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Seoul-Era, I'm coming to eat all your food

Oct 25, 2017
Following up my last thread where I requested help in planning a trip to Ireland and Era helped out A LOT.

My girlfriend and I will be visiting Seoul in just over a month for 9 days. We have a small list of stuff that we want to do so far: DMZ, some palaces, eat lots of food, take a kimchi making class, etc. We're staying in Itaewon. I know I have a bunch of apps to download, apparently reserve a wifi egg but I'm looking for other advice from people that have traveled there!
Nov 5, 2017
April - May should have decent weather. Not cold but not too hot either. It won't be super humid yet but Smog coming from China might be a problem. Itaewon is great for a variety of food, Hondae is good as well. Make sure you try this little bread thing with an egg in the middle of it, I don't know what's it called but it was so good! I wish i had eaten more of them.

I would recommend visiting N. Seoul Tower later afternoon towards nighttime so you can get that awesome night view. You can also buy locks and write your name on them with your girlfriend and lock them onto the viewing platform, you'll see what I mean when you visit it. I would also recommend taking the gondola, it's cheap and you won't have to walk 2 miles to go all the way to the tower.

A lot of palaces also offer traditional costumes that you can rent out if you or your gf are into that sort of thing. It's pretty cool walking around the palaces in traditional clothes and it's fairly cheap.
Visit Lotte Tower's top glass floors during a clear day (minimal smog) to get an awesome view of the entire city.

Make sure you get a T-money card for public transportation, they work with trains, buses and taxis. You can get them almost anywhere and depending on their promos you can get some cool looking ones (I have a pokemon charmander card)

You can also try watching a 4D movie if you haven't tried it yet, I'm sure Avengers will be awesome in 4D.

Saunas are pretty cheap as well, I went to the Silloam Sauna and had a good time for just $11 or about 12,000 won. There's all sorts of bath options and different types of dry saunas that you can try out there.

Taxis are great but the subway system is amazing, don't worry it's easy to understand and use.
I spent a year in Korea while I was stationed there in 2017, I had a blast, sometimes I wanna go back.
Oct 25, 2017
There’s SIM cards with unlimited data available at the airport as well, if you prefer going with something that doesn’t need charging. Right at the international arrivals area, there should be a booth for SK Telecom and KT together.

Myeong-dong has a market that’s worth a visit. It’s right next to Lotte Department Store. Tons of street food options. I second the bread with the egg on it. So good. I’ll add in Oreo churros too. There’s also an underground shopping area.

Hongdae has a great atmosphere with TONS of restaurant options. Probably can’t go wrong with most chicken and beer places. Get some street food and watch performances by buskers. Speaking of food, look up Gusto Taco in the area as well. Really good Mexican restaurant.

I didn’t spend too much time in Itaewon, but I did see a Halal Guys there. If you haven’t tried this chain yet, you’ve got a chance to in Itaewon.

Check out the War Memorial of Korea as well if you’re able to. Dedicate at least 3 hours or so, it’s a huge museum. Free admission.

I tried to do the DMZ tour, but the day I slotted for it wasn’t available. Make sure to book this ASAP regardless of which company you’re going with. Pack a shirt with a collar, don’t wear ripped jeans or shorts.

I’m in Seoul right now, just about to wrap up my trip.
Oct 25, 2017
Planning the locks! My girlfriend wants to do the traditional costume /j palace so we're planning on that. Is there a good smog indicator to use? App or site?

Can we get Tmoney cards now or just get one in the airport or something?

Thinking of a 4D movie but Avengers won't be out until we're back.

Thanks for the info.

I've never actually changed my sim card. How does this work? I have a Galaxy S7, does changing the sim card just give me a new phone number and data?
We're planning on going to Myeong0dong.

Noted on Hongdae, I think my gf has that on her list.

Noted on War Memorial, I want to see as much historical/cultural as I can.

We're buying our DMZ tickets Monday night, looks like the JSA tours are closed for some reason.
Oct 25, 2017
Yeah, if your phone is unlocked, you change SIM cards and it gives you whatever plan you buy from the booth. I did a data-only SIM, so all I had was internet basically. Which has been fine here.
Oct 29, 2017
The food scene is awesome and you won’t be disappointed. The food stalls are an adventure and the rule of thumb is if people are lined up then it’s worth getting. I also concur to getting a transit card. They’re rail system is great and easy to navigate.
Oct 25, 2017
You should check this place out while you are in Myeongdong... Inexpensive and delicious. It's pretty famous so it can be busy but worth visiting (pretty sure we went twice when we visited Korea so we could try everything on the menu)

Oct 25, 2017
Just giving an update because I know era was dying to know. I tried to eat all your food. While I failed there, I certainly succeeded in filling myself every day. On my way back home. It was a fun/amazing 9 days.
Oct 25, 2017
Ganjang Gejang is incredible and I wholeheartedly recommend it (soy marinated raw crab).

Oh, and you already mentioned you know about apps to get, but if Naver isn't one of them, make sure you add that to your list.

Edit: I'm an idiot.

Glad you had fun!