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Oct 26, 2017
This gen is much better than last gen. Eastern and Western devs are producing great games unlike last gen where Japan was struggling. You gotta be pretty jaded to think that this gen has been bad.
I think it's been a gen of polish, rather than innovation though. While Japanese devs have indeed caught up and improved their output, western devs mostly just looked at Bethesda and thought "You know what, after Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Skyrim... maybe open world is something we should do too."

There's been very little accomplished this gen that wasn't or couldn't be done last gen. And while No Man's Sky and Elite Dangerous can probably claim they couldn't have developed such a game on the 360/PS3, most other games could have and just feel like prettier versions of systems and mechanics we've already explored. So I do completely understand why some people would feel disappointed with the current gen output. I think it's due to hardware limitations though, and means some of the bigger improvements we've seen in gaming have been independent of hardware (like writing quality in The Witcher 3, level design and combat structure in Bloodborne, and cinematic structure in God of War). I'm excited to finally see some big improvements to CPUs and the inclusion of SSDs though, so that hardware can finally allow for genuinely new gameplay, rather than another gen of "same game design, now in HD and with better models/textures".
Oct 29, 2017
State of Play (1 November) The last of us Part 2 trailer/Death Stranding & PlayStation Meeting (12 February) Rumors

I'll take it.

Rumor until it's proven fake after all.

I'm bored waiting for new news/rumors anyway...

Oct 27, 2017
I'll post this here considering there has been a lot of guesswork and wishful thinking about Remedy. The bottom line is they are not in a hurry to sign a deal for their future games, let alone being absorbed by a platform holder.

Our third unannounced game project as well as the Vanguard project have progressed further with small early phase teams. The focus has been on game design, starting the development of the well understood parts of the games, prototyping the new and still uncertain areas, and building the teams further with both internal moves and recruitment. Early negotiations with potential business partners have also started, and as we are in a financially strong position and want to retain stronger business control of our games, we are not in a hurry to sign business partnerships for our new games.
They do mention in their report the marketing help of PlayStation (and Epic Games) about Control though. "Control will receive significant visibility on PlayStation marketing channels and the Epic Games Store, thanks to agreements made with respective parties", they said.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Austin, TX
the game is rumored to be like 6 months out. we haven't seen anything since that mind blowing demo from over a year ago.

the trailer is happening guys. Outbreak day. Book it.


Oct 25, 2017
Also if you like short walking sim and PS1 rendering, this one is really great. Despite one or two questionable puzzle design, the aesthetic really serves the storytelling and both the pacing and the length are well balanced.

Knights and Bikes by former Mm devs is finally coming August 27 :)

Thesetwo look amazing. I'm so glad that K&B is finally coming out, and so soon as well!


Oct 27, 2017

Not bad (only PS1 and PS2 are good tho).
His post ( including yours ) does not make any sense, since i posted a article which states that "The PS4 has no exclusives". To which i replied "i nearly fell of my chair reading this". Which again shows me that you don't really read before you post lol.
When did you fell off your chair? Three years ago when the article got made?


Oct 27, 2017


Jun 29, 2018
well you did flip out on him for literally no reason. He was laughing at the fact that someone said PlayStation had no games a few years ago. And his thread has been updated and he elaborated upon in that thread what he was trying to say. On top of that, English apparently isn’t his native language. Yet here you are getting volatile with him. So maybe you should reevaluate how you fuckin talk to people.

The Last One

Oct 25, 2017
TGS is next month and we will definitely get a VII Remake trailer. Maybe they are doing an SoP next month to show it + Death Stranding trailer + TLoU 2 trailer.


Oct 25, 2017
Yeah, it's weird that we got the editions leaked and nothing after that. Usually those leaks mean something is close to be announced.

Fuck's happening.

I am joking.