SemiAcccurate gets some Playstation 5/Next details ($1000 Subscription to read / Summary in OP)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Llazy, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Who's to say that TLOU part 2, Ghosts of Tsushima and other games aren't really PS5 titles downported for PS4?
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    Reality check, $1,000 is nothing for your typical mid to large gaming/computer/graphics developer, publisher, engineer, manufacturer, etc. It's just thrown under expenses, and worth it for the intel you get from the articles and forum.
  4. It's from his podcast, he says it has two SKUs, one as powerful as the Xbox One X and the other less powerful but he wouldn't be surprised if the less powerful SKU was dropped before reveal.

    And he goes on and on about how Google moneyhatted this classic game franchise reboot and how the graphics look great and it's like... They really sent you footage/images of a major unannounced game on a fucking unannounced console from fucking Google?

    Only you?
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    2019 seems plausible. Beating MS to market at $399 has proven to be a good move.
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    The next Playstation is going to...
    Note: The following is for professional and student level subscribers. Please send me $1000 naow. Sharing info below violates my copyright!!!
    ...have better specs than PS4.
  7. wait, nobody told you about the Era Gold account?
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    I bet this is actually a honeypot thread and Jawbreaker is just looking for an excuse to ban all of us.
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    lol never ever.
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    What now?
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    That's guranteed to happen regardless of what year it releases in. We already saw what happened with this gen, and I can only imagine it being more pronounced in the next gen.
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    Shocking Twist: SemiAccurate is owned by/partnered with Sony and this is a controlled leak and funding for the PS5's development.
  13. 2018!? LOL. Nope.
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    2019 would be awesone. Make is the best you can for 499 please.
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    The Internet police is on its way.
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    I nominate the tag "wet work". It works on... multiple levels
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    This is some hc paywall bs
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    Is there a summary?
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    Oh no, time to go offline!
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    I wonder if Sony would announce a PS5 this year, but not actually show anything. Sort of like Microsoft did with the X. Build up hype and take out what little wind is in the sales at Microsoft.
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    Do not post scans to the article. It's fine to discuss the article via a summary.
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    Its gonna be better than PS4, will have some AMD shit, maybe in 2018

    Nothing else
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    oh nice, you posted it then now you're banning it.
  25. PS5 comes out Holiday 2018 featuring an APU with a Navi gpu and an 8 Core Zen CPU.

    Features much better VR support.

    Tons of dev kits are out in the wild.


    My thoughts... the PS5 launching 2018 means that it will be built on 10-14nm, ie. It won’t be that powerful. It likely will just have crossgen games for the first two years.

    An XB2 in 2020 could be built on 3-5nm, feature HBM2 ram and be significantly more powerful.

    Microsoft’s biggest screw up is not making the XB1 compatible with the Oculus, the Vice or their own VR headsets. VR is going to be big next gen and MS allowed Sony to get a solid foothold completely unopposed (though the current PSVR headset and motion controllers are of very poor quality imo, the next ones won’t be).
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    I hope it doesn't come out that soon
  27. Are you mixing up Jawbreaker and Jawmuncher ?
    I don't blame you
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    Nice save.
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    I fully expect a PS5 to play all PS4 games. It's in everyone's best interest. (Sony/Devs/Consumers)
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    Thanks though. :)
  31. Bwaaahahaha... 2018?

    No chance in hell of that happening. PS5 will launch with Navi GPU arch on the 7nm. For a 2018 launch they will need to ramp up to volume production from the beginning of this year in order to stockpile enough inventory for a simultaneous worldwide launch... only problem is, 7nm isn't yet ready for volume production.

    No way Sony launches on a fresh 7nm node. 2019 the 7nm process will be mature, meaning better production yields thus a stronger product. Fall 2020 could even allow for a launch on the 7nm EUV process, which I've heard is a real game-changer in semi-conductor manufacturing process technology. No reason to rush out the PS5 with the PS4 selling so well, and every reason to wait it out and launch with a more capable system.
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    I'm expecting a Feb 2019 reveal with fall 2019 launch
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    Does anyone have a copy of the image? If so, PM it to me, pleaaaassseeee.
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    Yep, 2020 please.
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    if it's this close to being released it's going to look bad for the Xbox One X, because the faster CPU will make a massive difference (the Jaguar CPUs in these consoles is really slow, I think a lot of people underestimate just hot bad it is compared to Zen) and the current gen including the X can be struggling to hit 30 when the PS5 is easily hitting 60, and the X will be barely 1 year old, so it would be unrealistically to expect a new, competitive Xbox for a while.

    but who knows, it would also mean the PS4 Pro had a short life... but... I think the upgrade is needed, specially for their VR ambitions.
  36. Well it depends on if it's the best interest of publishers to want to sell PS4 games to PS5 owners again.
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    If PS5 is not fully BC I will be very disappointed.
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    Y'all got any of them PM's?

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    This is the real mindblowing revelation of the thread to me.
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    Honestly, I could write up something quick if that was allowed.

    Like, what is allowed?
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    My uncle works at Sony and none of this is accurate to what he said about the next Playstation which will be called the Super Nintendo 3
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    This was lame. They didn't tell us anything.
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    A summary of the relevant details is fine.
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    Make a live reaction video of you reading it.
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    Late April Fools ?
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    Could I please get that image PMed to me?
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    I believe the ps5 will have true fur-k
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    Will it have blast processing?
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    Either he has more money than sense; or he uses the website already, or will, in a professional capacity.

    Know the OP mentioned their successes in the past but does anyone else have any knowledge of Semiaccurate? It is not as if they're even branding themself as market analysts or anything - they straight up call themselves news journalists so their subscription model seems absolutely wild to me. Especially since it isn't a service like AP or Reuters.

    Depending on context $1000 is either wild bullshitting or a good fee for the content. News Wires and Market Analyists usually run in thousands a month.
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