1. Funyarinpa


    I'm pretty damn disappointed in the regional pricing.

    It's taking the value of the Turkish Lira as almost SIX per USD, which is bullshit. (the rate's closer to 4.7 USD, and that's if they directly converted the price instead of, you know, charging a more appropriate price for it as is the goal of regional pricing.)

    Yakuza 0 was priced very well. Sega wyd?
  2. Fans didn't "fix" anything regarding cutscenes. Sure it's possible to enable 16:9 in cutscenes, but this exposes the fact that there are instances when there is no geometry to present in the additional screen space because it was never meant to be there to begin with. So I'm fine with them forcing 4:3 in cutscenes instead of seeing things popping in and out of existence on both edges of the screen.
  3. thepenguin55


    I've wondered about this. So is the Passport disc not a thing in this collection at all or is there just no online leaderboards?
  4. ItsTonyB


    Not true. I played through both games with 16:9 cutscenes over the last month or so.

  5. tiebreaker


    It's 35€ in Germany. I was expecting a direct conversion.
  6. Maligna


    There were no instances of characters freezing in place on the edges of the screen because they weren't meant to be seen and so no animation was created?
  7. ItsTonyB


    Nope. The only issue I had was with shenmue I where Ryo walks through the gate at the beginning the game would lock up Saving after the initial cutscene everything was fine after that .

    This isnt the same as forcing the extra geometry option in emulators .He sent trig and hex edited the game doing numerous fixes. It's a surprisingly good and thorough job.

    There's quite a good shenmue modding scene on there.

    There's also a pretty good shenmue II mod that adds all the English vo from the xbox version
  8. ZoronMaro


    This doesn't fix my issue, which is it messes with the original framing. Not that Shenmue is the most cinematic game, but it looks way weirder seeing everything scrunched into the center with just empty background on the sides.

    Although I'll say even if they did make it 16:9, I certainly wouldn't kick up a big fuss, because this is a pretty small thing in the grand scope of the game.
  9. Sumio Mondo

    Sumio Mondo

    Apparently neither Passport nor online leaderboards are in? That's what I'm inferring from the communication from SEGA so far. Disappointing.

    It's in the original Dreamcast release as well. This isn't something added to this release.
  10. DiK4


    So.... Just curious. Since this remaster is coming out on Xbox does that mean there's a chance Shenmue III will too? Or did Sony lock up that game indefinitely?
  11. ItsTonyB


    I think it's confirmed for release initially on pc & ps4. There weren't any stretch goals for other platforms. So I would guess there's no funding for extra platforms.

    However that doesn't stop Microsoft ponying up the extra cash

    I don't think it was ever said to be exclusive so there's hope.
  12. ZoronMaro


    YS net always said an Xbox release could happen at a later date. I think they wanted to limit the platforms initially cause that makes the dev cycle easier for them or something, but unless something's changed I'd say an Xbox port was always likely.
  13. Iwao


    Well there it is then.

    Your first playthrough was on Xbox, and that's the version that stuck with you. I was fine with the poor voice acting when I played through both games for the first time, because I was engrossed in the experience. Imagine though, if they just ripped out the old voice acting and replaced it with new voices and didn't give people an option to replay the version that they remember. I'll tell you one example where things like this were a BIG deal and encouraged plenty of long time fans to pass on, and that was Silent Hill HD Collection.

    I'm okay with them using alternate Xbox version textures for example, but when it comes to a whole gameplay system where the whole surrounding area in combat is BLURRED and looks dizzying because of this poorly implemented motion blur, then yes, it's so bad that my pre-order risks being cancelled over it. I'm hoping that it's a post-processing thing that can be switched on/off.
  14. Iwao


    I think whatever Yu Suzuki said has been largely misconstrued. When asked about an Xbox release, urged people to "use their imagination" in regards to discussions that had taken place already with Microsoft, and how they were unwilling to support the project in the first place.

    Deep Silver holds a global publishing deal with YS Net over the PC and PS4 versions of the game, and the license to develop Shenmue III is held by YS Net. Nothing else has been revealed in regards to what control Sega has over the contents and release of Shenmue III. I cannot imagine anyone involved in the project wanting to waste time developing a port for Xbox when any profits made from Shenmue III could be used to get on directly with making the sequel which YS has already made clear he wants to happen, and I'm sure Sega wants to avoid any further decades of fans begging for a sequel to another Shenmue game. Unless Microsoft gets involved directly and funds a no-strings port to their console, it's going to be very unlikely.
  15. Virtua Sanus

    Virtua Sanus

    I spoke to a producer at the time Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing came out and he said AM2 had all or most of the recordings in higher quality.
  16. Sappharad


    It's off topic, but where? He hasn't showed up much on Sonic Retro since Mania came out, and barely posts on Twitter anymore and when it is it's about his personal projects.

    No, Sumo couldn't have cleaned it up to sound that good, it doesn't work that way. Voice audio was downsampled to 8khz and sometimes 11khz, depending on whether it's cutscenes or random NPC's. While you can upsample audio again, you've already lost the higher frequencies and no amount of cleanup is going to get you audio as a good the recordings from All Stars Racing. Shenmue the Movie had the better quality voices, so there's another place they were used. I don't know the sources for your reference either, but it's possible that perhaps what they had access to was the original recordings from the studio each day. If that is the case, they would have to slice up tens of thousands of audio clips to match the already separated clips that were downsampled for the original game.

    I think this was just a budget thing. They're effectively charging $15 each for 2 games, which is comparable to the prices of their previous Dreamcast ports from 2012-ish if you count the DLC included with some of those it's only a couple dollars more. The amount of effort they put into enhancing these is similar to those games as well, with just a few minor additions that didn't require a lot of effort. In other words, I think they're priced very well compared to previous ports. I personally would have been willing to pay more for them to upgrade more of the assets, but then you're going down a path where they might lose some impulse buys that they'll be getting from people who like this price point and are willing to take the risk of trying something they're not sure about. Maybe a handful of years from now when the series is finished and has proven it can sell, they'll go back and commission YSNet for a remake of the first two in the same engine as 3 like Sega did with Yakuza 1 and 2.
  17. potatohead


    Got an email for 20 dollar preorder price from reseller that's a lot more reasonable I think for the package 30 is a bit to steep for a pc version imo
  18. Ziming


    Comparison of cutscenes showing the original 4:3 aspect ratio and the 16:9 hex hacked version.


  19. ParsnipForest


    If that's true then I guess it's more of a budgetary/scoping issue.

    *Edit* Also the fact that better quality audio appears in Shenmue: The Movie does nothing to prove that SEGA still has the uncompressed audio files, considering it came out at the same time as Shenmue II, 17 years ago.

    We all know 16:9 can be hacked into an emulator. Some scenes may look OK but others don't. Even in those 2 "good" examples you can see some nasty texture work that clearly isn't meant to be visible, such as the poorly cropped alpha texture simulating leaves on the cherry blossom tree. That's exactly the type of crap I don't want to see.
  20. Hilbert


    If I preorder this now on Xbox, do I get charged now, or when it releases?
  21. breakYODAy


    I assume you mean a digital preorder on Xbox. Microsoft charges your account approximately 10 days before the game is released.