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Skull & Bones delayed, Wont be at E3, Ubisoft has 3 more AAA unannounced titles for FY20 (Before April 2020)

Oct 29, 2017
Good. Hopefully we can get that Pirate game we deserve. Let us free roam around on land. Give us a proper story campaign instead of a multiplayer-only ship battle game. Make it Black Flag 2 and everything will be good :)
Oct 25, 2017
I was just thinking about Skull & Bones, what with the recent release of Sea of Thieves Arena mode. Good to hear the team's getting the time it needs, though I was definitely looking forward to seeing more of the game at E3.
Oct 25, 2017
Come one Splinter cell! Show Konami how it's done!

Also, im making the assumption that SoT has really set a high bar for a pirate adventure games, they perhaps want some of that co-op audience.
Nov 13, 2017
Orlando, Florida
The game looked really promising. Its probably releasing next year or its being re-worked from its core to come out as a next-gen release. Sending the team good vibes on the long road ahead and super looking forward to its next showing.
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Oct 25, 2017
Sounds like they're significantly reworking it to include proper single player, on-foot gameplay or both.

But three more AAA games in addition to Gbost Recon?! Whoa. Watch Dogs 3 is a given but I wonder what the others could be with no AC this year.
Oct 25, 2017
I imagine at this point, they're basically pushing this to next-gen and rebuilding assets to keep up.

This game has been such an odd disaster. On reveal, it genuinely seemed like the trailer could've ended with 'out now'. A multiplayer game that just lifted the AC ship mechanics seems super easy to put together, and I don't think they really NEEDED to do major overhauls on what was already there. But now it's been three years, the project seems further from finished than ever, and even AC has kinda moved away from the boat stuff. No pun intended, but the ship has sailed on this concept.

As for the three unannounced titles for this fiscal - WATCH_DOGS 3 is largely confirmed, the new project from the Mario x Rabbids team should be ready, and I imagine the Avatar game that Massive was working on is the third. (If Avatar 2 was originally scheduled for a late 2020 launch, a game in Spring 2020 doesn't seem impossible. And a major game release could help reintroduce the brand ahead of the next movie.)

Edit - Splinter Cell also seems totally doable. Maybe that instead of Avatar.
Oct 25, 2017
I don;t think that Ubisoft considers Mario & Rabbids as AAA release.
I doubt it'd be a pure sequel - but I could easily see Ubisoft putting that team on a bigger IP after the success of the first game. If they continue the partnership with Nintendo, maybe that's adding the budget to make even a small franchise into a AAA release.

What I'm saying is that team is definitely working on a huge reboot of Advance Wars for the Switch, hitting store shelves this Christmas.