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Shadowrun 2007, should it get another chance?

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Oct 25, 2017
Just make sure you download the following after install

1. Patch 3
2. ShadowrunHD (fixes screen artifacts found in new video drivers when running Shadowrun)
Finally got everything setup and online. Found that you do not need the above mentioned ShadowrunHD (which is a homegrown fix/dlls that might cause your xblive account to get banned) if you change the graphics adapter used in Nvidia control panel to integrated graphics (if you have an onboard card or laptop). This fixed the pink screen issue I got when I jumped into my first online match. Still amazed that there are people playing this in 2017!

Drain You

Oct 27, 2017
Man I'm so disappointed I wasn't able to find my copy. I'd really love to replay this even against bots. Hell I might even hook my 360 back up just to mess with the demo again.

How do the graphics hold up? I remember it not wowing but but also thinking it looked great to time at the time. I'm assuming clean IQ will make it look good enough for me anyways, but I was just curious.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
Dude why necro bump if you don't have anything substantial to say? The shit's legitimately annoying. I mean, I thought the game was getting an HD remaster or something, but it's just someone swinging by with a pointless ass necro bump.
I googled the game just looking for any recent discussion and low and behold a topic here popped up :-) So I commented on it


Jan 10, 2019
I actually booted this up a few weeks ago on Xbox live and found a single game running. I couldn't believe it. The game was definitely ahead of it's time. But it did annoy a lot of people looking for a different kind of update.
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