1. Zappy


    RoTTR is my favourite SP game this gen. Cannot wait for this. Do not like her new face though. I liked how they presented her in RoTTR, wish they’d stop changing it.
  2. NeoRaider


    It's a CGI trailer. It shows new gameplay mechanics tho.
  3. Salty Rice

    Salty Rice

    Also if this is the end of the beginning of her becoming the Tomb Raider does that mean until now she was all these game just Vacation Raider?
  4. arcticice


    Good. it's a great weapon for killing in the game, all melee encounters are dealt with the pickaxe - might as well make it a part of marketing.
  5. Pretty much this.
  6. Spedfrom


    It's still whiny Lara with lots of grunts shooting big weapons. I'm bored already. Fuck this TR trilogy to hell and back. Crystal Dynamics has no idea what Tomb Raider actually is about. Selling millions yet still turning a franchise slowly into obscurity.
  7. pswii60


    I just don't see the point in CGI trailers. It only leaves you feeling underwhelmed when you see the actual gameplay.

    That said, RotTR is easily one of the best looking games of the generation, especially on X. So quite why they need to use CGI is beyond me - I'm sure the game will look stunning regardless.
  8. A good concept trailer really want to see a bit more character work here, I found every side character flat in the last two entries and didn't like anyone except Lara (and even that was questionable). I like the vibe they're going for with this entry it really feels like it could be the end of the 'survivor' arc as I call it. Will be a little disappointed if we don't see gameplay at some point today, the game is less than half a year out. Although, I suppose it is just over a month until E3 so will probably get a big blowout there.
  9. arcticice


    This is a good analogy and i can definitely see Eidos going down this route for the game.
  10. Cheesy


    I didn't like the first two, doubt I'll like this one.

    It's funny, when Uncharted first launched it was called "Dude Raider", now with the new Tomb Raider series it feels like they're trying to do what Uncharted does... Just with no fun, interesting, or memorable characters, average at best gameplay, and dozens of tacked on RPG systems and skill trees that just bog down the experience rather than add to it.
  11. Man, I hated the writing in RoTR so much. I really wonder why SE hasn't bought the Rambo license and replaced the TR franchise.

    With this 2nd redesign, at least they admit that Lara's character design was completely off in RoTR. Girl looked like straight out of an Ice-Princess Disney movie while murdering people more brutally than Psycho-Nate.
  12. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    Marketing and showcasing the vibe of the project. They get millions of views on YT:

  13. Prine


    Well that confirms at least it'll be an X showcase.
  14. NeoRaider


    Like i said it's part of the marketing. I for example like to see well done CGI trailer.
    They are showing gameplay today at Tribeca festival and i am sure that there will be at least 2 or 3 gameplay trailers before the release.
  15. DvdGzz


    Looks great! Can't wait for the gameplay at E3!
  16. impingu1984


    Am one of these weird people that loved the originals back in the day, and love the rebooted 2013 onwards series.

    Different Eras, different games, different direction... so what they're still good fun games.

    Would people be happy if they swapped out all the enemies for gorillas and T Rexs, had moon like gravity, and Lara slide on even 45 degree angled slope... running around empty voids?

    Sure they can expand on the Tomb Raiding a bit more, but the hyperbole in here is insane.

    Bring it on... looks great....
  17. Arklite


    Yeah I wonder how much is real maneuvers vs trailer flair. If you can really rope enemies from the trees or trip and stab people with the climbing axe/machete combo.
  18. FairyEmpire


    Looks nice, looking forward to the gameplay trailer. The people complaining about violence 'cause it's not "raiding tombs". I don't think people remember games like Tomb Raider 3, Chronicles, Angel Of Darkness, Legend, Underworld, the Lara Croft spin-offs or even Rise Of The Tomb Raider. This series is violent, always been, some episodes more than others, and given the context the storyline took in the previous chapters, this one being darker makes a lot of sense.
  19. eso76


    Well, uhm.
    At least they are not presentig her as a the nice and funny girl only to make her a mass murderer ingame.
    Before going back to being the good girl in cutscenes. No ludonarrative dissonance there !
  20. NeoRaider


    Nothing weird about that. I am the same and many other TR fans.
  21. Grailly


    "part of the marketing for the game" is not the same as "one of the key marketing points of the game". The pickaxe is as much a weapon as it is a tool in the games. A " clip from their newest marketing video" is hardly "one of the key marketing points of the game", I mean at that point I could just say it's a game about eclipses if I wanted to argue in bad faith.
  22. Kilgore


    Even if I'm not a fan of TR, the trailer is very good as it is.
  23. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    Rise of The Tomb Raider isn't an example of ludonarrative dissonance:

  24. Nostradamus


    No Drake doesn't look completely different, just older. And it's very different to have different tattoos and completely different faces.
  25. Strings


    Killing machine Lara is basically the least interesting thing they could have focused on here. Super boring filler trailer.
  26. I have really quite enjoyed the new Tomb Raider games as well despite their problems, I don't mind her having killed a lot of people either as it looks like it is going to be strongly incorporated into the story in this one. That CGI trailer very much was about showing what a ruthless killer Lara has become, to survive or not. The morality dilemma over killing isn't a new concept but it will give good exposition to Lara's character and possibly transform her way of doing things in later entries.
  27. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    Yeah, pretty bad trailer, and this new voice isn't Lara at all, she still sounds like a cry baby. I'm not feeling the whole become the Tomb Raider, like is she going to have a rite of passage or something?
  28. Nintendo


    Drake and basically all Uncharted characters look more different in each game than Lara does.
  29. Dec


    The mouse over text on the trailer is pretty good

  30. Pitchfork


    Absolutely love the first 2 reboot games, love the theme of this one, trailer got me hyped

    Day one!
  31. BrettHeazy


    When I saw this, I thought we were getting Punished "Dreaded" Lara with that hair style.

