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Oct 29, 2017
Sucker Punch is capable of creating great gameplay loops, but reaching ND's level requires a leap on every aspect. I'm sure I've already said that because these conversations are cyclical, but it's unfair to put so much pressure on SP or any other studio, compared with ND. It's not a quality you can easily achieve. Though, of course, GoT is one of the (if not the one) longest developments under SIE's umbrella, ever.

PS: September 26th, counting the hours.


Oct 26, 2017
Lake Titicaca
State of Play this month. There's got to be.

Yall really need to relax getting so work up over game that not even coming this year isnt healthy.
But it's probably the biggest first-party release from Sony in the history of them being in the gaming industry. And we haven't seen anything new from the game in well over a year. Of course people are going to be hungry for more.


Oct 8, 2018
imagine if they hold a state of play, we start to think TLOU2 is in there, but it ends up showing like a week later on its own or something lol.


Oct 28, 2017


Oct 25, 2017
clearly Shinobi is talking about a Ratchet and Clank AAA high budget soft reboot or the next big budget Ape Escape game

in all honesty if they ever get to making said games above I hope they put a ton of effort into it but also make it a PS5 title instead of PS4 or crossgen


Oct 27, 2017
Who is willing to bet there's no State of Play? It'll be just a deep-dive trailer for Last of Us 2.


Oct 25, 2017
Silicon Valley
That PSABR 2 rumour got me fucked up.

The one thing we never wanted is happening, and it will probably be terrible.

You speak for the minority. I know a LOT of people who want another PSABR, and done better this time around. The Capcom factor would have been perfect, but alas it most likely isn't true.

Give me that Dissidia / Powerstone PlayStation All Stars, damnit!

I will probably never have the same phenomenon than for downloading Wipeout Omega Collection (40 GB in 11/12 minutes). I did not take a photo. But I don't know if this is by country but since I am in Barcelona with a very fast connection (600 Mbits/s) the PSN is very fast but it was not as fast with my (100 Mbits/s) on Switzerland but it was good too. I always seem complaint about PSN download speed, is this a US phenomenon or just a phenomenon amplify by a vocal minority? I never had any problem in France, Switzerland and Spain. If some game are 200 GB next generation with the possibility to preload or download from my smartphone I think all looking ok...

Batman Arkham Knight download speed is just incredible.
I think the download speeds depend on how fast / busy the datacenters you connect to are, so its regional. Being here in Silicon Valley I almost always get a LOT out of our gigabit internet, and back when we only had 120mbps it would utilize most of it for downloads.

Recently downloaded Uncharted 4 to start a playthrough of it. Downloaded it in about 10-15 minutes. Wireless (Pro).

That GoT combat did look a bit wonky, could tell it was a work in progress. And the voice acting seemed off. I hope they have Japanese voice overs with english subtitles as an option.

Im sure theyve spent the last year plus really fine tuning the combat, cant wait to see the game again.
When they had the panel at PSX, Nate Fox asked everyone if they'd be interested in playing the game with Japanese dialog, and many of us shouted YESSSSSSSS. He looked taken aback momentarily, then was like "Noted, thank you" lol.

(45:42 if it doesn't automatically start there)

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