1. Omegasquash


    Judging by some of the responses in this thread, I guess women shouldn't wear bikinis at a beach because "well they're mostly naked what do they expect"?

    Idiot boys need to keep their goddamn hands to themselves, keep their dick in their pants, and don't stare.
  2. Darkstar0155


    I've been going to festivals all my life and never thought it was rampant. But I am sure there is a big difference between more jam band/hippy style festivals such as Lockn, Telluride, Northwest String Summit, Rothbury (before it turned into EFF), Allgood, Peach Fest, etc than Coachelle, SXSW, Bonnaroo, and EDM fests, etc.
  3. CatAssTrophy


    I've seen the "throw her over the shoulder" thing but it's always been with willing participants, and like in a pool or something fun.

    Do you know this person? Did you get her permission to even touch her? If the answer is no to either of these then go fuck off, bois. I hope some of them at least got pissed on.
  4. Lackless


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    Festivals like Coachella have gotten too mainstream. They're only meant for a certain type of people. Not saying what was done in the OP wasn't wrong but it's not surprising. Its like bringing your kids to Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras and complaining that they've saw too much nudity.
  5. Blade Runner

    Blade Runner

    It's a music festival meant for everyone and women shouldn't have to be worried about shit like being picked up and carried around by rando meatheads.
  6. Surfinn


    So women should just expect to be harassed at Coachella?
  7. ISOM


    Your post doesn't make any sense. What does being mainstream have to do with women being sexually harassed/assaulted or raped. That is not acceptable anywhere even Mardi Gras. I'm sitting here thinking you typed a nonsensical post.
  8. Syder


    If you remove time at festivals from my life, I've probably seen 2 or 3 acts of extreme sexual harassment in my life.

    If you include time at festivals, well... I've seen so much heinous shit at them. A lot of dudes (and some women) think they can get away with anything in festival environments.
  9. John Rabbit

    John Rabbit

    "I liked Coachella before it was a problem to sexually harass women."

    Miss me with this normalization bullshit. Sexual harassment is a problem for everyone, everywhere, every time. Coachella is for people who are a fan of the music being performed, that's literally the only prerequisite you could levy against it. And even then, who am I to tell people about how they spend their money?

    Also let's not pretend this festival hasn't been booking acts like Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and the Chili Peppers since the mid 2000s. They've had their toes in the "mainstream" for well over a decade now. Nevermind the fact that your equation of "mainstream" with "normies complaining about having their titties groped" is complete and utter bullshit.


    No means no. No ifs, no buts, no cuts. NO!
  11. Blade Runner

    Blade Runner

    I've seen girls get groped in mosh pits, but the stuff I've read about at festivals I've been "lucky" enough to not have seen, though I have no doubt it happens. The accounts of sexual assaults at Woodstock '99 were awful.
  12. Tuppen


    And this. If you take part in normalizing misogyny you're enabling sexual harassment whether you mean to or not.
  13. OrdinaryPrime


    Oh right, it's the woman's fault for getting sexually harassed because they wanted to listen to music.

    Honestly, this thread is eye-opening, in a very bad way.