    But then I realized, she'd been rolling around in the mud.
  32. Datajoy


    Nice breakdown.
  33. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    This is a few steps over "oh they're just aging." Uncharted 4 had much more realistic art direction than the PS3 games, and the faces changed as a result.

    Similar thing happened with Tomb Raider:
  34. nelsonroyale


    I didn't really like that trailer...The Mayan set up seems uninspired, the content didn't hint at anything interesting narratively speaking. I didn't have any specific expectations, but this trailer has definitely lowered my interest.
  35. Cyberpunk


    I hope we get more enemy variety than ( Elite Organization soldiers => Native Cult people => Giant/Armored dude Boss fight => Cult leader boss fight ) that we got in the last two games
  36. Jump_Button


    Can I just do some back flips and shoot two guns with puzzles? And not play SAW guest staring Lara Croft
  37. NeoRaider


    New info from Spanish magazine preview:

    -Lara is obsessed with the Trinity. She wants revenge. Jonah will lead Lara on the right path. He advises you to save people. Lara only wants to destroy Trinity.

    -The puzzles will not be more complex, but more epic, terrifying and deadly.

    -After Shadow, there will be more games. But the classic Lara will not return. They will be independent adventures with the same Lara that now.

    -The catastrophe that happens in the city is a Tsunami.

    -The game will have the best action scenes of the whole trilogy.

    -The weapons will be focused on stealth.

    -The villain of the game will be Doctor Dominguez.

    -The game begins in Cozumel (Mexico) where Trinidad and Lara look for an ancestral key.

    -The hunting and the equipment will be more important. They see a Leopard.

    -In this occasion, the main tombs will be very important and are more classic.

    -In the tombs the sensation is of constant danger. Death will always be on the lookout for puzzles and traps.

    -We have freedom when diving. Oxygen must be taken into account.

    -The rope allows you to go up and down walls, run through them, and perform longer jumps.

    -No vehicles.

    -There will be secondary missions.

    -The violence returns.

    -The duration will be 13-15H without the side missions.

    -The tombs are much more hidden and are very dangerous.

    -The game is developed by Eidos Montreal, with the collaboration of Crystal. Eidos is the main developer.
  38. Arklite


    Eh, no need to spoil one of Rise's better plot points
    I can't say Rise had an amazing story but the facing chairs with Ana scene was a highlight.
  39. Linus815


  40. BLLYjoe25

    Banned Member

    i don't like her new appearance. should've kept it like in Rise but just make her a bit older. oh well.
  41. Zombie Fred

    Zombie Fred
    Community Resettler Member

    Looking forward to seeing how the game play looks. Not going to really think much on a CGI trailer as representation of any major face change. I'm really curious about the scenario in this game, I am a sucker for the mayan side of things.
  42. Linus815


    Check out the Rise CGI trailer; she looks different in that compared to the gameplay as well. We won't know until we see proper gameplay.
  43. KORNdog


    i enjoyed the reboot of the franchise, but the characters, story and voice acting were beyond terrible. the gameplay however was fun. rise somehow manages to surpass itself in regards to terrible writing, voice acting and characters, but it still played relatively well despite feeling like a retreat of old ground.

    on the one hand, i'm not holding my breath that the third is going to be any better than the second. but on the other hand, it's a new team developing it so there is at least a small glimmer of hope it could be good. just please have better writers, better story, better characters and better voice acting. give me a reason to care about the multiple hours of cut-scenes you've painstakingly animated. more trinity story stuff isn't going to cut it. they're a boring, faceless mercenary organisation.

    and please, for the love of god, not another mystical undead army that shows up 2 thirds into the game. the fact the undead army in rise of the tomb raider was so damn similar to the undead army in the reboot made it feel all too familiar.
  44. eso76


    wasn't talking about rotr or tomb raider in general though.

    It's a joke, but i mean, killing being the main gist of most games and games getting more and more realistic, or at least plausible (visually and in terms of characters interactions) it's inevitable that the tone would get darker and darker to fit the gameplay.
    These days you can't get away with 80's style action comedy where the hero makes funny jokes while gunning dozens bad guys, there's a different..uh...sensitivity. But people still like killing bad guys very much apparently.

    Wish we could go back to mostly exploring tombs and solving puzzles, but those are things AAA games can't afford.


    Oh but there's still hope this trailer is intentionally misleading and is just the prologue of the game in which Lara realises she killed some 40 (bad) guys to save one (good) kid and starts questioning her actions !
    Well, at least the trailer did aknowledge that, so maybe she might want to de-escalate ?
  45. Arklite


    If this means something closer to Rise's Endurance mode I'm all for it. It's sounding good overall if you liked the last games.
  46. Sub Level

    Sub Level
    Banned Member

    This new predator game looks fuckin awesome.
  47. arcticice


    As someone who's big into stealth, this is an awesome thing to read
  48. Stygr

    Member OP

    That's the Eidos Montreal touch, very good.
  49. Linus815


  50. christocolus


    Can't wait. day one.