Shenmue I & II HD |OT| Like a polished mirror

Oct 27, 2017
Vice City


Developer: d3t
Publisher: SEGA
Download Size: 10.35 GB
v1.01 Patch Size: 2.1 GB
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release Dates: 21st August | 22nd November (JP)
Genre: Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment / Action-Adventure / Ryo Hazuki Simulator
Original Developer: SEGA-AM2 Co., Ltd.
Original Format: Shenmue (1999/2000) Dreamcast, Shenmue II (2001) DC [JP/EU], Xbox [US]

He shall appear from a far eastern land across the sea,
A young man who has yet to know his potential,
This potential is a power that could either destroy him or realize his will,
His courage shall determine his fate,
The path he must traverse, fraught with adversity, I await whilst praying,
For this destiny predetermined since ancient times,
A pitch black night unfolds with the morning star as its only light,
And thus the saga… Begins…

Shenmue is/was, by nature, a very polarizing game. To appreciate what it is, you have to appreciate the genius of Yu Suzki - an industry legend long denied his rightful place for creating game-changing paradigms such as Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Thunder Blade, G-Loc, Virtua Fighter & many others.

This was a man who looked at Pole Position in the early 80's and decided people should be able to sit down on a motorcycle to play Hang-On, or experience a dogfight in After Burner with a cabinet offering force feedback & flight controls, a sit-down cabinet car with pedals for OutRun, etc. It's important to note that while attention to realistic detail was definitely a focus, Suzuki masterfully perfected marrying that aspect with fun, pick-up-and-play arcade sensibilities. You knew it was an AM2 joint because it felt real, but it also felt fun.

Shenmue - a series originally intended for the Saturn, and also intended to tie up quite a while back - was clearly his magnum opus. On the surface, it's a personal tale of revenge/justice told like a classic Shaw Brothers kung-fu flick, but spending any time beyond the intro reveals the truth: it's about a living world going on around Ryo's quest, and how the player chooses to spend their time & experience that.

The first game is essentially prologue: the pacing is deliberately slow, and therefore is absolutely not for should know that going in. If you, like Ryo, view everything but the main quest as something to be endured, you're going to have difficulty at some parts and most certainly tedium at others. If, however, you open yourself to the experience, there's so much to see & do - you can practice your moves in the park & be more prepared for the game's Virtua Fighter-esque engine. You can take on jobs, look for trouble, play arcade games, spend time with friends...or discover secrets, like scenes/flashbacks only arrived at if you're at the right place at the right time to trigger said memories. Dobuita honestly isn't a large area - certainly not by today's standards - but it's possible to take your time & still miss secrets.

Shenmue II is one of my all-time favorites, and has areas seemingly larger than the whole of part I. I really don't want to spoil anything for those of you getting into it for the first time, but man, if you enjoy the first part, you're in for an amazing ride - the likes of which I honestly haven't seen in the many years since. I know it sounds weird, but that game takes you places that I miss.

Some of us waited for this moment since Sega tragically exit the hardware scene back in '01. Many of y'all are newcomers wanting to see why these cult classics had so many of us enduring years & multiple forums of LET IT GO gifs: it was for this moment. In a time where open-world games are the norm - and far too many feel vast but barren - here was a game from the turn of the millennia, where its own internal clock had villagers up at dawn to bring fresh fish to the market; where shops closed when the sunset, but the seedy bars opened their doors.

Welcome - now let's nail Lan Di & the Chiyoumen. and maybe have some fun along the way. and yes, meet some sailors as well.

List of changes bitten wholesale from reddit:
Which version of Shenmue II did we port?
For technical reasons we started with the Xbox source code and data. This has the advantage of some additional features missing from the Dreamcast version:
  • Snapshots system
  • Filters
  • Texture mip-maps to improve anti-aliasing
As some community members will know, the Xbox does have some graphical differences to the DC version which will also be present in our version.

What features have we added?
As well as the herculean effort of porting the code to the new platforms, there is a huge number of things we have added:
  • Choice of Japanese or English speech in both games
  • Saves can be carried over from Shenmue into Shenmue II on all platforms
  • Saving anywhere in both games
  • HD resolution rendering
  • Updated UI
  • New post processing effects for both games
  • Full controller support and configurable mouse and keyboard for PC users
  • Full Achievement support for both games on all platforms
What does Modern control scheme mean?
Modern control scheme means we have enabled use of the analogue stick instead of the D-Pad for movement of Ryo, as well as adding full mouse and keyboard support for PC users.

