SEGA teasing something to reveal on January 16th: Update - Possibly a Theme Hospital style game

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Silky, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. mudai

    mudai Member

    I can't believe we're finally getting a dragon rising sim called Panzer Dragoon's Simulation Saga.

    I want a new Panzer Dragoon game :(
  2. seiki

    seiki Member

    A simulation game announced by Two Point Studios to be shown in early 2018 (16th January)
  3. ZeoVGM

    ZeoVGM Member

    I know.

    I know.

  4. ezodagrom

    ezodagrom Member

    Seems to be a Two Point Studios game (ex bullfrog/lionhead devs).
  5. ZER0

    ZER0 Member

    It's sad, but they recently took the official English site down.

    I think one of the biggest reasons it will stay in Japan is because of all the sponsered events and items etc.
  6. FaintDeftone

    FaintDeftone Member

    I'm not holding my breathe here for anything good. It'll be something stupid like a Sonic Collection for the Switch or something.
  7. ZER0

    ZER0 Member

    Apparently it will be their first game as the new studio.
    TBH I haven't heard of them until know, but apparently they are ex Lionhead devs and Frogger.
  8. Kifimbo

    Kifimbo Member

  9. Spaghetti

    Spaghetti Member

    I am 100% in on a Theme Hospital spiritual sequel, if that's what we're getting.
  10. pswii60

    pswii60 Member

    Shinobi game please. I need something to make up for the loss of God of War. Bayonetta 3 is the base, DMC 5 would be half the cake, Ninja Gaiden 4 the other half and then Shinobi the icing.
  11. Silky

    Silky Member Original Poster

  12. Phonomezer

    Phonomezer Member

    Who changed the thread title?!


    I wanted to share in the excitement at what the noted Clockwork Knight™ publisher is going to reveal.
  13. Get_crazy

    Get_crazy Member

    Ok nevermind, hope crushed.

    Not interested in this :(
  14. elyetis

    elyetis Member

    Seems like such a good news that I'm already expecting it to end up being a phone game.
  15. Vault

    Vault Member

    now I'm interested i loved Theme hospital
  16. PetrCobra

    PetrCobra Member

    Ok now I'm mildly interested. Just waiting for them to announce the platform(s).
  17. Satuprinssi

    Satuprinssi Member

    ...instabuy there.
  18. Soundchaser

    Soundchaser Member

    Sega fans seem to be stuck in the past too deeply. How can you be unhappy about a new sim from the former Bullfrog/Lionhead employees?
  19. Wrynnax

    Wrynnax Member

    I'm down for anyone trying a new theme hospital like game, spent hours playing the original on ps1 and rediscovered it last year when it was free on origin.
  20. IronicSonic

    IronicSonic Member

    When someone says Sega, the last thing I think is a Sim Hospital game :/

    At least we have a very safe Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Yakuza 6 to look this year
  21. shadow2810

    shadow2810 Member

    going in thinking about new Trauma center game, then saw the two point studio tweet, hmmm
  22. Silky

    Silky Member Original Poster

    There's your answer.
  23. Nirolak

    Nirolak Member


    I mean, for years now, half their annual line-up has consisted of titles such as:
    - Total War
    - Warhammer Games
    - Endless Space
    - Football Manager and Motorsport Manager
    - RTS titles like Company of Heroes, Halo Wars, and Age of Empires

    This seems like a pretty straightforward fit.
  24. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    much to some people's shock, Sega has a profitable European division
  25. SephLuis

    SephLuis Member

    What are the chances that this lits a fire under Atlus ass to continue the Trauma games ? =(
  26. Piccoro

    Piccoro Member

    Don't forget Yakuza of The North Star, Virtual On and Border Break.
  27. 5taquitos

    5taquitos Member


    Theme Hospital spiritual successor by some of the original devs?

    Sign me the fuck up right now.
  28. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert Member

    We don't even know what it is...
  29. Yunyo

    Yunyo Member

    Oh wow, so it's (potentially) a Theme Hospital game? Hype! If they nail the comedy this could be a really big deal!
  30. MELLO

    MELLO Member

    Some of us are just have a different idea of sega, regardless of what stuff they make. Like I dont think of those games when I hear the name, Sega.
  31. Silky

    Silky Member Original Poster

    No True SEGA game
  32. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    zero since this will easily outsell all the Trauma games. maybe even combine

  34. Granjinha

    Granjinha Member

    Can't wait to see this!

    That's because you're not well informed.
  35. Jarmusch

    Jarmusch Member

    theme hospital is one of the goats, gimme moar please sega
  36. Virtua King

    Virtua King Member

    It doesn't seem out of the ordinary for SEGA's PC catalog, but yeah, this is not my kind of genre.
  37. IronicSonic

    IronicSonic Member

    I'm aware of their European branch. It's just not my favorite Sega. I grew up with 90-00 Sega. It's not that hard to get why this doesnt excite me at all.

    But those aren't confirmed for west, are they?
  38. ArjanN

    ArjanN Member

    Danny O'Dwyer will be the happiest boy.
  39. Get_crazy

    Get_crazy Member

    Two Point Studios Twitter description:
    It's not the type of games I'm into.
    Edit: also this
  40. Yunyo

    Yunyo Member

    I encourage anyone who isn't sure about Theme Hospital to give it a chance. It was one of the best and funniest simulator games released for PC back in the day. I sunk an untold amount of hours into this game and it was a true classic. In fact, it still holds up extremely well today.
    It has a 75% off deal right now and is $1.50.

    Now I'm hype. If it really is Theme Hospital and they nailed the humor and mechanics...
  41. CylonToaster

    CylonToaster Member

    Looking forward to the reveal. We need more sim games!
  42. Soundchaser

    Soundchaser Member

    That Sega died sometime in 2004. You had more than a decade to wake up and smell the coffee.
  43. Seik

    Seik Member

    Just announce a physical version of Sonic Mania and let the money flows in.
  44. Virtua Sanus

    Virtua Sanus Member

    I am really happy for fans of Theme Hospital.

    I am fine with SEGA releasing games like this, I actually really love Creative Assembly and Amplitude Studio's work! The problem is that most of SEGA's core fans do not associate them with games like this. Just look at the replies to the Tweets, everyone is replying expecting ports, localization announcements, etc.

    They need to tease their next PC port ASAP or else this shit will harm this new hospital game's PR.

    Nah. Yakuza, Puyo Puyo, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Sonic Mania, even stuff like Bayonetta 1, 2 and 3. SEGA's legacy is alive and well. Just because some of their Dreamcast franchises are not active does not mean the spirit of SEGA is gone.
  45. Huw_Dawson

    Huw_Dawson Member

    A spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital? oooooo

    Look at all the port begging in this thread :O
  46. Now I’m sad, thanks a lot man.
  47. Gelf

    Gelf Member

    Sega have manoeuvred themselves into a big player when it comes to PC strategy titles so publishing a hospital sim game makes sense.

    Now it's not the thing I immediately think of when it comes to the company as an old school Sega fan but I loved Theme Hospital as well so I can't complain.
  48. Kazuhira

    Kazuhira Member

    Trauma Team?
    Edit: forget what i said.
  49. FlutterPuffs

    FlutterPuffs Member

    This is better than I expected.
  50. vereor

    vereor Member

    Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles, Bayonetta (technically a Sega IP), Binary Domain, Sonic Mania never existed. It was just a collective dream we made back in 2004.
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