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  1. Robin64

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    With the first official final release of hakchi now out and working with the SNES Mini, it made sense to dedicate a thread to this wonderful little tool.

    So what are the basics?

    https://github.com/TeamShinkansen/hakchi2/releases/ will always be the link to get the latest release. Right now we are on version CE 1.2.5. Download the .zip file, unzip to a folder, and then follow these instructions to get adding your own games.

    Despite what that page says, please do not use the web installer.

    1) With the SNES Mini attached to your PC via USB, hold reset, turn the Mini on, wait a few seconds, then release reset. The light will not be on.
    2) Go to Kernel, Dump Kernel. Install the driver if prompted. DO NOT lose this file, ever.

    Note: With the new version of Hakchi CE, that function is out-dated and isn't needed any more. The backup is now done automatically as part of the install script and saved directly in the console's NAND memory.

    3) Go to Kernel, Flash Custom Kernel. Your SNES Mini is now haxed.
    3a) Optional, but recommended if you aren't doing too many games. Go to Settings, Pages/Folders Structure and pick Disable. ("Too many games" means 63 or more. SNES Mini crashes if you have that many)

    This now has native .sfrom Tool support! Go to Settings to turn it on, making sure the SFROM Tool files are in the sfrom_tool folder. For even more support, unzip my Extend Support Patch Pack contents into the sfrom_tool\patches\ folder. These will be automatically used when adding a game to hakchi. See post #2 for details on that.

    4) To add games, either hit the "Add more games" button or drag and drop your ROM onto hakchi.
    5) And when you're done, hit the Sync button bottom right.
    6) Now turn the SNES off, wait a moment, then turn it back on without holding reset. The light will come on, your new games will appear.

    Note that in future you do not need to hold reset. Simply have the SNES Mini attached to your PC and turned on, you will be able to sync new games while it is in that state.

    Why did the SNES Mini USB driver not install?

    Some people have been having problems with Windows and its Driver Signature Enforcement feature. It's suggested that you turn this off by following this guide and then try again,

    What doesn't work right now?

    There is now a shared community spreadsheet here with info.

    But I'm getting C7 errors when I launch my game?
    This can be caused by a number of things, including a malformed image file, a corrupted .desktop file, bad global settings, and more. To troublshoot, remove all global settings from hakchi2, delete the game and re-add it, make sure "Compressed" is unticked, and resync. If it still doesn't work then I'm afraid your dump is a bad one and we can't help you further with this.

    If I do this will I lose all my original saves and save states?


    Why do my PAL ROMs have issues?

    The SNES Mini is designed to run NTSC ROMs, and so PAL ones will exhibit problems. Use NTSC where possible, or apply one of my patches to your PAL ROM to convert it to NTSC. There are two files in there, one for LoROM and one for HiROM. To find out which one you need, open your ROM in Snes9x and it will say at the bottom when it boots.

    How can I alter art and stuff for the original 21 games?

    Note: hakchi2 CE versions have this ability just built in. But if you are on older hakchi2, the following will need to be done.

    You need to FTP into the machine and browse to /usr/share/games/. There you will find the preinstalled CLV-P-xxxxx games. Download those to your PC. (Make sure to set your FTP client to transfer only 1 file at a time, the SNES Mini really hates more than that)

    Now copy those folders to hackchi's /snes_games/ folders where your custom games are.

    Now restart hakchi and you will see they appear as custom games too alongside previous ones you added, so you will want to deselect the original 21. Now you have copies that you can work with, such as changing their box art and thumbnails.

    How do I FTP in to the machine?

    With the SNES connected to your PC and turned on, open hakchi and make sure that "FTP servers" is ticked in the tools menu. If it is, just open your favourite FTP client and connect to on port 1021 with the username root and the password clover.

    How can I add custom borders?

    Download this file.

    Now FTP in, copy the backgrounds folder to your PC from /usr/share/ and reupload it to /var/lib/hakchi/rootfs/usr/share/

    The file you downloaded a moment ago, p8173_ownbgs, needs to go into /etc/preinit.d

    Restart your SNES Mini and if all went well, it will be using the new folder, which is writable.

    So on the PC, just create new folders following the examples set by what you see. Best way is to copy a folder, rename the files, and edit them with your favourite Photoshop version. Here's what my SNES Background folder looks like:


    And how it looks on the SNES Mini itself:

    Has anyone made custom borders I can download?

    You bet! Go to this page for a beautifully presented selection of borders.


    If you'd like to submit something for inclusion on this wonderful page, please get in touch.

    And custom box art?

    Of course! Here are some collections from wonderful NeoGAF users.

    Joey Ravn (these are Switch style square custom art icons designed to fill the entire box)
    MrMan2k3 has a bigass Google Drive folder full of Switch style icons.

    Okay, but those borders, can I set them to automatically change when I load a game up?