Will the games run at 60Hz?
Throughout the engine, game code and scripts there are hard coded assumptions about a fixed 30Hz frame update rate, so the game needs to run at 30Hz.

Is the game 4:3 or widescreen?
Gameplay where the player can control the camera is 16:9. Cutscenes are letterboxed in their original formats.

Can the emulated arcade games be played?
We are pleased to announce that all the arcade games in the original are fully playable in the new release!

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View loads more ...

These are all the official pre-release videos straight from SEGA's YouTube channel. Ranging from the announcement trailers to promo videos narrated by Corey Marshall himself, these providing insight for newcomers, into the age old question: "What is Shenmue?"

Aside from the digital versions of the game, you can either do as Ryo on a cold Winter morning and visit your local store, or you can wait for your parcel to arrive.

Standard Edition

PS4/XB1: $29.99 / £29.99 / €34,99
Steam: $26.99 / £24.99 / €34,99

In the west, only the standard edition is available. The physical edition includes:
  • Copy of the game
  • Double-sided poster
  • Reversible cover art

Limited Edition (Retail)

The PlayStation 4 Limited Edition is exclusive to Japan, and releases on November 22nd, over 3 months from the original launch. It includes:
  • Copy of the game
  • 40-track "sound collection" spanning 2 discs
  • Double-sided poster

Fortunately for those outside of Japan, a couple of import options are available:

Note: Every physical copy of the game will include a double-sided poster for you to adorn the walls of your home (or dojo).

Am I missing out on anything from the Dreamcast versions?

A: There was a neat VMU game, and the Passport disc at the time was really cool - you could see a weather forecast for the next few days, and how you ranked in a big 100-man fight & such. Nothing essential, mind; just cool details.

On the plus side: it should be infinitely easier to carry over your data this time!

Q: How many chapters will this series include?

A. Shenmue II alone is supposed to be several "chapters", but Suzuki has already said the series proper won't tie up with part III. Hopefully IV? We'll see!

Q: Did this game really sink Sega?

A: No, the budget you might have read was for more than one installment...really, pretty much everything Sega did since the Genesis sank them. And i loved all those things, too.

Q: What's this I hear about duck racing

A: they're real, and they're spectacular

Q: Father's Heaven?

A: Nine Dragons

Warehouse 8

Q: What's the deal with "What's Shenmue"?

A: Details are here, but it was basically a pre-order/giveaway japan-only demo disc, with a small area of Doubita and the goal of finding/helping former Sega senior managing director, Yukawa.

Q: What's the best way to play the originals?

A: Part 1 isn't too pricey (last i looked), and the dub is charming but not-so-good, though an undub version is floating around. Part 2 is infinitely cheaper on Xbox (and looks nicer), but I much prefer the EU release of the Dreamcast version for the subs & all. It sadly doesn't come cheap these days though, but you really can't beat that loud loading sound, you know?

Q: Is Lan Di really the bad guy here, though?

A: Beefy pls

Q: How about a game of Lucky Hit?

A: I want to try it.

Since the release of Shenmue II in 2001, discussions about the future of the Shenmue series continued and rumors circulated on and off about Shenmue III being in production. It was said that it would or could never happen. Shenmue was seemingly destined to remain a relic of the past kept alive by emulation and its biggest advocates. Or so it seemed...

After 14 long years, and with the unrelenting passion and efforts from the various Shenmue communities including Shenmue Dojo, Team Yu and Shenmue 500K, a historic moment had arrived.

At the Sony E3 press conference on June 15th 2015, Adam Boyes invited Yu Suzuki on stage to announce what could only be described a dream come true. Shenmue III was officially announced for PlayStation 4 and PC, and was going to be happening along with an initial Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game was launched during the conference. It has gone on to raise over $7 million towards its budget, and in the process, smash the Guinness World Record for being the "fastest videogame to raise $1 million in pledges on a crowdfunding platform".

So, when you've finished playing through Shenmue I & II in this wonderful collection, prepare to kick your hype thrusters into overdrive because this is not the end of the story.

Ryo and Shenhua will exit the cave in 2019; their journey will continue...

much love to the shenmoo community at large (Sappharad & Sectorseven helped here!), and a massive thank you to Iwao for the image work & several of the writeups here, he's the true MVP of this thread!
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Oct 27, 2017
So they used the Xbox version as a starting point for 2 since it has new features like filters. Will Shenmue 1 have that too?
Oct 27, 2017
This has really crept up on me!

