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Shadow of the Tomb Raider |OT| That Belongs in My Manor

Oct 27, 2017
Deadly Obsession is total bullshit. The game isn't really hard, but it can be long between checkpoints and the game loves to bug out and randomly kill you.

Not a problem on lower difficulties where you are checkpointed every ten steps, but I've been set back an unreasonable amount twice now, last time because when jumping onto and sticking to a climbable wall, Lara got stuck in place and wouldn't move. After a bit of trying to climb she just fell down to her death. I didn't press any buttons. She just fell off by herself. Not fun.

I just wanted to get that off my chest. Game is perfectly OK otherwise though. It's one of those games that kinda good most of the time, but never really reaches the potential that I think the franchise has. I hope they do some serious thinking about how the game plays for the next entry. Maybe look at Mirror's Edge for inspiration. I want to figure out how to use my moves to get places, as opposed to trying to figure out what the designer wants me to do, because that's the only thing that'll work.
Oct 28, 2017
I'm enjoying the game - especially just exploring and getting loot. I find the fact I have to hit R3 every time I want to remember where I'm going is tedious as fuck. I wish they just had a quest marker or a map.

Also, I wish there was more action in this game.
Oct 27, 2017
I just started playing the game on my new setup (never played the game before; PS4 Pro + 65" nu8000 + Yamaha YAS207-BL)...is the game still exhibiting audio/lip-sync issues for anybody else (with the latest patch)? I'm really hoping there's nothing messed up with my hardware setup, but just thought I'd put some feelers out there in case there is. Thanks.
Nov 20, 2017
So I finally finished with this game, it took me 20hrs to finish with 78%.

Overall the game was great, it had cool moments and settings, also is the campaign the longest on the series? I don’t remember the other two being this long.

The plot started ok but then in Paititi it became too chatty and convulted with Trinity and the mixing of Mayan and Inca cultures (Bonus track: Catholic wtf).

The San Juan mission felt like a side mission and what was the purpose? Also because everything was Jungle, jungle the game felt like a same long mission and felt very constructed in a small setting

All in all, it was entertaining and for $29USD (XBL Black Friday sale) it was worth it and I liked this one more than Rise, they need to let 3-4 years to come back with a new entry but with an older and seasoned Lara, imagine playing Lara in her 40’s chasing her ultimate foe? Or with a daughter/son? They need to revamp the whole series and find a good plot to grow organically like the Arkham series.


1-TR2013 ♥️
2.5-Rise (because it wasn’t that bad and neither that worse than Shadow, but still it was kinda plain).
Oct 25, 2017
Think the new DLC might be broken in the adventure mode. There's a new quest giver on the map in the lost city by all the caves. If you mark the quest giver and then go back to the world the marker then disappears. If you go back to the map your waypoint is now removed. I marked other POI on the map and they appeared fine in the game so the waypoint system isn't broken then. I then instead go to where the quest giver is supposed to be and they are not there. I checked for caves beneath the area and there's nothing I can find, unless the entrance is pretty far off.

TLDR: Quest giver is not appearing in the game for The Pillar, and when you mark them with a waypoint it disappears. Looking at Twitter seems to confirm this.


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Aug 15, 2018
Shadow definitely isn't a game that feels polished to me, it's noticeably worse in that area compared to 2013/Rise.
There are A.I. bugs yes, but overall I’m really enjoying it anyway. I thought it would be much worse than it is and pleasantly surprised me.
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May 10, 2018
Gotta say this was my least favorite of the trilogy easily. Sometimes it felt frustrating for no reason.

I get that the series needed a change of scenery but I didn’t like the jungle setting all that much.

Also was it just me or did the main story seem really short?? I know people will say well if you just rush through the campaign and not do any side stuff of course it will seem short.

The thing is though is that I barely did any side stuff in the previous two games and yet the story campaigns seemed longer than this.

When I got to the “point of no return” in Shadow I audibly said out loud “really, this is it?”

I can’t see myself ever coming back to Shadow but I’ve played through 2013 twice and can go back and play it again along with Rise in the future.

