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Six arrested for selling Chinese gear to military as “Made in America”


Nov 6, 2017

"In August 2018, an Air Force service member noticed something strange about a body camera being used by security personnel at an Air Force base: Chinese characters on the screen. A subsequent investigation found numerous indications that the camera—and two dozen others in the same shipment—had been made in China.

Investigators found three telling logos in the camera's firmware: an Air Force Logo, the logo of the Chinese company that made the camera, and the logo of China's ministry of public security. Forensic analysis indicated that all three images had been loaded on the camera at the same time by someone in a Chinese time zone. This suggested that not only was the camera made in China, but the Chinese knew that the body camera would be shipped to an Air Force facility."

"Still, Aventura's efforts to conceal its gear's origins was far from foolproof. One sample product was shipped to a prospective customer with a Chinese user manual included. In another case, a customer figured out that the camera was a modified version of a Chinese product and "asked Jack Cabasso to supply the original, unaltered firmware" created by the Chinese company "in the hopes that it would be superior to Aventura's 'buggy' altered version." "

So...will there be consequences or will they just be fined or declare bankruptcy for the company and move their asset elsewhere like the pain medicine family Sakler?
, and how often does this really occur in other countries, where supplier lie about the actual origin of goods?


The Fallen
Oct 26, 2017
Company founders allegedly enjoyed a lavish lifestyle
The feds say Aventura has earned $88 million in revenue over the last decade, including $20 million in federal contracts. "Aventura's largest customers are US government agencies, including the US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force," prosecutors report.
The Air Force body cameras weren't the only case where sensitive Chinese-made gear ended up in military facilities. In another case, the Navy ordered a $13,500 night vision camera from Aventura. Federal investigators intercepted the camera as it arrived at JFK airport from China and discreetly marked it. The same camera was delivered at a naval base in Connecticut two weeks later.
The government charges that Aventura's fraud allowed Jack Cabasso and his wife to live a lavish lifestyle. In 2016, the company wired $450,000 to help buy a house for one of the couple's children. The couple has allegedly spent around a million dollars to maintain a 70-foot yacht.
The company even allegedly committed fraud to qualify as a woman-owned business. Federal law gives special contracting opportunities to companies that are owned and controlled by women. Jack's wife Frances was listed as the majority shareholder and CEO of Aventura, but prosecutors say that she played virtually no operational role at the company. Instead, she had a full-time job at an unrelated accounting firm, according to federal prosecutors.

Maybe there should be some scrutiny on how these contracts were / are awarded.


Oct 25, 2017
User Banned (5 Days): Inflammatory Commentary
This is treason, this is spying for China. Kill them


Oct 27, 2017
Lmao emailing a Government official to complain that his competition was doing exactly what he was doing takes some guts.


Oct 25, 2017
wonder what local politicians they bribed so they could get them that contract. all it takes is a couple of thousand in campaign contributions usually.


Oct 25, 2017
Should get the Robert Hanssen treatment for knowingly selling Chinese shit to the military aka gone to ADX Florence.


Nov 2, 2017
Seems like a worse version of AEY who tried to sell chinese ammo to the US, they got off with light sentences. It's also what Todd Philip's War Dogs is based on.