I'm soooo swamped, but I'm totally getting this. I've only ever completed the first game and dabbled in the sequel, so I can't wait to replay and then finally finish the second.

This piece of music seriously just bowls me over with nostalgia and strange feelings I cannot even put into words:

Goddamn, we are lucky this collection exists.
Oct 26, 2017
The only thing I know about these games is people went bonkers when 3 got announced. I bought these and they already shipped from BB.

Come Tuesday the saga begins .

Can't wait! (Also Yakuza 2 the following week!!!)
Oct 27, 2017
Vice City
yeah, please believe i'dve worked in that classic Mega64 video if i could've

little bummed because i just canceled my order for the US copy - a friend got me the JP LE, i just gotta wait a few more months! hell, it's only been a decade and a half...

Dojo already has a work in progress trophy/achievement guide up for the first game for anyone interested.
nice! should've figured they'd be ready

Is it time to Shenmue-ize your avatar?

Yes it is!
Some Sakura pettles falling over the top of the image would be awesome
this is an awesome idea right here

The only thing I know about these games is people went bonkers when 3 got announced. I bought these and they already shipped from BB.

Come Tuesday the saga begins .

Can't wait! (Also Yakuza 2 the following week!!!)
you're in for a treat man! also yes to Kiwami 2, so many classic Sega blessings on deck~
Oct 25, 2017
I'm eager to revisit these games again. I've not touched the original since late 2000 or early 2001 after I finished it. I loved it at the time. It was just so huge and sprawling. The scope of the game was unlike anything I had ever really played before. I ended up getting the EU version of Shenmue II on the DC in March 2002 and I played it up to probably close to the end but just couldn't get past a section...

I will finally finish 2 this year. I'm very happy to have these available on modern hardware in preperation for the 3rd game. The games are very relaxing to play for the most part and you can pretty much do as you like. Something akin to what Deadly Premonition would do years later, hence why I adore that game as well.

If I can offer any advice to newcomers:

Don't rush through these games. Savour and explore them. Learn and just go and try things. They are some of the best examples of how engrossing games can be.
Oct 27, 2017
Mexicali, Mexico
I got this pre-ordered, I hope the remaster changes my mind.

I tried Shenmue 1 a few years ago with a Dreamcast I bought, and I hated the controls so much I couldn't keep playing. Hopefully the improvements change my mind.
Oct 25, 2017
This has really crept up on me!

I'm soooo swamped, but I'm totally getting this. I've only ever completed the first game and dabbled in the sequel, so I can't wait to replay and then finally finish the second.

This piece of music seriously just bowls me over with nostalgia and strange feelings I cannot even put into words:

Goddamn, we are lucky this collection exists.
Ha! This is also my favourite track! It really plays with your emotions.
Oct 28, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Was having a look at my boxed original Dreamcast copies the other day. Even second hand resellers seemed to want to pay quite a lot for them, but of course I am keeping them around. Good choice with the Xiuying gif at the top of the OT, best character. :)
Oct 25, 2017
I've never played these before, but I've wanted to for a long time. I'd buy it right now if the next few months weren't so crowded with releases already. I'll definitely be checking this out before the end of the year though.
Oct 27, 2017
Cant wait to play this with proper controls. Even on the Dreamcast I was blown away that a post Mario64 game would have me controling Ryo with the Dpad.
Oct 29, 2017
My copy shipped yesterday. Finally I will play the sequel but I will have to go through the first since I’ve not played it since it released on the Dreamcast.
Oct 29, 2017
My local retailer already shipped my copy (PS4), I should get it on monday.

But guys, what's this i have heard about forced 16:9 in the Shenmue 1, making everything looking squeezed together and fat? Like the "good old" PAL days on older European consoles... Was this a misconception from early videos or is the image actually distorted in the final version?
Oct 25, 2017
And it's not fucking Yakuza (in a good way) Shenmue is a slow paced 'life simulator' and immersive world with its detailed NPCs cycles (each you can talk to) and its day-night cycles.
Oct 27, 2017
Vice City
And it's not fucking Yakuza (in a good way) Shenmue is a slow paced 'life simulator' and immersive world with its detailed NPCs cycles (each you can talk to) and its day-night cycles.
yeah, i honestly thought about posting something to further destroy this meme, but god knows i've an older thread on what yakuza is and isn't and there's only so many times i can see these two vastly different series conflated (both of which i love deeply for very different reasons & hate seeing people praise one while dumping on the other)