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    Probably video RAM

    The system ram in each system is same, but the VRAM in PS2 was low volume but very, very fast speed EDRAM (which is why the games were still very pretty, much more sophisticated effects than even PC was doing at the time). However PC ports would have low texture quality because of this too.

    The PS2 EDRAM was doing 48 GB/s. In comparison today's GPUs say on the PS4 Pro is about 200 GB/s

    So difference of 13 years between PS1 and PS4 and the difference is only about 3 to 4 times in terms of JUST GPU bandwidth, which is why PS2 is probably more difficult to emulate (though shouldn't be so hard just based on that raw data since GPUs on PC well dwarf this as well) and why it was difficult to port games for.

    The DC had 8 MB VRAM iirc and the PS2 had 4 MB of the EDRAM.

    And as comparison NV2A in Xbox had 64 MB of RAM which I think was system RAM shared between gpu and cpu also
  2. AwesomeSauce


    It looks like they are getting the post process effects working now. Looking good.
  3. Yeah, if they're really giving SHenmue 1 the wide screen treatment, then they're doing far more than I expected. I wonder if that D3T rep on Shenmue Dojo was just a fraud. He said they weren't.
  4. Jibby


    The D3T rep was definitely legit. I made absolutely sure he was who he said before letting him answer questions.
    I reckon it either wasn't his area of development, or he was referring to the project's state at the time. Another possibility is that they saw the backlash and decided to invest the extra time into making the cutscenes 16:9.
  5. Still no date for this ?
  6. ianpm31


    Sega Europe keeps saying details "coming soon"
  7. LAM09


    Nope. Rumoured date was late September
  8. Ok, thanks.
  9. Tailzo


    Looking forward to play the games in HD, not emulated :)
  10. Spaghetti


    Dug up the exact post:

    I don't think it had much to do with backlash, just whatever technical reasons for the initial 4:3 footage hadn't been solved/implemented yet.
  11. I figured he was legit, but he was smacked down for coming to the Dojo and revealing so much information that was clearly meant to be kept secret--thus the quick disappearance.
  12. Spaghetti


    Yeah, he hasn't been back since days after the reveal of I & II. Whether he was told off for it, got too busy and forgot, or decided to leave stuff for SEGA's community managers to deal with, I don't really blame him for a short stay.
  13. Metalgus


    So this is a no show at E3 so far?
  14. Sappharad


    Sega confirmed on Twitter last week that the game will not be appearing at E3.

    The only 'show' was the trailer for the PC version, which was posted Monday in this thread. And also Adam Koralik was promoting the game for them for free at Sega's E3 booth today, inviting his personal friends Ryo and Joy to sign autographs for people despite the game not having an official presence. I'm assuming the lack of E3 presence means they intend to show it instead at a future event like Gamescom in August, because they better not be relying on fans to promote it for them completely.
  15. Shy


    Ok, so. Firstly.
    *Will i be able to carry my save over to 3 ?

    *Sorry i this has already been addressed.
  16. StereoVSN


    Gamescom is likely since isn't Sega Europe handling this? Or is it coming from Sega Japan? I haven't followed too closely since the original reveal.
  17. Metalgus


    Thanks for the update!