've already paid for the game, so my conscious is clear too.
  31. Chessguy1


    mehhh if trophies don't carry over i think i'll pass on playing i guess and wait for the retail
  32. Cisce

    Community Resettler Member

    edit: nevermind, read the reddit posts.

    i guess we'll have to trust sega's word until the game actually releases.
  33. IrishNinja


    at this point i wonder if there's any chance they'll try again or just wait till the delayed release date? like, the game seems done, was the delay for LE items or what? gonna be a long wait either way
  34. eyeball_kid


    I'm not even sure why they had a demo for the 6th title in a series. Anyone who has played that long is going to buy it anyway. And anyone who hasn't played any Yakuza games shouldn't be starting with 6.
  35. Opa-Pa


    Pretty sure they'll re-upload the proper demos eventually.
    That's a good point lol, I think in Japan it was mostly to showcase the Dragon Engine, but over here it was kind of a weird choice.
  36. shadowman16


    Every Yakuza game bar Kiwami has had a demo. I'm certainly not complaining that they keep putting them out! Plus as you say 6's demo was great as it showed off the dragon engine and the changes in the game so out of all the demos released its probably one of my favourites along with Hokuto and maybe Yakuza 4 (just because 4 let you try out all four different characters in battle. I loved that).
  37. IrishNinja


    i can see that, but then most of them have great catch-ups at the start, and 0 did well last year. following up the momentum they had with that & kiwami makes sense to me, let more people see what the series is about (action & mini-games) seems kinda smart
  38. Diablos

    has a title. Member

    ...so are they going to finally put up a demo or what?


  40. 8bit


    I've still got the EU demo after downloading it on Tuesday, or anyway I did have yesterday and it still worked. Haven't checked today. I assume it'll be back soon enough.
  41. Y2Kev


    I think I'll just wait until April.