Really glad I didn’t pay full price for this.
Some of those puzzles are really a pain in the ass...cant figure out one of those make the oil drip,light it up and hope it burns something down the line...because of course it's like its on a fucking timer...not the first time this happens in Tomb Raider games but man,I dont think I enjoy this anymore lol.
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I like this game a lot but it would a perfect great game to me if it wasn't for the iffy pacing...like you spend 3 hours,just doing puzzles,collections,upgrades,swimming etc etc,then all of a sudden,after finding a great weapon there is a fight with a wave of assholes,that even the new weapon cant kill with a headshot and since you just found it,you run out of ammo pretty fast...who thought this was a good idea,jesus....raged quit for now ;)
Oct 28, 2017
So I’m just playing this now and I’m really enjoying it. I saw a lot of people saying it’s forgetable and just ok experience. So far I’m enjoying just as much as Rise if not more and I’ve played all 3 of the mew
Trilogy. I guess I’m the odd ball out.
Oct 28, 2017
I just started playing and I'm really enjoying it.
It's emphasis on platforming feels like a breath of fresh air coming off Red Dead Redemption 2.
I still find the gameplay loop satisfying and like this version of the character (the story is compelling enough even if a bit silly) even though I imagine there might be a long hiatus after the sales of this game and with Crystal Dynamics focusing on their Avengers game.
Oct 28, 2017
Only put in little over 4 hours into the game yet. Looks very good and has some stunning environments. Like the exploration so far, I'm enjoying the game. But man is it badly written. Those dialogues are so cringey... It takes itself so seriously but fails at it. Sadly, it's not cheesy enough to be good bad.

Daffy Duck

The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Started this after getting it for Christmas.

Early impressions are meh, the graphics are stunning (one x on a 1080p tv so I assume super sampled as I chose graphics mode over frame rate).

It just feels like press forward to the next cinematic and so on, do a little gameplay then cinematic.

I mean for heavens sake they even complete the aligning of the stars in a cinematic when it should’ve been a puzzle, come on seriously.

I’ll push on because I love me some Tomb Raider, but I hope the game gets a little more involved.

For reference I got upto the Amazon opening area.
Oct 28, 2017
Wow the game really goes all out on serious character moments, talks about their motivations and so on. It is so badly executed, from the laughable expressions on their faces to the badly written dialogue. I'm watching in awe.
Its pretty serious most of the time but then there are moments of total ham like the worm scene.

Still having a lot of fun with the gameplay itself though.
Oct 25, 2017
New Hampshire, USA
My wife got me this for Christmas and I started playing it last week. This game is so damn good! I mean I enjoyed the reboot and Rise, but this is on a whole other level. It looks incredible on the XB1X.

I just got through a particular late game level and it legit gave me chills.

In the oil refinery when Lara comes up out of the water in front of the fire and approaches the downed Trinity soldier and draws her knife... Goddamn!
Nov 3, 2017
After watching the nvidia demo of the ray tracing shadows, knew it wasn't out yet but thought I'd try the game demo version. Can honestly say playing on oled at max pc settings this is the most stunning game graphics I've ever seen. Definetly hoi g to grab when the dxr stuff is out.
Oct 25, 2017
Finally got around to downloading the patch and the DLC tombs. Played The Nightmare. Really enjoyed that tomb. Jonah's voice being a fraction of the volume of Lara's during the end cut scene was weird, but it was better then last years mouths don't even move Baba Yaga DLC. Took me a little bit to remember all the games mechanics but it all came back to me. One down, 3 to go.

o k

Oct 25, 2017
I think a big part of the problem is just... paititi

It takes up way too much time in the game, it’s not particularly interesting, you can only wear X outfits there, etc.
Oct 27, 2017
Just finished the game today, and while I think it's good, it's definitely my least favorite of the reboot trilogy. Didn't like the story as much as others, but did like the increased focus on exploration and tombs. And didn't think they did anything that different from the previous games. Which is both good and bad.