    Important first step: Select the first pure black no-border option on the SNES Mini. This is the crucial step I was missing before. What this does is set the global border variable to null. Anything else for that variable will overwrite your custom setting.

    If you followed my previous guide on how to add borders, you should have a folder at /var/lib/hakchi/rootfs/usr/share/backgrounds/

    Now let's use my SNES background as the example.


    This would be located at /var/lib/hakchi/rootfs/usr/share/backgrounds/12_snes/

    So you need to decide if you play in 4:3 or Pixel Perfect. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be a way to get that variable and set the border accordingly, so you're going to have to pick the one you use and kinda stick to it. In my case, I play in 4:3, so let's go with that. The game I want this border on is Sim City.

    So I find Sim City in hakchi, and add the following to the end of its command line argument, making sure there's a space before the --:

    --use-decorative-frame /var/lib/hakchi/rootfs/usr/share/backgrounds/12_snes/12_snes_4_3
    Note that this is the filename of the 4:3 sized border without the .png extension.

    Simply sync games now, and then next time Sim City is loaded it should also set the SNES border with it.

    A word of warning: If you set another border manually, this will become the new global variable and overwrite all your command line custom border settings. Just set back to the black one to fix that.

    Any easy way to make borders?

    Alright, keep in mind this is a BETA TEST, I have thrown together a bit of code in less than two hours and there's currently no error checking. There will be, but for now, give it a go.

    • Click here.
    • Supply a direct URL to a .png, .jpg, or .gif image. It no longer needs to be 1280 x 720, the app will resize it. However, 1280 x 720 images will give the best results.
    • Once the page has generated, just save the images to your PC and name then whatever you want.
    I use Firefox, so right-clicking in a blank space and using "Save Page As" and then supplying a name generates a folder with that name and all five images in on my PC. Then it's just a case of renaming the folder/images as you see fit.

    Anything else?

    Hakchi has a tool for taking beautiful 1280 x 720 screenshots, but if you are on Windows 10 you might find it doesn't work by default. This is because .png files are associated with the crappy preview program and it causes it to go wrong. Instead, associate .png files with Paint and the function will work fine. To use it, just makes sure your SNES is powered by your PC, and in hakchi you just pick "Take Screenshot" in the Tools menu.

    Also Windows related, do not ever use Notepad or Wordpad to edit text files associated with the SNES Mini. They will corrupt them, every time. Download and install Notepad++, thanks.

    The SNES Mini also, like every other device in existence, supports Retroarch. Download those modules here: https://github.com/KMFDManic/NESC-SNESC-Modifications/releases/
    Instructions on how to use it are on that page, and this will allow you to emulate games that the stock emulator can't, such as Tales of Phantasia.

    There's a community run spreadsheet of compatibility here and another one here if you like to do all your patching manually.
  2. Robin64

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    SFROM Tool Expanded Support Patch Pack 1.5.1 - Updated April 14th 2018

    Some of you may have noticed I've removed all instanced of "Use this patch" from my spreadsheet. The reason for this is that I have made a patch pack for SFROM Tool that will do every one of those things automatically when you add the ROM. So for example, if you add Secret of Evermore, it will set the Preset ID to 0x10EF to fix the audio. If you add Tetris and Dr Mario, it will apply the fix to fit within Canoe's borders. If you add Terranigma, it will apply the SlowROM fix and the NTSC conversion. And so on. I want to help DarkAkuma make SFROM Tool the only thing you'll ever really need, and this is a first step towards doing so.

    If you want to add extra patches, such as the Seiken Densetsu 3 translation, then use SFROM Tool's IPS patch function. That is, always add the original ROM first before any hacks, then press F1 to bring up the Advanced Window and choose your IPS patch from there. Try not to load an already patched ROM into SFROM Tool, the checksums will be entirely different and it may not be recognised.

    For a full list of the games, follow the link above.

    Download the pack here and unzip the contents to SFROM Tool's "patches" folder. When the patches have been added, delete the database.xml file from the SFROM Tool's root directory.

    Note: Requires SFROM Tool or higher.

    Massive thanks to sluffy for coming up with the patches for anything with an asterisk next to it.
  3. Robin

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    So so happy this topic is back. Also, hello other Robin! The first thing I did with my SNES Classic was stuck Shaq Fu on it. I still need to get a custom frame set up.
  4. OmegaDL50


    Ah, Good to see this thread back. Feels like home already.

