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Sekiro is not hard!

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Oct 28, 2017
How is it get good?
Asking people to play the game and learn its mechanics is asking too much now?

I am not asking them to be skilled or not die at all, cause that's not important or necessary, they just need to play more of the game to get the hang of it.

If my son tells me riding a bicycle is too hard and I tell him ''you just need to ride more son'' I am not telling him to ''git gud'' I'm telling him to not give up.
Lol you literally are saying that.
Oct 27, 2017
As a Souls veteran: you are wrong. The game is hard and it is the most difficult in the series.

You can obviously master it and then steamroll everything and cheese a couple of bosses. But please stop telling people that the game is not hard.

Thread should be closed because this factually wrong claim should in fact not stand out.
It is NOT the hardest in the series. Once you get the rythim of the game it becomes one of the easiest experiences in the series. You dont learn the rythim you dont beat it because the game forces you to play the way you have to play in order to beat the bosses.
Also the spamming of L1 makes the whole "hardest of the series" null
Oct 25, 2017
They don't have to get good, they just need to actually play the game instead of moaning everytime they die.

I swear to god some people spend more time complaining about the game being too hard then actually playing the game.
"They don't need to get good... They just need to get good."

Clearly people are playing the game, and clearly they're finding it difficult. They're not playing the game wrong, the game is hard.
Oct 27, 2017
Partially agree.
Game is hard because it needs you to learn how to win... but nowadays we are used to just win every time and never see a game over.
Then there are some parts of it that are actually "hard" to beat, but overall is ok after a bit of not mindless practice... is mostly a "memory game", once you got the 2-3 pattern attacks it's just a matter of timing.
Also there are a ton of ways to make it easy (prostetics, infinite stamina, powerups,...).
Oct 27, 2017
How is it get good?
Asking people to play the game and learn its mechanics is asking too much now?
It's uncommonly challenging for a game's default difficulty, yes. That's why people call the game hard. Most games don't require you to know a boss' moveset inside out and be able to counter everything they throw at you, knowing you can die in two hits at any moment, just to be able to beat the boss on your first playthrough. I don't think there's anything wrong with that design philosophy, but it is, unarguably, HARD.

Like, seriously, why do people not want to admit this? Shit's difficult. Sekiro is a hard game.
Oct 27, 2017
Yeah, but you can still beat them by finding one or two moves that you know you got the timing down and ONLY engage them there. They all have tells before each move. Then just keep your distance/block without trying to parry when they do it.

For example...

Headless Ape

Had a bunch of moves I couldn't get the hang of. But I had the rhythm of his sword attack where he starts by moving his arm to the player's right and directing the blade at the player's left. So I baited him until those, then I parried that. Everything else I just ran/dodged/blocked because I knew I couldn't handle it.

(Not saying that the game is easy, but I do think that the rhythm approach holds for the entire game)
I know, thats how i played most of the game but thats not fun most of the time. Running around like a moron untill the boss does a specific move i understand. It becomes more a game about patience than anything else.

Ps: i just arrived at the last boss yesterday and i'm done with the game. Dreams Early Access comes out in a few hours and i dont care at all about 'learning' the last boss's weak moves for a few hours, it honestly seems like a waste of time lol
Oct 28, 2017
Even If I am (which I still don't feel like I am), I am not doing it in a snarky way like ''git gud lol'', it's more like ''Come on dude you can do it, just keep practicing!''

There's a difference between ''git gud son'' and ''keep playing, you'll get the hang of it''
It's not that it's snarky, it's that in the wider conversation about the difficulty of the game, the response essentially is "people just need to get better" which dismisses a lot of valid conversation about it.
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