1. DrDeckard


    not had any problems matchmaking on monster hunter world, very happy with my platform choice.
  2. apeAsnake


    Supporting good games well done
  3. dicetrain


    50 monsters vs 50 monsters and the players just have traps and status weapons to help.
  4. Great news , as I've said many times over the years Xbox consumers are no different than any other consumers, good games are good games.
  5. Night Angel

    Night Angel

    I'm glad to see the franchise is expanding well to the Xbox audience (I was one of the people that was worried that MH, like other Japanese games before it, would have an anemic reaction from that crowd).

    Capcom done good for a change.
  6. DarthWalden


    It's good to see a few Japanese games doing well (This and DBZ) hopefully this leads to a Nier: automata port to the system.
  7. Starlatine


    Nier automata is never happening
    Better to hope for nier BC and then a new nier game
  8. Psycho_Mantis

    Banned Member

    And people thought this game wouldn’t do well on Xbox lol

    There is definitely a sizeable audience on Xbox for popular Japanese games.
  9. DarthWalden


    Why not? I thought the only reason it wasn't on Xbox was because Japanese games don't sell well on Xbox. I think as long as they are good they'll do decent numbers as this seems to demonstrates.
  10. Slicer Dyster

    Slicer Dyster

    Square said that they would port Nier:Automata if it sold well on ps4 and pc. I really hope we have something to look forward to in regards to Nier.

    It's not a console exclusive or paid by Sony. The chance of it coming to Xbox is just very small because of its current userbase. I'm not sure how good the sales were in the west, but that might be an indication if we could see a port coming.
  11. Samsquanchewans

    User Permed at their request Member

    Probably because Monster Hunter World is fucking Playable on the OG Bone and PUBG is still suffering with shitty textures and 15 fps drops
  12. Theorry

    Member OP

    Tell us how you really feel. ;)
  13. Derrick01


    It's hard to tell how big of a deal this is because MH and DBZ are the first notable games to release after pubg on xbox. It's like how on Steam whatever notable game is closest to release (and a little while after) will shoot up to #1 because the list is based on revenue and whatever is the new thing will always sell more immediately than something that's been out for a while. The real questions are how much did it sell and how long it can keep it up.
  14. headspawn


    That was a poor decision on their part; just hating money for no good reason.
  15. molnizzle


    Doesn’t surprise me. There’s huge overlap between the Destiny and Monster Hunter communities, and Destiny has always done extremely well on Xbox despite the Sony marketing. The situation is likely exacerbated by D2’s retention issues. Nearly all the big Destiny streamers and youtubers are now playing MHW instead.
  16. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    Yeah my two most Destiny obsessed friends (who’ve never played a MH game before) are now hopelessly addicted to MHW.
  17. Aktlys


    Got almost 60 hours in MHW
  18. Terraforce


    Wow, this is crazy. How far this series has come from just even the last release is crazy. Awesome work Capcom.
  19. Liam1884


    PUBG plays just fine on my Xbox One S, but okay!
  20. Good to see it do well on one too, never got console wars... MHW doing healthy on both platforms is awesome, now pc is left :P
  21. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    This is massively notable because PUBG is an absolute phenomenon and they just announced 4 million players on Xbox. MHW beating it (even for one month) is massive, especially on a platform where MH is unproven. Xbox gamers lapping it up.
  22. JustinH


    Damn! I did not expect it to do that well.

    I didn't believe the whole "Nobody's going to play it on Xbox, get it on Playstation!" talk, but I did see it posted so much maybe I ended up believing it just a little bit.

    I'm still really considering on getting it, and if I do it'll be soonish (probably break down later today and get it...).

    edit: congrats to Monster Hunter and its team. Overtaking PUBG, to me, seems like it would be cause for a little celebration (even though they're not really competing with each other).
  23. You do realize that we’ve had a ton of holiday sales for major stuff like COd, battlefront etc and they still didn’t overtake the game
  24. Dalcop


    Luckily, the version available includes Japanese support for those who might be interested, so it's not a huge loss at all. It just doesn't appear on the Japanese store.
  25. Starlatine


    "Japanese games don't sell on Xbox, period"
    "Well this one and fighterz are selling well"
    "But only because it's new! We need to wait if it will top sales for five years before saying anything"

    And then even if it did the next argument in line would be how the split was bigger for PS4 which somehow would make all the money Capcom/bamco got from a Xbox version not valid

    Some people just want to argue for arguing's sake
  26. KillGore


    Remember the GAF days where many people claimed MonHun wouldn't sell on console and should stay 3DS exclusive? LOL
  27. HStallion