    Apparently that fix for Seiken Densetsu 3 acts a bit weird. While it does indeed fix the Hi Res text stuff, it creates some gamma and brightness related issues. Hopefully that is resolved in due time.
  5. Mudo


    Robin I love you thanks! Also WOOHOO first post on RESET ERA - I appreciate havingSuperhakchi for my SNES Classic and am still using it to this day.
  6. KZXcellent


    I was waiting for this one! Looking forward to more cool stuff from this. Took a break from tinkering with my SNES Classic due to the shenanigans these past few days.
  7. Mudo


    AAAAAHHHH!! 2 Robins mind blown!! Regardless, you both rock <3
  8. Beren


    Thank you for doing this again Robin64! I'll finally get to hacking that thing sometime.
  9. Spidey


    Yay, so happy this has been brought over. Think I'm going to take a break at the moment with the slowdown bug though, really want it to be fixed with Hakchi without having to mess with that stuff myself.
  10. BGBW


    Glad this thread is back.

    For the new forum: Here's my album of PAL style cover art for the SNES Classic Mini.

    Here's covers for the built-in 21 games:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Examples of covers for other SNES games:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And even box art for games never officially released here:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There's a lot more box art in the link above.

    As a bonus, here's NA versions for Panel De Pon and Sutte Hakkun
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  15. Robin

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    If you wanna get even weirder about it, my username on twitter is "SuperRobin64" I had absolutely 0 clue at the time that a NeoGaf user existed with the username Robin64, I'm just a girl named Robin who likes the Nintendo 64 (I was Terrorblot on NeoGaf). It's the only social media I associate with that name but I've swatted down a lot of people asking me if I'm "Robin64 from the SNES Classic topic" this week.
  16. VitalNonsense


    Thank you for porting it over, Robin64. The OP is fantastic and the thread has been very helpful in the past.

    Reposting something I learned in the other thread:
    "Temporary fix for slowdown / loop bug that's been introduced since 2.21c"

    Apparently the current versions (21c to e) have a bad bug that will likely get patched soon and it also affects the NESC as well. Be sure to keep your devices updated in the near future.
  17. BlueRose


    Man, this was the thread I was sad to lose. Glad to see it make it over. Thanks for preserving the information in its entirety Robin64.
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    This whole thing really is freaky. But it's ok because in the end you are both here and you both seem great =) But seriously, what are the chances? You should run out and buy a powerball ticket or something lol
  19. Nirbion


    Sweet, the SNES Mini-Thread is back in ERA!
    So far, I only added a few like the Super Bomberman-Series, Chrono Trigger and Magical Quest. Too bad that Seiken Densetsu 3 has some issues.

    Hope the Great Circus Mystery works some day on SNES Mini...
  20. TreIII


    Excellent. I liked how I finally got my Classic, last week, but then...things happened at the old place.

    Now I don't have to have that tab open anymore when I get to work on this!
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  23. Spidey


    Someone over on GAF asked about an Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes boxart, I didn't do it that day and then the forum was down but I might as well post it here.


    I'd already edited it down and it might not be the style many are using but it might be some use to somebody.
  24. Mudo


    Oh I do have a question: I have the very first Superhakchi that was posted on day 1. Obviously it's been updated since and I wouldn't mind having the newest version on my Mini - BUT, I have not done that yet due to being terrified of bricking the whole thing when I have it working now. What do I need to do to just install the newest version? I assume not the entire original set of instructions again??
  25. Robin64

    Member OP

    Post #2 is now dedicated to game specific fixes!

    All you do is download the latest zip and drop the contents into your existing folder. Things that need overwriting will get overwritten and anything like your games will remain intact. Couldn't be easier.
  26. OmegaDL50


    In case you guys missed it. I created some box arts for the SNES Classic. Use these however you wish.

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    A lot has happened the last few days like the preset ID stuff for high-res.

    Glad this thread will have new life here. Christmas can't come soon enough for me to open up and finally mess around with this thing.
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    Saturday Night Slam Masters will be MINE AGAIN!
  33. Damien469


    I'm looking to get one this holiday season, if I can save up some more money.
    But I've always wondered, if you're going to just load it up full of emulated stuff and additional ROMs, why not just get a Raspberry Pi? MUCH cheaper in the long run
  34. Aeana


    I think I heard that with the latest version of the snes9x hmod, the Tengai Makyou Zero fan translation is playable. If so, everybody should check it out!
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    I can make one for you. Let me look for Front Mission artwork and I'll whip one up for you.
  44. uncelestial


    I'm scared to upgrade because at this point the wife and I have beaten DKC, SMW, and Super Castlevania IV together. When you "sync" to the SNES, that doesn't overwrite things like saved states and save files? The local directory knows the games I want to add/remove, sure, but I've lost progress on saves with this before...
  45. BigDes


    Awesome. Thank you very much
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    Hello Robin, good to see you here.
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    No. None of the default saves and save states on the system are affected.


    This is the best thread.
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    Thx Robin for the awesome guide... Trying to add some missing games next week...

    BTW, Top Gear 3000 still doesn't work in the Classic?
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    Cluster is releasing a new update soon, hopefully the dreaded bugs will be fixed.