Should I go to my uni's semi formal this year?


Mar 4, 2019
I was wondering, so there's like a semi-formal for my department at uni coming up and i was wondering if I should go.I'm a little hesitant as I don't think any of my friends will go and I will know some people there, they aren't really friends, just acquaintances at best, so I don't think I'd hang with them as it could be awkward as they'll be with their friends and I might seem weird being with them, so basically don't want to be like/look lonely and there's also a dinner and photos, so I'm just wondering, who am I gonna sit with, take photos with..etc. So I'm kind interested as it's my fourth year but due to the above factors, I'm leaning towards not going honestly, but wanted a second opinion.


Aug 31, 2019
Lynnwood, Washington
DDo you have other plans? Will the food be any good? Maybe just go and dip your toe in? If you're uncomfortable after awhile you can always leave early.


Oct 27, 2017
See it as a chance to network. Nothing says you have to stay the entire time right? If it feels awkward, boring, or a pain...bail. But it's a good chance to push yourself to meet/talk to more people from your department (especially because you're in your fourth year)


Dec 10, 2018
Is the food free? Can't say no to a free meal and nobody says you have to stay the entire time.