    I'm so glad to see Monster Hunter doing so well across the board. This bodes very well for the future not that the big sales in the first week already didn't but the fact that it is appealing to gamers on both consoles bodes very well for the eventual PC release and for the series in general. I hope Capcom has a big pipeline of content for the next year or few as the game is only just getting started.
  28. molnizzle


    It was always ridiculous. Monster Hunter deserves the big screen. It always has. I’ve never been able to get into the handheld versions. The sense of scale just isn’t there.
  29. Derrick01


    Yeah and if this chart goes on revenue then a new $60 game is going to have an advantage over a $30 game on sale, even if it's COD. Like I said this kind of thing happens all of the time on Steam when a notable game comes out and it never lasts for that long. There's been no new AAA releases in the past 2 months until now so it's really hard to know how impressive this is. If it's still beating pubg a few weeks from now then we'll have a better picture.
  30. Hexer


    Very good to see! Kinda upset with some of my friends cuz I was asking them a month or two before the game came out if they were getting it. None of them were, and I had friends on ps4 getting it so I got it for my Pro. Now my Xbox friends are all texting me and asking if I got it lol. Definitely not gonna double dip as that's way too much grinding for me, but at least Xbox is doing better than "most" ppl thought. :D
  31. Lonely1


    I'm surprised MH is doing this good on the Xbox. Nice.
  32. ArkhamFantasy


    Its a very pleasant surprise.
  33. HStallion


    On the PS4 I've seen a ton of cross over with the Destiny crowd. The constant loop of fighting monsters, getting loot and creating better gear seems to really appeal to the same kind of gamer. I should note these are people who never even mentioned Monster Hunter, let alone played one, so I think Destiny 2 not being able to retain players really gave MHW an opening to capitalize. As I said above, if Capcom has a healthy amount of DLC for the upcoming year and beyond they could have a long term monster of a hit.
  34. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    Maybe for you? I think everyone else can see that this is really really impressive.

    PUBG only came out 7 weeks ago and continues to sell absolute gangbusters. DBZ also came out as a new $60 game the same day as MHW and that didn’t beat PUBG or even Madden in the US. In the U.K. it didn’t even beat Battlefield 1! It didn’t make the top ten. Meanwhile MHW is number two at UK retail (only behind the PS4 version) and no. 2 digitally on the Xbox store. Hitting number one is the US must mean very good numbers. Game is a beast and it’s doing really well.
  35. Van Bur3n

    Van Bur3n

    Mobile only held the franchise back, considering the success of MHW.
  36. Rozart


    :D So happy for MHW! Even happier that everyone on Xbox is enjoying the game as well!

    Props to Capcom for a job well done.
  37. HStallion


    Now I'm really interested to see the NPD results for January.
  38. Complicated


    That's pretty huge for the US. Wasn't sure anything could dethrone PUBG in the US until the fall shooters/Red Dead started hitting.
  39. Full claps for Capcom here. Moving to consoles seems to be the best decision ever made imo. This is definitely a milestone for both Capcom and Xbox users. I still don't believe that Japanese games are in sync with Xbox players in general as this is sort of a very special case, but I hope moving forward, (now that many have understand the importance of Japanese games) this continues throughout the rest of the Xbox lifespan.
  40. Crusadernm


    Yeah. Crow is definitely being served.
  41. j0hnniX


    That's awesome. The game does have me hooked and I have not run into any issues with LFG, something that Destiny 2 really needed but failed to do properly. The game progresses so smoothly between ranks it's amazing.. and keeping it fun at the same time. Good Job CapCom.
  42. TheEnd


    Huh. I expected DBFZ to beat MHW in sales and twitch views.
  43. christocolus


  44. Border


    The difference is that PUBG will still be in the Top 5 a month from now.
  45. Synth


    The problem with this entire argument however, is that the narrative implied the game wouldn't be a notable release. It was supposed to die on its arse to the extent where buying it was being cautioned because you apparently wouldn't be able to find people to play it with.
  46. Chaos2Frozen


    Somehow I knew before clicking
  47. Replicant


    But I thought there wasn’t a market for it for the Xbox?

    Love how people think Japanese games aren’t successful on Xbox, forgetting all the success the 360 had.
  48. Raide


    Capcom are probably thinking... "we should have done this ages ago."

    Great new Capcom.
  49. cakely


    Nice! We'll get to compare actual sales numbers in the next NPD thread. I was originally expecting a 90/10 split between PS4/XB1 platforms but it's probably actually closer to 70/30 in the US.
  50. DumpsterJuice


    I’m going to revisit this post in a month. PUBG will be in the top 5 for the entire year, but I’m betting MH will for sure be top 5 in a month.

    Why is the split so important for this game? I see this type of post in just about every MH thread.

    Most important take away is that despite the ludicrous notion that Japanese games don’t sell on Xbox, they actual do.