So after 2 months being #1 top paid on the Xbox store, PUBG is finally overtaken by MHW.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Theorry, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Theorry

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  2. Jade1962

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    Very nice. Concerns about xbox performance for the game were greatly overblown. Exclusive marketing deals have been around forever.
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    MHW is also the 7th most played game. Didn't think it would get that high
  4. Maccix

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    Charting at No.1 and No.3 is pretty impressive
  5. Hope

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    Is it us only?
  6. Saint-14

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    Nice, makes me hopeful that MHW did great on Xbox.
  7. Theorry

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    It will probably be higher soon. Its all about total hours played.
  8. Braaier

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    I bet it will overtake the number one spot in another week
  9. ShinUltramanJ

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    Which game’s held the top spot longest?
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    Well I know recently aside from PUBG, Cuphead was #1 for more than a month. But usually it depends on if there's a deal that week or if COd is having a strong year
  11. Transistor

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    Fuck yeah Monster Hunter. I'm having a god damn blast with it and I'm glad it's doing well.
  12. Birdseye

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    Monster Hunter World needs a Battle Royale mode.
  13. JMY86

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    Awesome news. Capcom knocked it out of the park with MHW. It seems to have sold better on Xbox than anticipated which is great. I am playing on my X even though I also own a copy for my Pro. I simply adore this game...
  14. Gwyn

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    First time playing monster hunter and i am hooked.
  15. OrbitalBeard

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    Good going, Xbox players.
  16. HStallion

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    Really interested to see numbers for how the X1 version of MHW as I wasn't sure how it would do on the console but it looks like its performing very well!!
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    This picture yes, but you can look up every other region as well.
  18. Zeta Ori

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    The community on Xbox is alive and well, and is actually a bit busier than I had thought it would be.

    There's multiple SOS's out for every monster you could be interested in farming (Low Rank & High Rank) plus a ton of people responding to SOS's (myself included), and since the multiplayer was broken in the beginning, a lot of the more advance players are still using the LFG system to set up specific lobbies, which is much better than what's in game if your interested in finding a lobby to meet up with randoms in the gathering hub and actually chill instead if hopping straight into the hunt.

    All in all, I hope it did well enough for Capcom to show us a bit more love next game.
  19. Brazil

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    We made it, MonHun.
  20. Slicer Dyster

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    First time playing a MonHun game and i love it! It's really cool to see this game doing well on the Xbox consoles.
    Also, in the span of three weeks i completed my first Resident Evil game and started my first Monster Hunter game. Let's hope that Devil May Cry 5 rumor ends up being true and that Capcom ports it to Xbox One as well.
  21. DumpsterJuice

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    Good that it’s MH because it was not suppose to sell well on the Box, according to a lot of people.
  22. Jeffrey Guang

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    I need all those "Xbox will have minimal community support" quotes in this thread right now.
  23. OldBenKenobi

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    Awesome! A lot of people said this game wouldn’t have a strong community on Xbox so I am glad they were wrong.

    I have a bunch of buddies who I saw playing on my friends list that didn’t think would get the game. A lot of these guys are guys I met playing Destiny 1/2 so I am not surprised.
  24. Rivi

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    Would be interesting to see if this is the case with all the regions added up
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    everybody already owns it.
  26. christocolus

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    Exactly. I'm very happy for Capcom. They also recently fixed the matchmaking issues on Xbox so that must have encouraged more Xbox owners to jump in also PUBG should be past the 5million player mark now or very close.
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    Good job Xbox One owners.
  28. ghostcrew

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    Fuck yeah Xbox Monster Hunters! Second highest selling game in the U.K. last week too (number one was MHW PS4).

    Community seems great on Xbox. I’m used to playing MH with Japanese players but have had no problems finding hunters for anything on Xbox.
  29. Khrol

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    I’ve put in 60 hours so far. Most of my friends list is playing too.

    Happy to see it doing so well on Xbox. :)
  30. Starlatine

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    Thats obviously a bug, xbawsk people don't buy japanese/non-shooter games

    Glad the game is doing well even with the total lack of attention/care from Capcom to it. Perhaps seeing how little they have to do to still sell it might convince them for future games on Xbox as well
  31. Collateral

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    Matchmaking is still borked on xbox though which is disappointing. Good learning experience though.
  32. Draconian

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    Not bad for a game that was released in a broken state on the platform.
  33. ArkhamFantasy

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    Great to see it doing well on xbox.
  34. entremet

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    I remember in another thread some posters were sincerely saying that Capcom is under no obligation to fix the online stuff quickly because the Xbox is non starter for Japanese franchises.


    I do hope it gets some X patches.
  35. jroc74

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    Yea, this is my take too.

    All the but Sony trying to make it seem exclusive seems over blown so far.

    Exclusive marketing is not the same as timed exclusives.
  36. Mikey Jr.

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    /thumbs up.

    Hell yeah mhw.
  37. Black_Stride

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    UK still eating up PUBG.

    Japan it didnt release?
  38. OldBenKenobi

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    I didn’t release on Xbox in Japan.
  39. Suw4rbox

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    Haha so true. Would love to see the global split. Now that the game has done absolutely Huge numbers in Japan, split must be 90/10 in favor of PS4 or even more lol. Oh man, if only there was a way to know.
  40. RF Switch

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    They built it and they came
  41. Starlatine

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    Nope Sony exclusive there
  42. predrag

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    Now, I am interested to pick up this game for my X.
  43. entremet

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    Was that a deal or something? Or Capcom just said no due to the lack of install base? If it was a deal, it's the most unnecessary deal made lol.
  44. Starlatine

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    Dunno. Not that it would change anything
  45. Aeriscloud

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    That's fantastic.
  46. Theorry

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    I doubt it. But MH is second top paid in UK and Australia.
  47. Starlatine

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    Seeing as it's counting two different versions for MHW it's possible for it to be #1 in UK as well. No real way of knowing without sales numbers though.
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    Retail exclusive is normal in Japan, but digital is surprising.
    This is at least how the most western third party multiplatform games are done.
  49. MatrixMan.exe

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    This is great. Despite the lack of marketing to Xbox players, Monster Hunter being a co-op, loot heavy game means that it would resonate well with that audience.

    Capcom did the right thing bringing the franchise to consoles again. The exposure and subsequent sales it's gaining with across an expanded audience is wonderful to see. Now people can see the magic that some of us have been banging on about for so many years.
  50. headspawn

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    "Somethingsomething Xbox gamers shootbang wrong demographic Halo/Forza no audience something something."