SFV pro player Gllty accused of sexual assault


Jun 19, 2018
Wow. People will still cop for people who choke their wives because they're good at video games. Wild.
He was banned rightfully so, but that bit about chocking his wife turned out to be false. The domestic violence he was convicted for was from bruises around her wrist from holding her hand while they were fighting. The ban is more likely due to the transcript of thing he said when they were fighting, which is far more problematic than a bruised wrist.
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Oct 25, 2017
Yeah the translation (if correct) for what he said to her is scary enough. Psycho killer vibes.

I think the thing separating Infiltration from the rest of these incidents is fairly simple. These bannings have all stemmed from people preying on others at major events etc. whereas with Infil it has all occurred behind closed doors in private between him and his ex. I'm not defending the stance of allowing him entry but I think since nobody has come forward with complaints about Infil AT these events he is likely to continue competing. (Did he receive a short ban?)

As fucked up as it is, a company is sadly going to look at the business risk aspect of it more than anything (especially a moral factor). If they were given knowledge of people known to be frequently dangerous and predatory at events that THEY have hosted and had allowed them to return then someone is gonna lawyer up at some point. Sad but true. Otherwise they'll throw out a minor temp ban to appease public concerns hoping for it to smooth over.
I think you're kind of right about the NIMBY aspect, tho i dunno if I can really like prescribe that to their decision making


Oct 25, 2017
That's fair, but from my understanding Emezie isn't much of a player anyway and more of a personality, whereas I know Mahreen has game. That said, if he's a popular YouTuber and can bring some eyes to SFL maybe that isn't the worst thing either. I still say Mahreen only because I keep up with the SFV FGC and I don't know Emezie from a hole in the wall.
i think that's the guy defending capcom in every post on gaf back then. He was a pro at that if i remember correctly.


Apr 1, 2019
The right and obvious outcome. She got off easy considering what she supposedly did. I can't see her coming back. This is one of those things you can't come back from.
Exactly. Not only has this affected Gllty's FG career, but now possibly future employment with decent jobs/careers once employers starts Googling her name now that this news & her face are possibly now on the internet.

She brought it on herself.