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spoiler tag etiquette
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    Also remember Spoiler Tag etiquette! Morrigan made a great post about it, reposting here死.106251/post-19238786

    Hey everyone, there's been some complaints about this thread being a minefield of spoilers, so please remember to:

    a) use the spoiler tag when appropriate, particularly for mid-game and later, and
    b) MARK your spoilers.

    Examples of spoiler tag etiquette below:

    Worst (seriously, this is useless):
    Hey guys how do I beat (name of late-game boss)? Need tips please
    Against (name of late-game boss), it helps to always stay aggressive and parrying a lot, also the flame vent prosthetic tool helps in this fight.
    Bad (please avoid):

    Q: How do I beat
    name of late-game boss? Need tips please

    A: Here's how I did it:
    Against (name of late-game boss), it helps to always stay aggressive and parrying a lot, also the flame vent prosthetic tool helps in this fight.

    Good (please do it like that!):

    Q: How do I beat
    name of the boss here, need tips please?

    A: Here's how I did it:
    Against (name of late-game boss), it helps to always stay aggressive and parrying a lot, also the flame vent prosthetic tool helps in this fight.

    Thank you for your cooperation, everyone. <3
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    Good tips for DoH (optional boss)
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    To all of you having trouble with a certain optional, Bloodborne-style end-game boss:

    Demon of Hatred
    The Perilous charge move: counter by jumping left
    The leap into the air/explosion: counter by sprinting away and mash left trigger. You will grapple back to him, avoid the shockwave and get a huge window for free hits.
    All stomps can simply be blocked. Even with the stagger effect, he will still be wide open for at least 2-3 hits.
    When he leaps away from you, NEVER let him have distance even if you think you need to heal. ALWAYS rush back to him. As you're closing the gap he will do one of two attacks. The most common, is throwing two waves of fireballs at you. If you began sprinting to him immediately, you can safely spring right under the first wave and punish him as he finishes. The second, he will lift his flame arm high and bring it down vertically, sending a huge trail of fire straight ahead for some distance. Avoid this by sprinting left or right. In phase two and three this will be upgraded to include a wider swath, with fire on both sides of the trail. Avoid the same way as previous, just jump right as the attack lands.
    For his headbutt, simply dodge left or right.

    Whenever you are closing the distance with him from relatively close, he may use HIS right hand to do a single swing attack to catch you unaware. This is countered by always sprinting towards his left side, causing the attack to whiff every time.

    The move that was the hardest for me to counter was a combo - he does two fiery swings, then a stomp, then one more swing, then lifts hit left leg like he's about to stomp but this isn't actually an attack. It's only four moves. To counter the combo, hug his left leg during the swings, block the stomp, then spring to YOUR left to avoid the last swing. From that point you can hammer him for 4-6 hits.

    Phase 3 adds in homing fire balls. These can be avoided by sprinting laterally with ease, but hopefully you will never see this attack as it means you were giving him far too much space.

    Also added in phase 3 is a move that creates a circle of fire around both of you. This is more theatrical than it is dangerous. Keep close to the demon and do not enter the fire. If he leaves the circle, he will return very quickly, almost always to do either a single charge/sweep attack or a double in the reverse direction. Just hit jump in both cases to avoid. The hitbox is very forgiving, but remember, watch the animation, not the kanji to get the timing down. The kanji is just a warning that it's coming, not an indicator of timing.

    Lastly, between phases do not get greedy. End of phase one is only an AOE shockwave which causes knockback but no damage. Regardless he will immediately jump away and any hits you might've gotten in will not damage him. Use this time to heal if you need to. Between phase two and three, immediately sprint to the far end of the arena. As far as you possible can get away from him. He will open with a MASSIVE circular spin attack, easily the biggest AOE attack in the whole game. After this, sprint around the ring of fire laterally until he comes charging through it. Do NOT stop moving or he will leap attack you for a (likely) OHKO. After the dramatic opening of the phase, continue to fight him as before.

    I think that's all his moves.
    If you follow these counters, you can beat him without using tools or cheesy strategies.

    Hope these help someone out there!
    late game boss essential tips by Jett
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    The problem with the deflect strategy is that he constantly overwhelms you and just breaks your guard. Unless you're literally PERFECT, he's going to kill you by just punching through your Posture.
    Here's a protip, loud and clear, for you or anyone else:


    This move is so OP and so much more useful than anything else in the game it's absolutely ridiculous. You simultaneously deal posture damage while recovering your own posture. I honestly can't believe Ichimonji (single and double) is the only combat art in the game that works that way. It renders every other combat art in the game worthless in terms of actual usefulness, especially against bosses.

    And here's another protip if you or anyone else is still having issues recovering your own posture:


    And a last one:

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