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  2. peteykirch


    Like damn, Starbucks would be well within their rights to walk up to any patron who hasn't purchased anything and ask them to leave, but to skip that step and call the cops is super dirty.
  3. I swear if they're being charged for loitering
  4. DrBo42


    You can "wonder why it's not happening to us" but in fact you already know.
  5. xxracerxx


    Fucking hell.
  6. I dont get it. What probably reason was there to arrest them?
  7. cHaotix


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    OP, why do you have to bring race into this?
  8. Shao Kahn

    Shao Kahn

    Philly, I swear... Its Philly, right? Great city, but seriously? Garbage action by everyone involved.
  9. MasterYoshi


    Stop it
  10. Shao Kahn

    Shao Kahn

    Its a self-reflecting meme. "_______while black". Add anything to it, even self-driving cars, and it'll have different results.

    But you're in the know, right?
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    Saw this, the men are real estate brokers so it’s about to be on lol

    Actually took longer than expected this time
  12. phanphare


    you serious?
  13. jackal27


    What the actual hell... That explanation should have been enough from the start. Absolutely ridiculous.

    I mean I literally did this yesterday and managed to leave without the handcuffs soooo...
  14. Deleted member 15326

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    That’s what they were charged with

    ED: I’m wrong, seems to be trespassing

  15. DrBo42


    He's joking guys. Has to be. Chill with the dog pile unless he doubles down.
  16. Jessie


    Do you really think a white female real estate agent would be arrested for waiting for her bestie in Starbucks?
  17. Hank Hill

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    What the fuck?
  18. Sanjuro


    They could have at least purchased a $7 Cake Pop.
  19. Massicot


    Pretty sure chaotix is being sarcastic. But poe's law and all that
  20. yikes
  21. TheIlliterati


    My wife manages a Starbucks: we have no idea if these individuals have been asked to leave MANY times before. She literally had drug dealers camped in her location dealing. Shes been hit by customers. Shes found dead bodies in the bathroom. Shes had 50 different types of other crazies and homeless and stalkers and angry ex-employees and rich entitled white people and every other horror story in the book that she has called the cops on repeatedly. We have no idea the back story here.
  22. Jessie


    But yeah, this seems like a blatant way of claiming Starbucks as a "white space." The company really needs to work on changing its corporate image.
  23. Thrill_house


    That is fucking terrible. Could have just told them politely to buy something small at least or to wait outside if it was that big of a deal. Those young men got caught up in some bullshit for absolutely no reason at all.
  24. Phoenix RISING

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    I just tagged my pastor to this. He's black.

    He writes his sermons on Tuesday nights at Starbucks. He's there till midnight every time. His (white) wife stays up worried about him every time, too.

    I told him to make sure he pays the BLACK TAX so I don't see him trending on Twitter.
  25. Fercho


    1,2,3,4..5 posts after OP, should be some kind of record. (i believe you are joking)
  26. SuperSplit

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    How long where they there? Over an hour? I mean, the place doesn't even seem busy.

    Pretty sure I could sit in my Starbucks for about an hour before someone even said anything, but I don't live in America so

    Well to be fair there are 2 black officers there arresting them, so it is a bit confusing, although ultimately if I had to geuss I'm betting the guy/girl who called the cops probably wasn't black, why they didn't just go over and say you have to order something, stupid, racist, who knows. Bizarre situation.
  27. LastCaress


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    Is this starbucks in Syria?
  28. BocoDragon


    This is obviously a knowing joke based on the recent thread.
  29. Deception


    Pretty sure this is a reference to that thread from the other day.
  30. rude


    I can’t tell which is worse at this point. The same sarcastic race comments or the people replying to said comments by dog-piling with faux rage/in hopes mods will see them. There is a report button now. Use it if you think it’s warranted.


    Anyways Starbucks is an overpriced mess.
  31. Deleted member 15326

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    Actually, if you read the twitter thread you can find out the backstory
  32. Furyous


    Dammit I'm never ordering Starbucks again. What's another coffee I chain I can go to that doesn't do this bullshit? White people do this all the time and don't go to jail for it. This happened on the same day it was revealed a black kid almost got killed for asking for help. FML...
  33. Dicer

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    White/Yellow/Brown people get shit for loitering too...guessing we are missing some details here.
  34. Nemo

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  35. TheIlliterati


    Downtown Detroit.
  36. Raigan-etc


    America is so fascinating to me

    How is one of the most advanced nations on earth so backward? I’d guess because of how relatively new the country is maybe?
  37. Pein


    Shoulda bought a coffee. I hate sitting down in Starbucks, anytime I pass by white people is camped out and just chilling like it’s something to do.
  38. Cause as a white person who has chilled in Starbucks without even ordering a water this has never happened to me.

    Comfy place, free Wi-Fi, they are everywhere, and its easy to say meet me at the Starbucks at X and Y. See ya in 30.
  39. AlexBasch

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    Holy fucking shit. Not saying I don't believe you, but what the hell is happening in that bathroom? D:

    And yeah, quit the dogpiling. If they guy did a dumb sarcastic comment or is serious, I don't need to read the "u srs" replies or whatever, it's not adding anything to the thread, use the report button like rude says.
  40. Kevtones


    Did the staff try to ask them to leave for not buying anything?
  41. In a fuckin busy Starbucks in broad fuckin daylight?

    Yep, this pissed me off
  42. hordak


    The white guy in the vest said they did nothing wrong and a lady in the back ground said she saw them the entire time and they did nothing wrong.
  43. DrBo42


    I think trespassing would be the appropriate charge when someone has a prior ban from a business and returns. Assuming that's actually what happened, who knows.
  44. Deleted member 15326

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    Maybe not everyone reads every thread to know the difference between genuine stupidity and “ironic” stupidity
  45. Dennis8K


    The Starbucks life chose her.
  46. TheIlliterati


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    The only real backstory is that people saw them just sitting there. Sure, they didn't do anything. But my wife has called the police on people who are just sitting there because they've previously been banned for things they did before. So people seeing that didn't know why they were being taken out by the cops then either.
  47. sourbeef

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    That's fucked and I know what I'm doing Sunday between 10 and arrest.
  48. LionPride

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    Read the thread
  49. Deleted member 15326

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    Did you get to the part where they were waiting for a friend who showed up just before they were less out

    Guessing nah
  50. So they were banned from Starbucks but decided to wait and meet someone there?